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Mitchell Jason Delgado

Age 30
Beloved Son and Friend
Age 30

Mitchell loved life, his family, friends and work colleagues. He was a fair and decent young man who was saddled with opioid addiction after being prescribed after a snowboarding accident. Our lives are shattered.

There is no one favorite memory. Our family loved sports, good food, and travel. We have great memories of Saints games and family parties. Mitchell played sports all through school and loved Fantasy football with his squad. Mitchell graduated from FSU (Florida State) and was a die-hard Seminole fan. Big cities were his favorite places to visit. He marveled at the architecture, the local food scene and culture.

What will we miss? Every single thing. His voice, dog voice, laugh, humor, intelligence, and ability to debate any subject known to man. Mitchell was a good friend and inspiration to many downtrodden people, fellow addicts, and his family and friends. He encouraged people to dream big and helped them realize their value. Our grief over the loss of Mitchell is unbearable and we will miss him every waking moment of every day.

Mitchell would like to be remembered as a good, decent, caring, fair, and honest man. A lover of animals, especially dogs. A loyal and loving son and brother. The best friend any person could every ask for. A spiritual man who believed in God, prayed daily and got strength from his faith. He will be remembered for his gentle nature and beautiful smile.

Jordan Morgan Varela

Age 30
Loving son and brother
Age 30

He always had something funny to say. Tried really hard to stay sober

Playing sports

I will miss his determination to stay sober

For being a good son and friend

Sarah Marie Knight

Age 23
Daughter, Sister, Aunt, loved everyone!
Age 23

Sarah was beautiful, funny, confident a pure heart of gold, caring and compassionate.

Her laugh and smile and warm

Peter Anders Fillerup

Age 41
Son, brother, father, cherished
Age 41

He had a very big personality and very big emotions to match. He was strong willed and so very intelligent. He was my beautiful boy.

I love remembering Peter holding his baby boy and seeing the look of unconditional love in his eyes. It is said you would see Peter with a diaper bag in one hand and a copy of War and Peace in the other. Seeing his beautiful smile and hearing his infectious laugh was a gift. Taking pride in his cooking and sending me photos. Sharing his trials as well as the good parts of his life.

He will be missed every second of everyday. He shared so much with all of us, that his absence has left a hole in our lives.

A loving father and integral part of our family. He was an amazing welder, but did a beautiful job at anything he put effort into. His love of Russian literature and quoting Dostoevsky. His kindness and generosity toward anyone and everyone, whenever possible.

Jason Ray Trahan

Age 35
Life of the party
Age 35

A baby brother like no other.

Him being a human wheel barrel 😂

Just not being able to see him with his grandkids and nieces and nephews.

Always lending a helping hand in whatever fashion it was needed.

Katherine "Kat" Shelton

Age 19
A kid trying to figure it out
Age 19

Kat was one of those people it felt good to be around her, She had a spark that could light you up and make you feel special. She had a contagious laugh that could bring you back into the light. She gave great hugs.

Barreling down a hill on her bike, realizing she was ok and deciding it was fun.

Her & her sister coming back from doing something together-- the light, the laughter, the closeness.

Threatening to wait to open her Christmas presents until her birthday.

Watching her laugh with friends & family.

Making a snow angel, face down.

Walking in the door with a kitten, giggling because she knew she shouldn't and just couldn't help herself
Seeing how proud she was of herself to make fire from two sticks.

We miss her giggle as well as her full-body laugh. We miss her wit and her humor. We miss her talking about the future and the things she wanted to do, and the things she could only hint at wanting to do because her dreams were so big they scared her. We miss her hugs and her sweetness. Her driving too fast and her loud music. Her scrolling through her phone and cuddling the pets. We miss her sass and her tears and the arguments when she was mad. We miss it all.
We miss our Kat.
Our Katie.

She'd want us to remember her as someone who helped other people feel better. So many of her friends have told us that she helped them, or saved their lives, or was one of the only true friends they'd ever had.

She'd want to be remembered as an animal lover and beach lover.

She'd want to be remembered for her big heart and as a great friend and sister.

She'd want to be remembered as someone with an amazing sense of humor, an impeccable sense of style and a kick-ass taste in music. Also, a great driver.

She'd want to be remembered.

Ira Frederick Morgan

Age 42
Father, Husband & Son
Age 42

Our dad was one of a kind— He was so strong & I hope he knew that 🖤 I wish I would have told him that more!

He was so selfless. He would do anything for anyone, regardless if he knew them or not. He never hesitated to help someone.

He will be missed in everything we do. We will miss the memories we can no longer make with him. We will miss him on all of the “big” days & all of the days in-between.

He will be remembered for all the quirky things that made him the person he was. For how strong he was even on his toughest days.

For all of the kind and caring things he did. He took pride in being the greatest father, husband, son, uncle & friend and he will always be remembered for that.

Gregory Mark SheaII

Age 21
Brother, Uncle, Compassionate, Old soul
Age 21

Greg was the baby out of us 5 kids. He was mischievous, full of energy and always looking to make everyone smile. He loved playing football, nature walks, watching the sunrise and most importantly spending time with friends and family.

I’ll miss yelling at him about his loud footsteps up the stairs, taking my food from the fridge and the love and joy he brought to us all.

We will remember Greg by our foundation. A charity to promote education about the dangers of fentanyl, give support to families who have a loved one struggling with a SUD and provide resources for these individuals. Visit for more information or to contact our foundation.

Jacob Huffman

Age 29
Son, brother, uncle, friend, son of God
Age 29

My uncle was a great person. He lived his life for God every day! He was the one we looked up to the one we wish we had more time with!

