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Michael James Jr Cocomello Mandino

Age 20 friend. Bubble head
Age 20

Having movie nights with lots of food and laughter

His laugh .his scent

Well mannered
Responsible. Open hearted amazing person

Roman S Aranda

Age 16
Beloved son and brother
Age 16

Roman loved boxing and football and his dog Remy. He will be remembered as smart, caring, hilariously funny and is missed tremendously. Forever 16. #4OVIE

I cherish every memory. From the moment you were born with a full head of hair to beatboxing, handstands, Cheeseburger dates, Nature hikes, cactus butt, best thinker, your sense of humor was a true treasure. I miss you, Roman.

I will miss laughing and joking with you. I'll miss how you took care of people. I'll miss Cuddling you and petting your hair. I'll miss your beautiful green eyes. I will miss your hugs and your hands and mischievous smile and every single thing about you until we meet in heaven.

He'd want to be remembered as ridiculously handsome, mind-blowingly smart and wickedly funny. And he will be

William "Billy or Bill" George Witte Jr

Age 55
Son, brother, nephew, cousin and friend
Age 55

Bill was a fun loving guy that could always make me laugh. He will be my best friend forever. He was the light in some of my darkest days.

There are so many but most of all our "sing song days" that consisted of breaking into song if a line of that tune came up in conversation. It was ad lib impromptu hilarious. Never a dull moment with the damn yankee around!

I will miss his genuine kind nature. I will miss his sarcastic comebacks and one liners out of nowhere. The way he could call out the word of a crossword I was stuck on for hours. His big hugs and great listening skills. His awesome cooking, His cat daughter Francine Geraldine "Fancie" will forever miss his perfect petting and loving.

Bill would want to be remembered as a man that loved his family and friends. An awesome cook with excellent knife skills. A New York Giants fan that loved to fish, hunt and play golf. He was loyal and caring. A simple guy with a big heart.

James Arthur Thornberry 111

Age 33
Good Heart -Troubled Soul
Age 33

James has a good heart. He loved to play jokes on you. He loved to fish. A boy in a man’s body. Always a challenge but very passionate. His life was like the Bible story, “The Little Boy -Peter-Who called Wolf”.

When he played Santa in Elementary school play. He was big for his age. When the sled (supposedly) fell off the roof in the snow, the penguins (children) had to pull him to safety (across the stage). It took five penguins (or children) to pull him across stage. So funny and adorable.

Just having him around and needing me

As THORNBERRY, the one who loved to joke around and fish.

Stephanie Janice Biagini

Age 30
Beautiful Mother, wife, heart of gold
Age 30

You could see how much she cared for someone through her eyes, she was struggling and she had no one. The type of woman everyone wanted to be with her heart was as beautiful as she was and it shined through.

Way too many!!!!

There rawness how hard she loved

Strong loving person

Matt S Clay

Age 48
A smart, funny, outside of the box kinda guy.
Age 48

Matt was always making people laugh and he was an amazing friend to the ones he considered his people. He gave the shirt off his back to anyone that needed it without thinking twice about it.

He would get busy doing something and while doing whatever he was doing he would be doing robotic arm dance moves and it was so funny.

His random retarded comments or just being around.

Like a good friend and amazing father and a son who tried to conquer life the best he could.

Mackenzie Colleen Grace Hunroe

Age 30
A sister, a daughter and mother
Age 30

Mackenzie was a loving and beautiful person. Who loved life. And loved by anyone who knew her.

Me and her always having little innocent spats.

Her smile

By her beautiful personality.

Terry Alexander Fritz

Age 26
Cherished Son, Brother, Uncle, Friend
Age 26

Terry was an amazing young man, his friends called him “Everyone’s Best Friend”. Terry was loyal, loving, humorous and had a smile that lit up my world. Terry gave the best hugs and shared his heart with everyone he knew. He is greatly missed.

Terry was born , raised and died in Wisconsin. By all rights he should have been a Green Bay Packer fan, but in true Terry style his favorite football team was the Pittsburgh Steelers. Terry loved the Milwaukee Brewers, NASCAR and hockey. He was an athlete he played soccer, football, baseball and frisbee golf. He was an avid bowler and loved video games. My favorite memories of him were watching him play but I lived to see him build Lego creations with his brothers.

Terry started his life as my second child and grew up to be my favorite middle son. Terry was my son, my confidant and my friend. He was hard working and fun. I miss his beautiful blue eyes and big heart. He and I had a very sarcastic routine we practiced everyday, he was 6’5” of love and loyalty.

