Andrew Gutierrez

Andrew Gutierrez

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Marie Coscia
Tell us about your loved one.

Andrew was an adorable, big eyed baby; a tall skinny kid who grew up to become a very handsome man. He loved his parents and was so proud of his sisters too! He spent a lot of time with his family in Staten Island, Long Island, Connecticut, and Brooklyn.

He struggled for many years in life with his addiction. There were good times, there were bad times. He wanted to be loved, he wanted to belong, he wanted peace in his life. We am not going to say Andrew is in a better place because that place is with us. He is in Jesus' arms now, all of his wants and more are his.

We all loved you Andrew and wished you could have stayed with us longer. We prayed for you from the start and hoped and prayed for so much good for you in your life. Your big, beautiful smile will be missed, your sense of humor and witty charm too. You will never be forgotten, you were loved by so many people!!

I look forward to seeing you again.

Rest in Peace Grandson,

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