Andrew Joseph Gilbert

Loving son, big brother, nephew, cousin
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What Andrew was Like

Andrew, ha just saying his name brings anyone that knew my cousin a smile. Whether it was his trash talking any team that wasn’t the Patriots, or the fact he always had his long arms open to hug and smother you with kindness he brought you a smile.

Fondest Memories of Andrew

Andrew was the most kind, supportive, encouraging friend to everyone he met. He was your personal cheerleader always rooting for you to win. That’s why all of his friends considered him like family and vice versa.

How Andrew will be Missed

I miss his dumb silly snap chats, going to meetings together, showing up for me every anniversary chip I got, his voice mails just calling to tell me he loves me, being tagged in every single Facebook post...See that’s the thing I used to get so annoyed when he did that but now my perspective has changed. He was only trying to include me, because nothings worse then feeling left out and Andrew never made anyone feel that way.

How Andrew will be remembered

Andrew would have some hilarious witty smart ass comment but what his FB page has been flooded with, still to this day, is pure love. His love, kindness and compassion he showed everyone. How when someone was in the worst spot in their life it was Andrew who showed up and was there for them. Always reaching those long lanky arms out to be of service and help someone.