Rob Karppinen

True Friend & Confidante
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What Rob was Like

Rob and I met almost 10 years ago in our addiction. We went through so much together, with both of us getting clean at different points. We always stayed in touch. He had such a good heart and he truly was an inspiration to me when he was clean.

Fondest Memories of Rob

I have many favorite memories of Rob, many of which are drug related, but even in his addiction, he was a good man. He treated me better as a friend than my own boyfriend did, inspiring me to leave a bad relationship. I asked him why he was so good to me, and he said it was because he grew up with so many females around- his Mom, his 2 Sisters, and his Grandma Helen- all of whom he spoke of often & loved dearly. He was a good man, and the best friend a girl could ask for. I adored Rob.

How Rob will be Missed

I will miss his smile, his laugh, how he could make jokes and brighten up the darkest days. I will miss his giving spirit. When I was at my lowest points in my addiction and homeless, he often snuck me into his mom's or dad's house and let me stay the nights there and get out of the cold. He brought me food. He gave me and my friend the keys to his dad's community pool for close to a month so we could shower there when no one was around. He always looked out for me. He was so caring and loving.

How Rob will be remembered

I will always remember the sound of his voice. I called him my best friend Rob. He called me his best friend Liv. He would often say, What's Good, Liv-Liv? I'll always remember the day we drove his car off-road into the hills & watched the sun set & we just chilled & talked about life. I loved being the one he would talk to about things like girls & stuff. He was my confidante, & I hope I was his. He is in my heart forever. My life was better because he was in it. He was one of the Good Ones.