There is so many but I think my favorite was when I had my daughter he was so scared to hold her. He sat on the floor and put a pillow on his lap then we laid her on him and said he had it that way!!

I miss him asking me to make him chocolate oatmeal pies that he would eat whole lol!! I miss him I wish I hugged him more I wish I took more pictures!

His love for God was greater than everything! He lived everyday for him and helped so many people to go to him!

Alexander Gabriel Smiley

Age 28
Sensitive, Kind, Loves Animals, Smart
Age 28

He was a loving, kind soul who loved animals and was caring.

When we went to France

Our travel times together

Show him that he is loved and not alone.

Dan Strang Jr

Age 40
He had a great sense of humor and the best laugh.
Age 40

He was my only son. He was very special.He had a great sense of humor and the best laugh.

Scott Starr

Age 28
Brother, Son, Friend to All
Age 28

Scott was full of love, laughter, and kindness. He could be friends with anyone in the room and could always lift the mood. He looked out for everyone, always putting others before himself. His heart was filled with so much love for others.

Scott was a huge animal lover. If he found a stray animal, it became a new pet at home. One day Scott came home with two tiny kittens that he claimed he found abandoned in the wood. In reality, he got them from a neighbor and was hoping to make them our new pets. He did this often. He picked up a pet at the shelter, one of the most scared and timid of dogs, and brought it home to give it a forever warm place to sleep. He cared so much about animals and did everything to save them all.

I’ll miss his smile most. The way he could light up a room just by walking in it. I’ll miss the way he easily laughed and cracked jokes, just to keep the vibe in the room a happy one. Mostly, I’ll miss the car rides where we sang to the top of our lungs while driving to no real destination.

I’d like us all to remember Scott by all the love and joy he brought to our lives. By the way he cared for us all and the way he friended every single one of us. He is a true, special person who deserved so much more than what he got. I want us all to remember how lucky we were to have him in our lives for 28 years. He was truly gold!

Catherine Michelle Cook

Age 45
Loving Mother, Friend, Bright, Creative
Age 45

I will miss our car rides together where we had the windows down and listened to loud music. Hanging out at the pool was another one of my favorite ways to spend time with her. She would always find something to float on and soak up the sun; I wanted to swim and splash around and be goofy. She would tolerate my silly self with the best smile on her face and say, "I love you, little girl."

Even though my mom struggled with addiction, she was still a bold and bright daughter, sister, and mother. She worked as a caterer and sous chef. Bringing those talents into her home made her an incredible decorator and cook. I have so many beautiful pictures she colored which showed she had artistic talents she had not really explored. Coloring was just a past time she had developed from her times in rehab. She loved her family and wanted nothing more than to be together with all her children.

Shawn L Dezotell

Age 27
Loving Brother, Friend, Uncle
Age 27

Shawn was a very caring and compassionate young man. He would take the shirt off his back for someone in need. He loved helping others but sadly struggled himself. He cared deeply for his family, especially his nieces and nephews.

Shawn's compassion and care for everyone will be remembered. His strength and warm hugs will be missed greatly. I will remember his sense of humor and all the moments of laughter. Shawn was a friend to all. Shawn made everyone feel welcome and wanted. You could tell him anything and he would never judge. He would keep your secrets and help you through your struggles. His co-workers will remember him for the ducks he hid in the store to brighten their day.

I am going to miss the caring person who never missed a birthday or holiday. I am going to miss the baby brother that made me want to be a mother myself. I will miss seeing his smiling face every time I travel home. I am going to miss the caring soul who even in his last days found the time to save a troubled soul he just met. Most of all I am going to miss the little (taller) brother that I helped raise. Most of all I will remember his laughter and support.

As a great son, brother, uncle, and friend. As someone who loved the world and only ever wanted love in return! He would want his loved ones to always remember the happy times and not be sad. He will be remembered for his willingness to help others. Shawn will be remembered for his personality that could light up any room. I will remember him for all he was. Shawn would be proud to know that he left behind such a positive memory.

Christopher Gibbs

Age 28
Friend, hair-dresser, hilarious
Age 28

Chris had the ability to make people feel at ease and come out of their shell, and laugh.

When I had food poisoning and threw up on the Giant Dipper at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk and was utterly mortified until Chris started calling me “roller chunks” and got me to laugh.
When I impulsively got a nose ring and then kept sneezing and couldn’t take it out, Chris came over to my house at 2am because I was panicking and tried to help me.
He kind of friend who was willing to put their fingers up your nose to help you, or make you laugh even though you threw up on them.

His laugh! And how much he loved the Misfits and Harry Potter and Rocky Horror.

Chris Whitmire

Age 43
Age 43

Chris Whitmire was a punk rocker from Santa Cruz, California with a heart of gold. He had worked in the culinary industry for almost thirty years and was literally a punk rock encyclopedia.

How he’d try to help me pet my aunt’s cats when I was a little girl, and would go on the bumper car ride with me at the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk because I was too short to go by myself .
As an adult, my favorite memories with him was petting the goats at Disneyland and going on the Flying Dumbo ride.

The way he called my cat “little Velvet,” and his insights about things. That I never got a chance to tell him I remembered the Doggie Diner, and the bumper cars.

Trey Oscar Avila

Age 25
Son, brother, solver of puzzles
Age 25

Trey was kind hearted, always trying to be helpful to those he loved.

He taught himself to solve Rubik’s cubes. He could solve one in one minute or less.

His perspective on topics. Always unique and great for discussion.

Trey was an intelligent, unique, kind man. Always fun to spend time with Trey.

Daniela Dominguez

Age 19
Sister, daughter, best friend
Age 19

She was a loving caring person with an pure soul.

When she laughed

Her smile