Terry was humble and honest. He took pride in being a little brother, a big brother and a friend. He had just become an uncle and that was his favorite role in life.

Andrew J Gray-Mizia

Age 36
Son, Best Friend, Pure Heart
Age 36

Andrew had a beautiful smile and the best laugh. He could sing, dance, and play wonderful music. But he also had a heart of gold: he cared deeply about people and had a strong curiosity to learn.

When Andrew was 12, he made a time capsule noting that his friends would remember him most for his sense of humor and always being able to find something funny. He was right! Andrew had an incredible sense of humor and was truly gifted at being able to make people laugh.

Justin Truitt

Age 41
Son, Brother, uncle and best friend
Age 41

My brother wasn't just my little brother but my best friend. He was so funny and always could make you laugh. He had a smile that could light up any room.

His sense of humor

As a lover of the outdoors, and someone who fought his inner demons till the end.

Ciara M Horan

Age 20
Good Girlfriend. My Best Friend
Age 20

Ciara was a 5'3 short girl who was very excited about life. She wanted to do anything and everything. She was the very definition of an explorer and was someone you could count on.

When me and her kissed, she was so caring and gentle towards me. And she always made sure everyone was calm and cared for. She knew I had PTSD and so she took good care of me.

Their heart, their funny behavior, Ciara was so awesome in so many ways, her overdose really destroyed the world we had.

Here and online forever.

I love you Ciara.

Lori Wojciechowski

Age 0
Mother of 3
Age 0

Wild child, many drug arrests, would not work AA PROGR

Little kid at Christmas, visiting our home opening presents Uncle and Auntie Santa left there for her. She so loved the Cabbage Patch Kid she got.

Big and caring for her twin sons and teenage daughter

As a loving carefree girl who unfortunately became the wild child

Joshua Eli Casillas

Age 46
Loving Son
Age 46

Josh was my best friend he went many places with me made me breakfast and always swore to be the one who would care for me as I aged.

Me and him going to the movies together going out to eat and the time we went to a Toby Mac concert together.

His wonderful hugs and him always worrying about me

For his musical talent and his vast knowledge of many things he was very smart.

Hobart Blankenburg

Age 38
Husband, Father, Son, Friend, Mentor
Age 38

Hobart was always willing to help those who others shunned. He was a dedicated Father, obsessed with his 3 yr old daughter. We were true partners in life. He was a talented musician. I miss his goofy humor and infectious laugh.

Mary Andrews

Age 23
Mother daughter sister friend
Age 23

Kenna was a vibrant person who was full of life and love and laughter. She brought many smiles to many faces.

Her having me sing break up songs with her to the top of our lungs n her kissing my cheek telling me she loved n missed me.

Her smile, her energy, her compassion and love for others.


Julian Robles

Age 32
Loving son and brother
Age 32

Full of energy, enthusiasm, laugher and always smiling.

When he finally beat me one on one in basketball and acting like he won the nba championship.

Be able to talk about life and sports.

He definitely want to be remembered as a hard worker, very knowledgeable and brought energy to the room.

Amanda Kaye York

Age 34
Loving, lit up any room she walked in
Age 34

Amanda was the type that if you hated her, you still loved being around her. She got her college degree and was living in a 3 bedroom house and took care of her grandpa and her second cousin. She was an amazing. Loved music and family

I was the man she loved and the man that loved her. I had to leave cause she started using. A year latter she lost her fight. She was the woman of my dreams and I cherish all the memories. She will always be with me and a part of my life. I can’t pass anything or watch anything without thinking of her. It shattered my life, her family’s life and many loved ones. She is missed

Everything I miss my lover, and my best friend

Cody D. Conlon

Age 28
Father,Son,Brother/Brother in Law,Nephew, Cousin.
Age 28

He was a very goofy and sweet and amazing young guy that always loved anyone especially his brother and myself and also he loved his little daugther and fought very hard through this to be able to re gain his daugther back.

His Goofy and sweet personality and him always showed love and support towards mine and his brothers relationship.

his goofy and sweet and amazing personality and overall he was a fighter thru life.

by always sharing his story to others and keep his name alive.

Edward - "Eddie" Gamble

Age 27
Loving son
Age 27

Eddie lost his 5 year battle with addiction at 27 years old.

His smile, caring personality and his love for cars and animals.

I want Eddie to be remembered for the smart, caring man he was before the demon of addiction took over.