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Robert was a beautiful and loving son, and a great brother to Kara and Brian. Robert had the best sense of humor and always knew how to put a smile on someone's face to cheer them up. Robert was gracious, kind, and loving to everyone. He was an extremely intelligent young man who could talk about any subject, and was a gifted writer and communicator. He graduated from college with a degree in finance and business administration. Robert had a passion for physical fitness with working out and eating healthy. He loved football and loved Notre Dame. We will forever miss the sound of his voice, hugs, and kisses, and I love you! We were blessed to have Robert for 29 years and we are blessed and grateful God chose us to be Robert's mother, father, brother, and sister. He taught us so much about his disease and led us through a world of real people who had difficult battles. We were touched with humanity and the world of mental health. Through his journey we were led to a deeper and more meaningful relationship with our faith.

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