Jeffrey (Jeff) Freeman

Jeffrey (Jeff) Scott Freeman

Caring, compassionate, sensitive, sweet, brilliant
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My dear, sweet Jeffrey has moved on to a place of peace and tranquility. He battled this illness for so long and was looking forward to sober living, but as strong as he was, the addiction was too strong for him, as it is for so many. I am lost. I can't believe my beautiful son is gone. He was our love, our pride and joy. He gave the biggest and best hugs. He had the best sense of humor. What a great laugh. He loved his family and he loved his friends. He was caring, compassionate, sensitive, and sweet. He loved basketball. He was a writer, a poet, and a philosopher. He loved his music. He loved his little sister, our sweet, wonderful Molly. He loved listening to NPR. He loved watching and laughing with Dave Chapelle and Jim Gaffigan, Always Sunny, South Park, and so much more. He loved hiking and he loved the water. He often shared his deep feelings and thoughts with us. He had the greatest vocabulary. He could engage in conversation with anyone about any subject with great authority and real knowledge. He was beyond brilliant. Even as his mother, I would look to him for the answers. Oh dear God, I miss him. Treat him well. I love you, Jeff. Mom

Jeff was my wife’s baby. Jeff was my buddy. We loved food, sports, and were both Bruins. We were identical height and build, and when he walked into the room, we both stood a little taller, because neither wanted to be the shorter 6’2” guy in the room. But he was smarter and stronger than me, and more sensitive. In college, he got an A in physics, but wrote like a poet. He got his UCLA BS in psychology and later went on to get almost straight A's in accounting at the same school.

Jeff worked for me for three years in my CPA firm. I now look back to cherish seeing him every day, smiling as he entered my office, and watching him joke with his coworkers- who loved him- and grow professionally.

Bruins, Dodgers, Lakers were our passion. Of all the many sporting events I attended over the last 20 years, he was by my side 2/3 of the time. Just a week before he passed, he had gone shopping for new clothes. He was looking forward to a new living situation, and he seemed to be enjoying life more. But mortality can be fleeting.

Never miss the opportunity to enjoy the people and things that you cherish, right now.
Love, Dad