President Trump Declares Public Health Emergency for Opioid Epidemic

Just now, the Trump administration officially declared the opioid epidemic a public health emergency. Our founder and CEO, Gary Mendell, was invited to attend this historic announcement, and he was proud to represent the Shatterproof community at the White House today.
This declaration is an important first step. But now, the federal government must follow through with bold actions to immediately start saving lives.
Back in June, Gary was one of just a few leaders invited to address the President’s Commission on Combating Addiction. Read the complete recommendations that Gary delivered to the Commission here.
Most of these common-sense recommendations could be done right now, at little to no cost. It will take specific actions like these to truly turn the tide of the opioid epidemic. With an official emergency declared, the doors have been opened for that action. But follow-through will be crucial.
You can count on Shatterproof to continue advocating for real solutions that will make this emergency declaration truly effective. Thank you for joining us in this critical effort.

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