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Stigma is the missing piece in our nation’s response to the addiction crisis.

By viewing addiction as a disease and showing empathy, more people will seek treatment and fewer will die. With your help, we can educate others about stigma, enact policy changes, and make treatment more accessible.

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“It’s not addiction that claimed my son’s life–it was the shame he felt every morning when he opened his eyes.” -Gary Mendell

After researching addiction shame and its impact on society, Shatterproof created a 6-point strategy addressing and combatting stigma in the US. Our strategy focuses on creating institutional changes in healthcare, government, criminal justice, media and entertainment, employment, and local communities.

We're working together to save lives.

Making it happen through advocacy

From state legislatures to Capitol Hill, we’re creating policy change that will help more Americans recover.

Addiction can happen to anyone. But with help, people can and do recover.



I was homeless. In treatment, I found a place where I belonged, where I made friends, and where I felt love that filled the void in me. In recovery, my heartache turned into happiness.



I do not regret being addicted. Because in recovery, my level of awareness has risen to a level I never thought possible. Today I am able to feel fully, and to understand those feelings.



In recovery, I’m starting to like myself so much more than before. I can finally be the mother both of my daughters need, want, and deserve. I am so grateful for that.

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 16:42
Sarah Sartori

Use ATLAS to find the right treatment

If you live in DE, FL, LA, MA, NC, NJ, NY, OK, PA, or WV you can use ATLAS to search for treatment based on what’s important to you like payment options, insurance, location, and services.


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Happy Pride Month!

With your help, we can ensure the LGBTQ+ community has access to addiction treatment that suits their needs and fight the stigma facing queer and trans people with SUD.