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Alex Jett

Age 25
Son, Brother, Father
Age 25

Alex had a heart of gold. He would do anything for anyone.

Candee Lisa Pensabene

Age 34
Daughter, Sister, Mother, big heart
Age 34

She was my sister and best friend. I miss her every second of every single day. I want to sleep more to see her in my dreams. She was my person and it still breaks me down to this day that I could not save her.

My favorite memory of my sister is our conversations on the phone and picking her up from ‘college’.

Her smile, her laugh, and her hugs

As a mother that loves her son more than anything in the world.

Elizabeth Jordling

Age 34
Sister, Mother, Aunt, Friend
Age 34

She was fearless from the day she was born. She didn’t let anything or anyone stop her.

Watching her when she had her first baby. She loved him so much.

Her smile.

As a fighter. She had so much fight in her. Maybe, too much. The only things she couldn’t fight were the demons she carried.

Chas E Smith

Age 34
Gifted Son Brother Compassionate Friend
Age 34

Overcomer of challenges. Child of the Great Spirit. Unable to fully comprehend dangerous outcomes Beloved.

Spiritual to his core. Beloved.

Spirited conversations on many topics. Loved History and indigenous peoples history.

As a Spiritual Conduit to the Great Spirit.

Ben Howard

Age 47
"Not Fade Away" The Dead
Age 47

Ben was an unforgettable force of nature. His light shines eternally. His love of music is only trumped by his life of his people. His parents, sister, nieces, his many friends, fellow dead heads, my 2 kid's and I.

Watching him in his element jamming to music was so perfect. When he played his guitar all of his problems & addictions floated away. This is how I like to remember him. So light and happy.

His smile, his unconditional love. He had a way of making the people he loved feel so important and you truly believed he was going to keep you safe and everything was going to be okay.

He would probably be proud of me for keeping his memory alive. Not as an addict that passed away the way he did, but the way he LIVED. All the stories he had about following the Dead, his adventures, all the love and adventures. He had a beautiful heart and a kind soul. He was pure love and music flowed out of his veins.

Timothy D. Manning

Age 36
Loyal, Driven, Passionate, Brother, Son, Lover, Missed by All.
Age 36

Tim put the light back in my life. Gave me confidence that I never knew I had. And we had a connection and love that people sometimes might never get the chance to have. He changed my life in so many ways, I will forever love and miss him, My Angel.

Looking up at the stars as he could name each one or listening to him play “Have I told you lately that I loved you” on the piano to me. He had many talents but would never take credit for it.

His laugh, his smell, his huge hugs, him teasing me. Kissing him. Our deep talks that would last all night. Him being my rock. Telling me I’m beautiful, to smile, and just about everything, even when he pissed me off.

Tim would like to be remembered as a great hockey player, loved the ocean and boats, big boats! He was humble. Loyal and Protective to those he loved. A brilliant engineer who could fix or build anything. He loved dogs, kids, and his family.

Nick Holman Warren

Age 29
Son with so much potential
Age 29

Great sense of humor, avid reader of everything, culture vulture, had so many friends whom loved and looked up to him.

Listening to music together from the sixties and seventies and dancing.

His sense of humor and deep understanding of me.

A loving son, brother, family member and friend who tried his best to overcome deep depression and the disease of addiction. He loved all of you.

Jarrett James Goodman

Age 25
Awesome son brother father husband friend
Age 25

Jarrett was a brilliant light that only shown for a short time in this world he was a caring charismatic funny tough loyal man who touched the lives of everyone he met in a lasting way that can never be duplicated.we miss him every single day .

How he was just himself no matter what n how he loved so fully and really cared for those in his life.


As a awesome and irreplaceable person.

Jessica Galen Black

Age 38
Daughter of great empathy
Age 38

Jessica loved nature, fishing, cooking and spending time with her grandparents, her father and extended family. She was cheerful, inquisitive, empathetic, compassionate and kind hearted.

My favorite memories of her are teaching her about the world, going on trips together, cooking together, helping her with schoolwork, fishing, boating, teaching her how to ride a bike, how to drive, sightseeing, eating out, going to movies, sightseeing and just plain being together.

Everything. Believing that a future career free of drugs was near.

By how deeply she loved her family, especially her daughter who was 16 at the time of her death.

Jonathan Ayres

Age 29
Son, Brother, Uncle, Big Hearted, Comical
Age 29

JJ was one of a kind. He loved making others others laugh through his scare cams and dumb jokes. He was a self taught drummer. Which became his passion. He loved the Seattle Seahawks. He was quick witted and loved his family with his whole being.

Our favorite memory of JJ was when he was 19 and wanted his sister to buy him and his friends beer. He said he would do anything for it. So his sister dared him to run down the street naked and well in great JJ fashion He Did Just That!!

Everything about JJ will be missed. Most of all his sense of humor. The sound of his voice. His phone calls to his momma just to tell her she's beautiful. His nieces and nephews not getting a chance to know who he was. The sound of him banging on his drums and the smell of his cologne throughout the house.

I truly believe JJ would want to be remembered as living life to the fullest. His love for his family and laughter was his greatest strength!!

William Everett Rose

Age 39
Forever 39
Age 39

He was a bright light in everyone’s life. Always smiling and he loved his family more than words could express. He was very talented with wood, making beautiful pallet furniture, in his surveying job he was sought after, with hunting he loved to teach his daughters and to just to be in the woods with his family and all of his hunting buddies. 

He was kind and funny and expressive. 

