Lauren Shields

Lauren is joining us from Dallas, TX where she has served as a Corporate Development Director for the American Heart Association. She was a part of their Heart Challenge team where she helped champion community campaigns such as Heart Walk, CycleNation, & Field Days. Before joining the Heart Challenge team, Lauren served as a Youth Market Director at the AHA in Nashville, TN. Supporting over 24 school district and 50,000 families by promoting the importance of physical activity, social/emotional learning, and raising over $500,000 annually, in lifesaving funds. Lauren has also been part of several committees focused on national- media content creation, peer to peer fundraising strategies, & employee experience. Lauren’s journey in nonprofit started in 2008 where she had the opportunity to share her own “why” as a spokesmodel for the AHA, after having open heart surgery at age 11. But there is more to her story...

Lauren is very passionate about the mission of Shatterproof as her mother along with several other family members have struggled with substance abuse. She feels so strongly about sharing her personal connection, reducing the negative stigma, and supporting the research and educational efforts that help make that possible.

Lauren is a native of Lexington, Kentucky. She earned a B.A. at Western Kentucky University. In her spare time, she enjoys traveling, working out, spending time with her fur baby (Hampton),trying all things FOOD, and most recently- coaching.

Lauren’s Mantra- don’t stop until you are proud!

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