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Every Day We Stand Strong.

The disease of addiction is a journey walked by many. We take steps forward. We take steps back. This is the real life story of that journey: of the struggle of good people living their lives and fighting a disease. It is a story of hope. A story of bravery. It is a story we share so that others may be inspired, so that others will know they are not alone. It isn't easy. But this is our truth. Because #WeAreShatterproof.

Go to a twelve step group, be willing to do whatever it takes, change your friends, job, etc., get a sponsor, go to meetings and work the steps. TRUST the process of the steps. I never knew life could be so good.

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Natalie Rountree

I had gained the strength early enough that I was not going to allow my past to define me; no one should. Every day we have an opportunity to change the way we are living and allow ourselves to love ourselves! Sure, it's very hard at first to break through the berries of fear, change and self-doubt - but once you do, you may never look back!

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Sherry M

Don't live in fear of the unknown. Let the past go and move forward.

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want sobriety for yourself not to please or make anyone else happy

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Thomas Meales

Go to meetings, get a sponsor, be willing. Stay away from slippery places and slippery people.

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Getting help is not a sign of weakness. Getting help is a sign of strength. I saw first hand how hard it is. It's worth your life.

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Sherry Sanderson

You can do it if you want to!!!! Be strong and know you are worth it.

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Share your secrets and don't be a shame. God doesn't want you to be miserable!

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Don't give up. Create specific goals and make sure when you remove a negative you replace it with a positive. Never leave the hole!

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Get connected with 12 Step programs and don't let go. I went to 200 meeting my first 90 days clean after being in inpatient for 28 days. Get into treatment and be persistent with them too. Stay away from people who use, even if it is a partner or family.

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Jaime Shadix

The biggest advice I can give to anyone wanting to get clean is to ask for help! Too many people think they can handle the problem of addiction all on their own. Like those same people, I thought the same thing until I realized I need support and any help I could get.

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Kaitlyn Weaver

Life really can and does get better if you absolutely willing to do the work. I will not lie it is so very hard some days. Also I would say that you have to be entirely ready to get sober in order to do it.

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Don't give up!! I and everyone except for my mom thought I was a hopeless cause. I have proved that any addict seeking recovery who has a "desire" can stay clean EVEN WHEN YOU WANT TO USE! !!

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Jillian Perry

Stop making excuses. My excuse was my job -- they have been the most supportive in my case. You have to realize that you and your life are more important that what ever excuse you're making. For once, be selfish -- think of yourself and do what you know will help you best. Also, be honest with yourself. If you're fully committed to wanting to get sober, you know what kind of care will do it for you. Be it inpatient, out patient, what ever -- you alone know what path you need to take, so stop trying to kid yourself that anything different will suffice. And my biggest advice DON'T BE AFRAID TO ASK FOR HELP! YOU NEED IT!!

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Don't give up, keep on moving forward, live in each day, each moment, be grateful, forgive yourself, be positive

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See an Addiction Medicine specialist!!!!! An MD with advanced education in addiction and appropriate treatments for different drugs. And get a good therapist. Stay away from 12-step programs.

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AA is not a cult. Everyone needs a power greater than themselves to stay clean and a good support system.

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Oh gosh, please get the help. You ARE worth something and can make a difference in your own life. Ive been threw hell, and this was the best decision ever made.

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You don't have to live that way anymore. Try getting clean and sober, you can always go back to doing what you were doing before. The drugs and alcohol will ALWAYS be there. Give yourself a chance

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Richard Horton

Do it now!! Get away from other users and start recovering before it gets worse. And believe me it always gets worse!

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Ashley Johnson

You can either choose life or death, what's it gonna be? Also people places and things is the a key to getting clean. Don't give up and take it one day at a time.

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Don't ever give up. Your life matters. You are not defined by the things you have done when drinking or using drugs. A new life is possible. You are never to old and you're never to young to get sober

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Now, through all the advice and help I was getting from therapy etc., plus the reading, the Internet sites, the meetings… I figured out how to stop. I finely am a happy and successful person. I learned to deal with any problems in my life, which anyone can get any day, like being bullied, or being “different” which I am too from some people- I am gay and people have tried to treat me horribly sometimes just because of that. But I’m clean and happy, and I hope that you will be too someday very soon. Just say YES to yourself! Yes I will, and yes I CAN STOP!

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Diane Arenberg

My best piece of advice I can give is this: If you want to get clean, you can do it! In fact, you HAVE to do it for yourself! If you are thinking about doing it for someone else's approval, recovery will be hard. Not impossible. Hard. When you dig deep down and rediscover who you really are, your life will open up. "Your life is in session whether you decide to attend or not" is one of the most helpful quotes I heard in treatment. I still need to tell myself this.

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#shatterproof #weareshatterproof #overtheedge #shatterproofchallenge #westin #cincinnati #rappeling

#shatterproof #weareshatterproof #overtheedge #shatterproofchallenge #westin #cincinnati #rappeling

#shatterproof #weareshatterproof #overtheedge #shatterproofchallenge #westin #cincinnati #rappeling

#shatterproof #weareshatterproof #overtheedge #shatterproofchallenge #westin #cincinnati #rappeling


what keeps me clean may not help another. The quality of life I experience came from a twelve step program. By completely changing the way I behave on a daily basis and helping other addicts. I would suggest keep trying everything until you find the program that works for you. I don't use NO MATTER WHAT, just for today.

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