Federal Addiction Law Is Having an Impact! New Study Shows 111% Increase in Addiction Treatment Access in Rural Areas

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Treatment works for addiction. But far too often, people with addiction, and especially opioid use disorders, can’t access the evidence-based treatment they need. This is one of the biggest drivers of the modern overdose epidemic.

But there’s some good news. Federal law is having an impact, increasing access to treatment and saving lives. Especially in rural communities.

A new study published in Health Affairs has found that, since 2016, access to lifesaving addiction medications in rural areas has increased by an impressive 111%. What caused this dramatic increase? The Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (CARA), a piece of federal legislation enacted in 2017. The bill authorized $181 million in spending for treatment, prevention, and recovery programs, and it allows nurse practitioners and physician assistants to obtain the waivers needed in order to prescribe buprenorphine to help treat opioid addiction.

This new study makes it clear that common-sense legislation, like CARA, can have a huge impact on saving lives and helping people with addiction recover. Just as we did with CARA, Shatterproof will continue to advocate for policy change that makes a measurable difference in reversing the course of America’s addiction crisis.