Surgeon General, Gary Mendell Testify at Senate Hearing on Addiction Treatment Scams and Solutions

Gary Mendell at Senate Finance Committee Hearing

America’s lack of access to high-quality addiction treatment costs hundreds of lives every day. This morning on Capitol Hill, the Senate Committee on Finance addressed this crisis at a hearing entitled “Treating Substance Misuse in America: Scams, Shortfalls, and Solutions.” 

The hearing featured expert testimony from Shatterproof’s founder and CEO, Gary Mendell, plus Surgeon General Jerome Adams, Mary Denigan-Macauley of the Government Accountability Office, and Gary L. Cantrell, Deputy Inspector General.

Mendell shared his personal story of losing his son, Brian, to the stigma and shame of addiction. He talked about how that pain motivated him to found Shatterproof, a national nonprofit dedicated to reversing America’s addiction crisis. He also outlined Shatterproof’s key strategic focuses: rallying insurance companies and medical professionals around a national standard of care for addiction, driving payment reform to root out fraud and focus on treatment protocols actually based in evidence, and creating a groundbreaking new addiction treatment locator and standards tool for families.

Watch the whole hearing in the video below.