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Aaron James Shea

Age 40
Beloved son
Age 40

Aaron was brilliant, an amazing singer songwriter Incredibly creative. He graduated valedictorian from Concordia College, taught special education afterwards on a NYC fellowship. He was funny, loving, sensitive, a giver of the most thoughtful gifts

He loved his family. He always wanted to do the right thing. He loved people. He was very kind especially to anyone in trouble. He was charismatic. He was handsome. He was very gentle. He trusted people. He loved his dog, Harvey. He was a caring, loving son.

I miss him every single day. My heart is aching. My beautiful boy passed away on the last day of summer into the waiting arms of our merciful Savior.

Aaron was an incredibly strong person. He tried SO many, many, many times. So many times. He was deeply loved. I think he would want to be remembered as the kind, gentle, loving soul he was.

Jimmy Wilson

Age 49
Followed His Dreams, Not the Rules!
Age 49

A brother, a friend and a free spirit. Jimmy attacked life with passion and reckless abandonment. Jimmy would rather go into every lane on the road then try to stay in just one lane.

Jimmy and Coral Reef Park, need I say more...

Jimmy had a quirky but amazing sense of humor.

Alyson Gail Chapman

Age 37
Whimsical, Practical, Intelligent, Compassionate, Musical
Age 37

Alyson was a free-spirited, old soul who loved meeting new people and nurturing children and animals. Alyson had a child-like way of looking at the complexities of the world, finding the good in people and the beauty in nature around her.

Her smile, laugh, unique creativity, and corny joke telling.

Alyson would like to be remembered as adventurous, kind and nurturing (with a particular sweet spot for underdogs and a desire to care for them), as well as for deeply loving her family.

Jordan Cude

Age 32
Son, Brother, Father, Friend, Loving Heart & Soul
Age 32

Beautiful human being. Always helping others.

Beautiful smile!

His big bear hugs!

A good-hearted young man. He was more then a label. He was a unique & very special person . Loved his family & loyal friend.

Kaygen Geraci

Age 29
Mother, daughter, sister, friend, loving soul
Age 29

Kaygen has the kind of soul that should live on forever. Every time I compliment someone, every time I want to save a stray animal, every time I want to wipe someone’s tears - I will do so in remembrance of my sweet friend.

Remember Kaygen as a woman who loved the best and worst in everyone. She loved love and knew how impactful love can be to our lives. Her ability to make anyone feel beautiful made her, her. Remember her as someone who never gave up and fought a tough battle for long enough. I know that she would hope her story will help someone else.

Nick Vanoff

Age 20
Funny, smart, talented and loved
Age 20

Nick was the kind of person that once you met him, he made an impact on you. He really was blessed with gifts from God

Nick was an exceptional skater

His beautiful smile

I think Nick would like to be remembered as a man on fire for the Lord and a mentor to young boys in the skating community

Angela Leigh Stephens-Biddy

Age 33
Funny, smart, beautiful, & caring
Age 33

She was always protective of her family. She loved her son with all of her heart. He was her world. She was so beautiful and funny. People gravitated toward her to know her better because she had a beautiful face, heart, & spirit.

Taking road trips, blaring music with the windows down, and laughing with her.

She was a protective big sister so I knew she would always have my back. I miss sharing my concerns but also my good news with her.

She would like to be remembered as a great mom, a caring nurse, a protective big sister, and a huge OU football fan.

Turner Minnick

Age 24
A bright, loving soul
Age 24

Turner could put a smile on anyone’s face. He was engaging, friendly and kind to everyone. You could talk to him about anything and he would never judge you.

I miss his hugs, long talks about nothing but also everything, and cooking the best food together.

He should be remembered as a person that always gave more than he received and would put everyone else first before himself.

Shane Michael Kruger

Age 21
Son, Brother, Pure Hearted
Age 21

The smartest, kindest person you could ever know. Full of great potential, yet suffered greatly with lack of self-esteem.

My favorite memory of Shane, watching him SK8 board and nail every trick. Seeing him Graduate HS in 2011,
1 year ahead of his class due to his grades (GPA).

I will miss most, Shane's laughter & great smile, my history lessons he would teach me on a nightly basis watching "Jeopardy", and simply his presense !

Helping Others In Need. Shane had much empathy for the homeless and gave his very last $dollar and cents to a homeless man standing at our local gas station (2) weeks prior to him passing away.
Shane said to the homeless man; Hey man, this will help you more than it will help me...this is my last dollar to my name. I wish I had more to give you but maybe you can get a drink or something !

Walter Guy Justus

Age 25
Beloved Son, Brother, Grandson, and Cousin
Age 25

Guy had a beautiful spiritual soul that was empathetic and eager to please. He loved his family and his cat and he tried so hard to stay in recovery from his dual diagnosis. He had the biggest plans, and now he lives on in the lives his memory saves.

Guy loved meeting for Mexican food, Starbucks, church, and just having good heart to heart talks. He had a great sense of humor, a bit salty at times, but missed his calling as a comedian. There are too many favorite memories to name just one.

Simple~ I miss his hugs and hearing him say, “I love you, mom.”

Guy would like to be remembered as a nice person, which he was, who treated others with the dignity and respect that he was not always provided. He was a man of faith and he knew God loved him.