When he was around 7, he came walking up the steep hill at our home, carrying a snapping turtle as big as he was! Fearless!  The first time we visited him after he’d been in Teen Challenge recovery program for several weeks and he was standing on the front porch literally glowing, free from the grip of opiates for the first time in years! Determined & Proud! 

How he was as a Daddy with his 3 daughters - affectionate, protective, loving, dedicated & proud.  How he loved being “Coach William” with his middle daughter’s softball team and how he was with the girls, silly and funny. They loved him. 

He is missed in so many ways, as the best hunting buddy with his Dad. He is missed for his beautiful smile and the twinkle in his eyes, for his warm bear hugs, his outgoing fun personality, his kind heart, his love for his family and especially his love for his daughters, and his love and dedication to his friends. He knew how to love and his presence is missed. 


As a Dad that would give the world to get better, hopeful about the future, ready to start his outpatient program, to get healthy for his daughters. As a warrior, a fighter against his addiction and for those he knew that struggled like he did. As an avid hunter and how much he loved being outside and in the woods. As a man who loved God and who had just come back to his church and his faith. As a shining light in this world, a man that just wanted to live in peace, to love and to be healed. 

Marcello Bernini

Age 49
Husband, father
Age 49

A man that would have done anything to help anyone with their addictions. Saved many addicts over the years with giving them a safe place to stay, or bringing them to their first meeting.

So many to list, but probably the night he asked me to marry him. And told me that I helped him see life in color, and not always in black and white.

How he did whatever he could to make me happy/smile.

An amazing man that would do anything to help an addict. His love for God, and that his addiction was not him, it was something he suffered from. He fought the demons for so long, and he is finally at peace. He was the most selfless man I had ever met.

Raymond L Sourbeer

Age 56
World's Greatest Dad
Age 56

One of the most beautiful humans you can meet. Worshiped his family and was always there for his friends. Agree lover of life.

The best was seeing him welcome his children into the world. Seeing him laugh with happiness at their arrival was a joy to witness.

Raising his kids without him is what I will miss the most.

He would love to be remembered as an amazing dad

Chrystal Yenchick-Kester

Age 38
Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend, Love
Age 38

My sister; I admire her beauty and her carefree soul. She is always in the loop with fashion and what’s hot on the radio. She loves to be silly. She has a loving and outgoing attitude. Her faith was deep and her love unconditional.

Taking walks when we were young.

I miss her voice. I miss her laugh and sense of humor.

Chrissy would want to be remembered for her love and free spirit. She was the light of a room. She shined and didn’t need to try.

Sarah Handy

Age 32
Sister, Aunt, Loving Daughter
Age 32

Sarah could make anyone and everyone laugh! She was truly one of a kind!

Her laugh!

Freda Jeanette Goode

Age 52
Mother, Sister, Auntie, Daughter, Friend
Age 52

Mom never had it easy. No matter how many times she got knocked down, she'd always get back up, taller than before! So, losing her was more than a shock! She was an amazing woman with do much love to give.

There are so many memories. Like when my daughter, her first grandchild, was born. Or the day I graduated college. A week before she passed was my birthday. We spent 3 hours on the phone laughing, joking, having a great time,.. It's the last conversation we ever had.

Our talks, her laugh, the way she could set my mind at easy about anything. I was invincible because she was invincible....

As a mother. Not a number. She had no addictions to drugs or alcohol until her TMJ pain became unmanageable. "Doctors" choose to leave her to manage this pain using morphine for close to 10 years in lue of a surgery her insurance wouldn't cover.... So if she was an addict, her health care providers were the dealers

Morgan Fiveash

Age 24
Daughter, Granddaughter, Sister and Cousin
Age 24

Morgan was a beautiful girl, inside and out. She loved cats and cows. She loved all animals. She was half my heart.

Graduation. I have never been more proud. Her Senior year, over the Christmas break, she lost her Father. Just a few hours after her 18th birthday. I figured she would not go back to school, but she did. Not only did she go back, she graduated with a 3.4 GPA. She said that is what her Daddy would have wanted.


Jimmie Gene Moore

Age 48
Big heart,story teller
Age 48

One of the biggest hearted people you would ever meet. Always had a story to tell .Never had much,but would give you anything he had.Love of family is what he longer for.Loved his dogs

How smart he was his smile

His stories and would always be put a smile on your face

Love of people and animals

Russell Ray Davis

Age 33
Brother, Son, Uncle,Cousin, Friend
Age 33

Russ was the life of every party. He was loving, caring, genuine and over the top. He was always the loud one and our world got a lot more quiet without him. We love you and miss you so much Russ! Forever missed and loved!

Wow! Just growing up so close as a family. We have so many memories and spent every holiday together. We all were together as family. Family over everything! But summers at the house on Goddard were the best memories.

Everything. His loud voice for sure! Playing cards at family parties. Him aggravating me and lundinne lol. Him missing the chance to be an uncle to his 3 babies, 1 niece, 1 nephew and 1 in the oven. I miss that he isn't here to see how great Lundinne is doing. I know he'd be so proud! Maybe he would have a bike too along with all the guys. I know you're with us though. We all miss you!

As he would tell me, he's a lover not a fighter. Lol. I believe he would want to be remembered as someone who was always there for family and just a great guy who made you laugh and feel good. A great friend, brother, son, Uncle,Cousin and the list goes on. He was one of a kind. Your memory lives on through all of us!

Steven Donald Webb

Age 33
Father, heart of gold, spouse, skateboarder
Age 33

He was my best friend of almost 17 years. We spent everyday together ❤. His son and him were inseparable.

The night we met, in spring of 2002 at the mall!

His beautiful eyes, his laugh, his smile.. just about everything.

I know he would want to be remembered for how much he loved his son.