a collage of photos representing 107,000 lives that were lost to addiction

Our friends and family are disappearing from our lives. Last year, we lost more 107,000 people to drug overdose, a new heartbreaking record.

A generous family has pledged to match every gift between now and August 31 up to $107,000 — so every dollar you give goes twice as far to prevent these senseless deaths.

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Two-thirds of all overdoses that occurred in 2021 were caused by fentanyl.

But what is fentanyl? How does it work inside the body? Where did it come from? And why–exactly–is it so dangerous? We’re breaking down the facts and answering common questions about this harmful drug.

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From state legislatures to Capitol Hill, we’re creating policy change that will help more Americans recover.

Addiction can happen to anyone. But with help, people can and do recover.



I was homeless. In treatment, I found a place where I belonged, where I made friends, and where I felt love that filled the void in me. In recovery, my heartache turned into happiness.



I do not regret being addicted. Because in recovery, my level of awareness has risen to a level I never thought possible. Today I am able to feel fully, and to understand those feelings.



In recovery, I’m starting to like myself so much more than before. I can finally be the mother both of my daughters need, want, and deserve. I am so grateful for that.

Mon, 03/22/2021 - 16:42
Sarah Sartori

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If you live in DE, FL, LA, MA, NC, NJ, NY, OK, PA, or WV you can use ATLAS to search for treatment based on what’s important to you like payment options, insurance, location, and services.


A collage of photos

Last year, more than 107,000 lives were lost to overdose.

This year, a generous family has pledged $107,000 to match every gift you give until August 31. 

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