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Jaden Young Korse

Age 24
Forever my Boo
Age 24

Jaden was just 24 years old, when his life ended. He will be forever remembered, for the incredibly sweet, smart and talented individual that he was

Brittney Anna Schuppe

Age 22
My daughter, My Diamond
Age 22

My daughter Brittney had a very admiring presence, many people enjoyed being around her. She always gives her bestest in anything she did.

My favorite memory of Brittney was seeing her enjoy sports, concerts or shows. Watching her dance, smile and twirl also made me so very happy.

I miss not seeing her beauty, her expression when she received something she really wanted and her laughter.

Brittney wanted to be remembered for her love of animals. Her love for dogs was very deep. She also would want to be remembered as a fashionista, a model and a trend setter.

Jeremy Michael Maxwell

Age 32
Jeremy had a million dollar smile!
Age 32

My Jeremy had the best smile on earth!  He could light up a room with that smile. Jeremy was a kind, compassionate, and loving son.  He always made sure that all was well in my world!  He looked out for his family; he loved his brothers and sister deeply!  There was not one thing that he would not do for his family. When we lost Jeremy, a large part of each of our souls went with him. He will forever be missed and always in our hearts.  

Jeremy had a great sense of humor; he always made everyone laugh with his silly jokes.

I miss everything about him, but I miss his big hugs the most!

Jeremy was very humble and would not ever want a "fuss" to be made about him; but I think he would like all of his family, including his little nieces and nephews to remember that Uncle Jeremy loved them very much!

Tyler Davis Kale

Age 25
Big brother, huge heart.
Age 25

Tyler was a funny, sweet, extremely intelligent guy. He never met a stranger and genuinely liked all humans.

How much he loves his little sister.

His love for his sister. His smile. He lived life with his huge heart on his sleeve.

A funny, loyal friend with great hair.

Thomas P. Havanis

Age 28
Loving Son, Brother & Friend
Age 28

Thomas lit up the room with his smiling face. He wanted everyone to be happy and went out of his way to talk to those that were alone and struggling. He loved helping those in need, be it food or clothing, he was always giving. He had a huge caring heart.

Thomas gave the best bear hugs and told me,”I love you, Mamacita” often.

Thomas will be forever loved and missed by his family & friends.

Thomas wants to be remembered as a kind and caring soul.

Alena Rose McCarthy

Age 27
Beautiful daughter
Age 27

A loving, beautiful daughter and sister who loved her family. She was artistic, loved animals and cared deeply for others.

Erin Ashley

Age 27
Kind, Smart, Beautiful, Unforgettable.
Age 27

Erin was honest, loving, loyal, down-to-earth, and she had the best sense of humor.

Every memory that I have of Erin is my favorite.

I miss everything about Erin. The two of us were soul sisters from the beginning, best friends, and bonded for life.

Erin would want to be remembered for the person she truly was. Her addiction did not define her.

Keaton Michael Sullivan

Age 19
Son, Brother, Bestfriend, Funny, Loyal, Loving
Age 19

Keaton Michael was an amazing person. He was sober and had straightened his life up. He was definitely turning into the young man we all wanted him to be. He was our ray of sunshine even on the cloudiest of days! We love you to “Infinity and Beyond”

When Keaton was only a year old he would jump off the coffee table or anything around, while screaming that he loved me to Infinity and Beyond.

I will miss Keaton being around to sing and bust a move to cheer me up.

Keaton would want all of us to keep our heads up, stay sober, and live life and every day like it’s our last. He would want us to remember him and live on, never forgetting all the amazing times we spent with him. Remembering that he loved each of us.

Anthony Christopher James Casale

Age 33
Husband, Father, Best Friend
Age 33

Anthony and I where together about 10 years. He had such a charismatic, extroverted, bubbly personality. He was an amazing musician, and I’ve never seen a father dote on his son in my life more than he did on our Dominic John Paul.

The day our son Dominic was born—December 06, 2014, at 2:26PM.


I believe Anthony would want to be remembered most as a loving father.

Kyle Andrew Negus

Age 29
Husband. Brilliant. Kind. Animal Lover.
Age 29

Kyle had the most soulful eyes I have ever seen. One look at him and my heart melted, as though he could stare into my existence. He was my souls recognition of its counterpart in another. His brilliance was mesmerizing, as was his love of animals.

The moment he said those three little words I long to hear so much. I love you. I knew we were meant to be together and I saw such a beautiful future for us. He painted a picture of us back in California with children, coming home from some Silicon Valley gala, to greet the sitter and kiss our children goodnight after they had already fallen asleep and we would enjoy a glass of wine overlooking the ocean. I hold that future so close to my heart, though I know it won’t ever happen.

