David Murray

David was an immensely warm and sensitive boy with beautiful blue eyes and a winning smile. He inspired people with his writing, his thirst for knowledge and his eclectic musical tastes. There were very few topics he didn't have an interest in, he was like a walking encyclopedia. He cared deeply about his friends and his family, but he was a loner who found it hard to mix with new people and new situations were a constant source of anxiety for him. He didn't like to be outside his comfort zone and this made job seeking difficult. He was extraordinarily bright, but he preferred to do menial jobs that didn't involve any stress. In late May of this year and after a short stay in hospital for a major infection in his arm (the result of probing for a vein to insert a heroin needle) he finally new what career he would really like to pursue; he realized he would like to be a nurse. He promptly signed up for college and told me that this was the first time he was excited by anything to do with work and his future. Just two months later he passed away.