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Eric Luis Pavon

Age 28
Son, Brother, Caring, Funny, Smart
Age 28

Eric did have a heart of gold. He was a beautiful soul and is sorely missed by many. Though his addiction was difficult I am grateful he was sober for 9 months before his relapse. I had my son back and choose to remember him like that.

Too many wonderful memories.

His hugs. Phone calls. Deep conversation. His smile and laugh.

With joy. With hope.

Aaron Alexander Fuller

Age 20
My baby he was fun
Age 20

He was a great kid. He loved giving to others. His laughter was infectious. He was as very hard worker.

My favorite memory is when I went to work to help him out

I miss his laughter and his caring personality

A fun caring loving young man that he had become

Andrew Charles Krall

Age 29
Our Only Son and Brother
Age 29

Andrew is so deeply loved and missed by his family. A world of potential and fulfilling life were taken from him by drugs.

Being with our family for all of the good times. The beach, the roadtrips and his love for his nieces, Claire, Stella and Charlotte

We will miss his sharing music with his mom, especially The Rolling Stones, being on top of the world in Colorado, long golfing days, Pitt football games and his good times with our family. His passing has left a void too big to explain

As a son and brother who gave us all that he could in the face of the battle that he endured. We will love, cherish and remember him forever

Kim Elizabeth Wilson

Age 59
Mother, Daughter, and Animal Lover
Age 59

Kim enjoyed gardening, arranging flowers, and fishing. She always had a special love for horses, cats and dogs. She loved her family and friends.

Mother took me to Graceland when I was 12 years old and also taught me to ride horses. We had a lot of good memories riding in the car together, going to theater practice or the movies together; swimming, playing and laughing together.

I will mostly miss her laugh, her silliness. She saw the best in people and always would find a way to make an encouraging word about someone.

As a person who loved her friends and family and her animals. She would want everyone to laugh more and appreciate small joys in life.

Garret Guilyard

Age 22
His smile lit up a room
Age 22

Him making us laugh

Hearing I love you mom

Very hard working with a heart of gold

Estil Holliday Lanham

Age 35
Son grandson uncle brother nephew
Age 35

He has a heart of gold and so talented - artistically and musically

The day he was born

His humor and huge smile

As a rock star

Zayne Brendon Balmer

Age 25
Son, Brother, Father, Loved
Age 25

Zayne has a almost 3yr old little girl. He was wrapped around her finger from minute 1. He has 2 little brothers and baby sister that he would have given the world to if he could. His family means everything to him. He had so much love to give.

I have so many. Everytime he played with his baby sister and brother. Watching him take care of his tiny newborn baby. Taking forever to pick a movie to watch before bed. He always scared me and thought it was hilarious, but when I scared him he would pout. He helped me rescue a mom and her baby ducks off of a highway one morning and had baby ducks in his shirt until we could get something to put them in. My absolute favorite is probably when he would skateboard with our daughter, she loved it

Everything. Hearing his voice tell me he loves me. Giving me forehead kisses. Using his “dad voice” to get our daughters attention/to listen. Hearing his laugh when he antagonizes his brother and sister. Him falling asleep with snacks in bed. Hearing him complain that calling him Brendon wasn’t “cute” and he didn’t like it, but when I didn’t call him Brendon he knew I was mad at him. But he would do anything to make me smile.

As a dad, who loves his little girl more than anyone in this world. As a brother who would do anything for his siblings. As a son who always wanted to help his mom. As a boyfriend who admitted his wrongs, apologized, and did what he could to make me smile again. He would want to be remembered as a man who had so much love to give his family but also didn’t take shit from anyone. He would defend who he loved until he was blue in the face. He was a loving, loyal, funny, man with a beautiful soul

Christian Allen Colston

Age 20
First Son
Age 20

He always was such a happy boy with a smile and glow that would brighten up any room he entered, he was great with his brothers and sister. Had so much life to live. He would go out of his way to help others and he was loved and adored by all!

When I had his brother logan he would always try to be so helpful and all I can picture right now in my head is this 3 year old with a huge smile carrying his baby brother (newborn) from the bedroom to the living room! I was so nervous but all I told him is he’s breakable so don’t drop him ok. Hey looked at me with a serious face and said he breakable mommy? I said yes so always put him down on a soft spot and don’t drop him! He smiled from ear to ear and went on to take Logan to the couch… 🥰

Not being able to hug, call, see, …. Him ever in the flesh….the list could go on forever he was such a kind hearted young man and so kind to everyone. I would give anything to trade places with him he was still a baby in my eyes 💔

Christian would want everyone to remember all the happy times and goofy things (snakes included, he would call them when he took them out of the cage to play with) as if they were a cat or dog 😂 here snaky snake come here…. I miss him so much and it hurts like no other to not have him here still.

Jeffrey Michael Dehlin

Age 22
Son, Brother, Giver, Our Hero
Age 22

Jeff was the kind of person who helped people and told no one. His dark humor got everyone involved. Jeff was the center of the room without trying. People were drawn to him. He loved adventure and learning new tricks, yo-yo, skateboard, bike. Love.

One young man came up to me at Jeff's Memorial. He was a bit overweight, a bad complexion. He told me he was never popular, but when he began working with Jeff, he treated him like his best friend. In turn, all of the other employees began treating him the same. Jeff put his arm around him and he was the first person he brought to the break room. Before long, the other teens were calling and texting this young man. He told me that he had never felt like he belonged, and Jeff gave that to him.

