Dustin  Schwarz

Dustin Neil Schwarz

Son, Brother, Funny, Caring, Loving

To know Dustin ~ was to love Dustin. He was kind ~ he was so funny ~ and a joy to be around. His teachers would comment on how he was the first to befriend a new student. He was extremely intelligent ~ he took some accelerated classes ~ and went on to Monmouth University ~ graduating with a four year degree in Criminal Justice ~ while making it onto the honor roll. Dustin was an athlete ~ he excelled at soccer ~ taking on the difficult roll as goalie ~ always with a smile on his face. He was the number one kicker on the Varsity Football team in high school. He was a Camp Counselor and the kids loved him ~ they all wanted to be in his group. He was a talented musician ~ and would make hysterically funny videos. To know Dustin was to love Dustin and now he is missed by so many. What happened ? Why did he get involved with heroin- why did he accidentally overdose? These are questions we cannot answer. He is missed and oh so loved. I love you Dustin - I love you to infinity and beyond. May you continue to Rest In Peace ~ one day I will see you again ~ Your Loving Mother