Bonnie Carr

Actual Birthday 09/16/1955, One of the most Humble, Compassionate, Loving and sensitive individuals I have ever or will ever have the pleasure of sharing my life with. My Mother loved GOD and had her own unique relationship. She also loved music and could always find the beat and was not ashamed to dance anywhere or any place. My Mother also had a beautiful ability to take scripture and form poetry out of it, she was an amazing writer. Arts and crafts were also among her many talents. But, drawing was one gift I always wished she had followed. My Mother possessed a quality about her self that made it very easy to talk with and confide in. Many people had told her secrets that she took with her to her grave and never told a soul. What made it so easy to talk with her is that she didn't judge. She wasn't so big headed with her own opinion that she couldn't actually listen to what the other person had to say. She was also a very loyal person, faithful to the people she loved. If she loved you, and was mad at you, she could say something harsh about you but, nobody else better say anything harsh about you or she would be ready to fight. She didn't stay mad. She was really good at forgiving.And she loved her grandchildren. One of the most proud grandmother's I have ever known. She was also a really good giver, she just loved to give. Give of her self, give of her time. She was an amazing woman. She was strong and had overcome so many things in her life. She had a laugh that to me sounded like music and I would do anything to hear her laugh and smile. And she was so beautiful, I mean a KNOCKOUT. I just loved to look at her. Those green eyes that sparkled like emerald gems.I miss her so much. Plus, she was so funny. She could make me laugh so hard I felt like my sides would split. It's hard to put it all into words everything about her. There was so many incredible things about her. She believed in the POWER of PRAYER,second chances and GODS GRACE.She loved to WORSHIP GOD.