News about substance use disorders, every week. These are the headlines you need to know about.

OxyContin’s Maker Wants to Use an iPhone App to Fight the Opioid Epidemic, Fortune

“Purdue Pharma has been roundly criticized for its role in helping birth the U.S. opioid addiction and overdose crisis…. But can the company help staunch the very crisis in which it's such a prominent player - with a digital health assist?”

Treatment Dilemma: No Consensus on Cure as Demand for it Explodes, Portland Press Herald

“In addition to woefully inadequate treatment resources to meet exploding demand in Maine, there is tension, too, among providers and policymakers over the best way to beat an opioid addiction.”

Greatest Rise in Heroin Use Was Among White People, Study Says, CNN

“A new study in the journal JAMA Psychiatry looks beyond the total number of overdose deaths to get a better picture of how heroin use patterns have changed since 2001. Since then, the number of people who have used heroin has increased almost five-fold, and the number of people who abuse heroin has approximately tripled. The greatest increases in use occurred among white males.”

Doctors Consider Ethics of Costly Heart Surgery for People Addicted to Opioids, NPR

“Cardiologists, surgeons and infectious disease doctors can fix the infection [called endocarditis], but not the underlying problem of addiction. When patients who are still addicted to opioids leave the hospital, many keep injecting drugs, often causing repeat infections that are more costly and more challenging to cure.”

As Opioid Crisis Flares, Naturopaths and Chiropractors Lobby for Bigger Roles in Treating Pain, STAT News

“Seizing on the opioid epidemic as a chance to expand their reach, naturopaths and chiropractors are aggressively lobbying Congress and state governments to elevate the role of alternative therapies in treating chronic pain. They’ve scored several victories in recent months, and hope the Trump administration will give them a further boost. Their most powerful argument: We don’t prescribe addictive pain pills.”

In Fight Against Opioids, Prevention’s Crucial but Often Overlooked, Portland Press Herald

“Advocates say more study and more investment are needed to stop heroin and other addictive drugs from ever taking hold.”

FDA Nominee Says Nation’s Opioid Crisis is as Serious As Ebola, Zika Threats, The Washington Post

“Scott Gottlieb, the physician and entrepreneur who is President Trump's nominee to head the Food and Drug Administration, told senators Wednesday that the nation's opioid crisis is a ‘public health emergency on the order of Ebola and Zika’ and requires dramatic action by the agency and the rest of government.”