Tyler Simeroth

Tyler Simeroth


Tyler Micheal Simeroth
Passed away April 24, 2016
Heroin overdose
He didn't want the drug the drug wanted him

Photo submitted by
Michele Simeroth
Tell us about your loved one.

Lost his father, his best friend at the age of 17 junior in high school. Broke his heart. Tyler was very close to me and his father. Good innocent person. He was loving, compassionate. Good-hearted, funny, loved dirt bikes, and BMX.
He had big beautiful blue eyes that only saw the best in people.

Tell us about Tyler's struggle with addiction

Tyler hid his use of heroin from me for the first 9 months, by then I think he was addicted. His so called best friend from kindergarten introduced him to heroin. When I found out, I told his friend to never come back to my house. I saw the shame in him right away. Didn't stop them from using.
Tyler tried really hard to quit on his own but he wasn't able to. Being around the same people was no help.
Tyler didn't want me to know he was struggling with his addition. He was ashamed.
It was an accidental overdose.

What made Tyler smile?

Sense of humor
Dirt Biking
Being loved

What do you miss most about Tyler?

Everything. His soft voice calling me mom
Seeing him coming in and out of his room
Seeing him outside working on things
His smile
Standing next to him because he was so much taller than me
I miss shopping for him
Seeing him play with our dog Mary

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