His quirks. He would only ever allow himself to be his true self around me. He sang songs while cleaning toilets… about cleaning the toilet. It was so endearing and hysterical. But he never did that in front of anyone else. He had such a huge heart and he loved with all of it. Unconditionally. I will miss his laugh. I will miss seeing him when I wake up. I will miss cooking dinner for him and I will miss having my hair played with after the dishes were done. Most of all I will miss his voice…

He wouldn’t. He always told me he knew he would die before he turned 30. And he died a month and a half before. It always bothered me that he said that. But it happened. He was a tortured soul but found happiness with our dogs and our home. He wanted children but we never had the chance. So our dogs were our children. He was a California boy through and through with a mind like a diamond who had a heart of gold. As long as he knows he was loved that’s enough for him. And he was. So loved.

Ryan Patrick Howarth

Age 28
Beloved Son, Brother, and Friend
Age 28

Ryan had a contagious laugh, big heart, fun-loving spirit, and passion for Philadelphia sports. He was a gifted HVAC technician who loved his craft and to serve others. Above all, Ryan had an unwavering faith in God and deeply loved his family.

My favorite memory of my brother was when he and I shared a slow dance at my wedding in September of 2019. Ryan was living in a recovery house at the time but was able to attend since he had several months clean. My dad surprised me during our father-daughter dance and signaled to my brother to join us on the dance floor. While Ryan and I danced, we cried and hugged one another because we both knew how special it was that he was there. In that moment, I knew my brother was happy and healthy.

I miss my brother’s beautiful face, his big bear hugs after a few weeks apart, his mischievous laugh after convincing our mom to repeat unintelligible gibberish, and his smell of YSL cologne that made it on to every article of his clothing. Above all, I miss the little moments—laughing over a story from our childhood, watching TV on the couch, and grabbing a bite to eat.

Ryan would like to be remembered for how he lived his life. He was compassionate and kind—always worrying about the ones he loved more than himself. He never took more than he gave and was overly generous with his time and talents. Ryan was also a fighter. He was knocked down time and time again, but he always got back up. He refused to surrender to his disease and fought for his recovery until the very end.

Thomas Musolino

Age 68
Father, husband, uncle, brother
Age 68

Tom was a caring and very funny person. He loved being outside, taking walks in the morning, spending time in his garden, and playing golf with friends. He was an extremely supportive father and brother.

Their caring soul and sense of humor

Lucas Clive Malic

Age 37
Loved like no other
Age 37

the type of guy everyone loved to be around with big energy, big heart & he lived BIG. He was a force to be reckoned with. Physically, mentally the strongest person I've known. Lucas gave the biggest hugs. & now we all have big holes in our hearts

Lucas would pick me up from work and take me out for lunch. We'd make inappropriate jokes, listen to loud music and eat delicious food. He really did live like every day might be his last. Thank you for all of the memories over the 37 years of LIFE you had here on this physical earth. I know you still walk with us every day protecting us just like you always did.

His big obnoxious & infectious laugh. All of the banter back and forth like a big brother little sister do. We were two peas in a pod.

Just as they were; Fckn AWESOME!
Anything Lucas did he excelled at; bodybuilding, rebuilding cars, relationships, politics, education. He was the smartest, funniest and most honest person. I am so proud to be his sister. There's not a day that goes by where he's not remembered and missed.

Adam McNickle

Age 26
Son, Brother, Loyal Friend
Age 26

Adam had a love for everything outdoors and everything creative. He would spend his days learning and reading and experimenting.
Adam also had the biggest heart. He would give someone the shirt off his back.

One of my favorite memories of Adam is when he shared some of his watercolor paintings on Facebook and a girl commented on one of them mentioning that it reminded her of her grandma who had passed recently. Adam had me take him to get a special envelope and mailed this picture out to the girl. He was so generous.

I miss Adam’s company the most, along with his humor. Adam and I used to go on walks all the time. We walked around our city and hiked trails nearby. We both had a love for photography and would share and compare the pictures we took. I simply miss Adam being by my side.

Adam would want to be remembered as an artist and a scholar. He studied everything! He loved playing chess and played on an app on his phone. He would play the game through on repeat and study his and his opponents moves. Adam was brilliant.

Natalie Jordan Miller

Age 31
A very loving daughter
Age 31

She was beautiful, and loving, but she had a stubborn streak in her; her way or no way! Tough exterior but sweet as can be on the inside.

No matter how old she was, she would hold my hand while we were in the car. And sometimes in stores!

Just knowing she was here.

She actually put this quote on FB—
If you remember anything of me when I leave this world, remember that I loved even when it was foolish and cared when it was unwanted. When my body is gone, remember my heart.

Brandon David Green

Age 27
Cherished son and brother
Age 27

We loved him dearly. He fought so hard. All he wanted was to make us proud and overcome his struggles, but it was too much.

He loved his family deeply and he had a kind loving heart. His sweet blue eyes melted my heart every day. He was so loved and as his mom he was my heart and soul. We miss him so much.