Everything. His face, his laugh, his voice, his humor, his music, his spirituality, his sound advice, his love for his sisters, his generosity, his constant smile, his openness, his vulnerability, his chivalry, his example, his love. He was my only son, and I miss everything about him. He was an angel here on earth for all of us.
I watched him in withdrawal without any medication. He is my HERO. I visited him every possible time, and we all went to every family day and education session. HERO.

Jeff would wish to be remembered as a singer/songwriter. After being shown a few chords, he began playing songs from the radio by ear. The first was "Delilah". All of a sudden he was playing almost any song from the radio. Then he began writing music, then lyrics, then harmony. He was shy at first to sing, but he got over it. He was recording his own voice in harmony, with himself playing acoustic and bass guitar and kick a$$ drums. His final song could be on the radio, never reading music.

Bradley Ray Lauer

Age 34
Best Dad Ever
Age 34

Brad is my dad, and he passed away when I was eight years old. He was the best dad in the entire world, he loved my brother, sister, and me more than anything. He is the reason my life path is psychology and addiction.

The night he died, we tossed a football back and forth in my grandparents' culdesac for hours. My grandpa and I had just gotten home from an Ohio State football game, my dad came over to see me. When he was getting ready to leave, we hugged and held on to each other for a little longer than usual. He told me how much he loved me, and I made sure he knew how much I loved him, too.

I miss everything I didn't get to have with him. I was only eight years old. I had to go through so much without him, and I have to keep doing it until it's my time to see him again.

I don't know. I don't remember a lot about him :/

Brett William McClellen

Age 31
My son, Humorous, Mischievous, Smart
Age 31

My first unconditional love. He was sentimental & would give you the shirt off his back even if he only had one to his name. He lived life hard and fast. He loved being the life of the party & was always searching for knowledge.

His big brown eyes and mischievous grin would light up when he pranked me. He’d call me from an unknown phone number and talk in an accent that I couldn’t understand. He would get the biggest kick when he pulled a prank off. Even though he physically isn’t here anymore, he still pranks me on occasion and I love and cherish every minute.

Brett: mom, mom, mom, mommy, mommy, ma. ma

Me: what?

Brett: nothing

Compassionate, loving, and caring of his family and friends.

Cassondra Jo Whitman

Age 33
BELOVED daughter, sister, mother and grandaughter
Age 33

So vibrant and full of life. Had a laugh that made you want to laugh with her. Personality - and then some.

Judith Marie Gutierrez

Age 20
Beautiful, loving, courageous, smart, funny
Age 20

Judith's smile and laughter would light up any room. She had a huge heart! She loved her family very much. She loved to sing.

Our last month together❤️

Her beautiful voice, kisses, her hugs, her laughter.

Zayne Brendon Balmer

Age 25
Son, brother, father, super funny
Age 25

His heart was too big for the lifestyle he was living. He suffered a severe TBI in 11/2011. After that he really struggled with coping & decision making. He was a great father & brother. All kids & animals loved him. He wanted his life to be different but felt like a lost soul. He never believed how important he was to all of us. He stopped caring about himself & life in general. He felt hopeless & nothing could convince him otherwise. Everything could have been so different if he wasn't hit by the SUV. His TBI was hell for him. He also had epilepsy due to brain injury. That was the event that changed everything for him and our immediate family.

The last day I spent with him is my favorite because he died 6 hrs later. I picked him up from work early in the morning. We went shopping at Walmart then to McDonald's drive thru. We ate in a parking lot in my car & just talked. When I dropped him off he gave me his usual hug & kissed my forehead. We told each other I love you & he went inside. I'll miss everything about him so much. My heart is broken without him, my oldest child. I spent over half my life with him.

Everything! His humor, the way he'd scare us, his relationship with his young brother and sister, the random acts of kindness, him doing things to embarrass us in public, his laugh, his jokes, his voice, the way he smelled, his beautiful face, watching him with his daughter & seeing how much she adored him, his presence, his deep conversations, his loudness. I will miss every single thing that made him Zayne. This ache will never go away.

As someone who got dealt one crappy hand after another but still kept trying. As a good father who loved his baby girl. As someone who would defend his family every time. As someone who made mistakes because he was hurting so badly inside. As someone who was worth having in your life. As funny, hardworking, loving,, loved.

Chase Edward Huechtker

Age 24
My beautiful son
Age 24

Chase is best remembered for his adorable smile and how much he loved his family and friends.

Makayla Shiver

Age 17
Daughter, Sister, Granddaughter, Niece, Aunt
Age 17

She loved her niece and nephew so much, they were her whole world. She loved her family and loved being at the farm with her grandparents! She loved to dance and make TikTok’s!

When her and her nephew were dancing around in the living room. They both had the biggest smiles.

Her goofy laugh, and her just being here cracking jokes, and making everything fun.

Jacob Talamantes

Age 25
Jacob was a father of 2, a brother to Joshua and Samantha. My son.
Age 25

Jake was an ambitious young man. He loved life. He drew people in with his beautiful smile. He always wanted to make us proud.

Always coming home to visit.

His smile and humor…..everything

A beautiful heart.