One in three people in this country is affected by addiction.

It’s a surprising statistic. And that “1” is more than just a number: it represents loved ones, family members, friends—people. Addiction is so heavily stigmatized, it’s rarely talked about openly and honestly. But we have the opportunity to change that.

We're coming together to share our 1 in 3 stories. With every story shared, we bring hope and unity to the entire community.

So join us. Email your story to And be sure to attach photos—of you, of a loved one, of your family. Let’s put faces to the statistics and show the world who we are.

You can even turn your 1 in 3 story into a powerful fundraiser. Every dollar raised directly contributes to Shatterproof's mission to end addiction. Head to our 1 in 3 fundraising page to get started.

We can bring much-needed attention to this epidemic, one story at a time.