Andy Howard

Age 31
Loving son, brother and uncle
Age 31

Andy was my little brother. Struggled years with substance abuse. He had a heart of gold and always put others first, throughout everything. He's missed dearly, every single day.

His heart of gold and infectious smile.

Rachel Elizabeth Silva

Age 24
Beautiful, charismatic, beloved daughter
Age 24

Rachel was beautiful, charming, funny and full of life. She lived life to the fullest. She is missed by all who knew her and I am blessed God gave her to me for 24 years.

My favorite memory was watching her determination as a little girl as she learned to ride her bicycle without training wheels. She would prop that bike on the tree out back, get on her bike as the tree balanced it, and take off. She would go a few feet and fall over. I watched from my kitchen window while she did this over and over for a good two hours until she at last mastered it. She has that kind of determination in all she did.

Her singing off key like nobody was listening. Her and her sister laughing together. Her beautiful eyes that held so much wonder. Her enjoying and loving her nephew. She always said he was probably the only human she loved more than she loved herself.

She would want people to remember how she would light up a room the second she walked in. She was always happy and fun to be around. She was honest and sincere.

Graham Michael Cobleigh

Age 17
Individualist, Beloved son, brother, friend
Age 17

Quirky, beautiful, super intelligent, highly creative, compassionate and loving, born to be gliding on wheels or a board, and emotionally vulnerable.

Reading stories together on the hammock, lost in time.

His love, his humor, and seeing him realize his incredible potential. He knew the struggle, and wanted to help people.

He left words behind. “For all those who are lost and broken, remember you are worth it. Love yourself for who you are.”

Scott VonDenBosch

Age 50
Brother, Heart of Gold, Fun and funny
Age 50

He was such a fun person. He could always make me laugh so hard. He had the biggest heart.

Orville Woodrum

Age 46
Age 46

Him calling me mom

His thoughtfulness always helping someone out

By his brother joey woodrum

Devahn Reed

Age 30
Charismatic Loyal Loving Brave
Age 30

Devahn was a handsome, wonderful soul. He had a contagious laugh that would fill the room with love! Dev was a fiercely loyal and loving son. Devahn loved his 4 children above all else and felt honored to be their father. Devahn was a special soul who will forever loved and missed.

Marlin Ray Black

Age 27
Father, Husband,Brother
Age 27

He was a protector a man who was trying to be better for his family. And a father who would go above and beyond for his boys. And a loving husband who made sure to always be supportive of his wife.

So many memories but the times we took our kids and Nieces and nephew to school breakfast after school treats he always had to take them somewhere. He showed so much love to us.

His pep talks he always reminded me I don’t need certain people in my corner. That I did everything on my own. And he couldnt be more proud to have me as the mother of his kids and wife.

For being the best father out of all things in life being a dad is what he did best. From the day he became a dad at 17 to his last day of life. He was so amazing it’s like he was born to be a dad. His love was one of a kind.

Matthew Jose Rivero

Age 26
Son, brother, lover, adventurous, and
Age 26

Matthew lived life in the fast lane. He absolutely loved his mom, dad, and younger brother. His laugh was infectious and he could entertain anyone for hours with his stories. He had a soft side that rarely anyone got to see. He loved 4-wheelers.

There are so many, but Matthew and I met in treatment and I knew I loved him right away. When we got out, we spent a lot of time together. One night when he was over and we were laying in bed, he said "I love you...I've never been this happy before in my entire life." I never let him live down the fact that he said it first. I'd give anything to go back to that night, to hear him say that one more time.

There are so many things I miss about Matthew. I miss him waiting for me at my apartment to hangout when I got off work. I miss driving around in his truck to nowhere, even though his driving scared me. I miss cuddling with him when we had nothing to do. I miss texting him throughout the day when I'm bored at work. I miss talking to him about everything and nothing. I miss his smile and the sound of his laugh when he thought he was being funny. I miss hearing "I love you" from him.

I believe that Matthew would want to be remembered for his adventurous side; there was nothing he wouldn't try. He would want people to remember to always have fun, because he always wanted to have fun. He would want to be remembered as a son and a brother who loved his family very much.

Mitch Haney

Age 25
Son, Brother Lover of Golf
Age 25

Mitch loved his two sisters and his family! Mitch was a funny, caring person with beautiful blue eyes, a sweet spirit, a sense of humor, a love of the outdoors and a caring heart. Mitch loved fishing, golfing and paintball and anything outdoors!

As a young boy, Mitch was known for constructing club house after club house that became more elaborate and impressive over time…you just had to watch out for the 6 inch nails poking out on the inside so you didn’t get injured! He literally would hold his sisters by the ankles, making them help him dumpster dive for clubhouse raw materials. He considered his sisters his 'wingmen' in life and they are lucky to have survived his antics!

I will miss his laugh, his love of food and searching out the best great place to eat! I will miss his free spirit and sense of adventure. I'll miss his 'special recipe' breakfasts and the way he drove us all crazy. I'll miss his sweet smile and his kind heart. a guy who makes a great fashion statement, a badass golfer, an expert paintballer, a lover of black labs (Lilly and Cali), a lover of the outdoors, a big brother and a son/grandson who tried his best.

..a friend who drove his friends crazy, as a guy who ladies loved, and as a human being who struggled like everyone else.

He will be forever in our hearts.