Autumn Floodman

Autumn Marie Floodman

Beautiful mother, daughter, big sister

I miss you every minute of every hour. You were my baby. It's so crazy that your dad also died of an overdose too... and your best friend Arianna. Life has wronged you in so many ways. I'M SO SORRY I DIDN'T SEE WHAT WAS HAPPENING. You left your baby with no mother. She will never live the life she should and could have had.. You were such an awesome mother. I'm sorry.. You left your little sister.. Your "Abisnail"  with no siblings. She doesn't get it at ALL. Your Gma  is so lost.. all she does is cry and cry over you. I wish I had known your pain you were trying to block. I wish someone had told me how bad you were suffering inside. I miss you baby girl. I'll be here waiting to come see you soon ..I love you so much. Scarlett needed her momma... I'll do everything I can to make sure she knows everything about you.. I'm sorry Autumn ....💔💔XO.. 22 FOREVER . I wish it could have been me instead. You didn't deserve this!!