Charles Mckegney-DiTullio

Charles Arthur Mckegney-DiTullio

Silly, strong, loving, loyal, beloved

Chuck lost his battle, but he left a lasting impression on all who knew and loved him. He was a writer, never without his pen, and his creativity shone in everything he said. His sayings and spontaneity would always have us smiling. He composed music and performed and had great talent. Beyond his love of music, was his love for his daughter. Being a father was his joy, and he was never happier than the time he spent with her. Chuck struggled for many years with an opioid addiction and, to be honest, none of us ever knew how profound the problem was. We thought it was his choice. There were dark times throughout his young life stemming from addiction, and the family and Chuck all suffered. Now he’s gone and we are forever brokenhearted. And now, of course, we understand that addiction is not a choice. Something I wish I’d learned sooner.