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Samuel Orlando Recinos Leiva

Age 22
Brother, Heart of gold
Age 22

He was self made, smart to understand the world around us. We all need someone who can show us love and support

I love u you brother

When We would work together and anything would be fine.

I loved that feeling

Your strong heart

Strong bold heart

Chelsea Rachelle Pegorsch

Age 26
Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend
Age 26

Chelsea’s was my youngest child and she was wild, wonderful, loving, hard headed, and a true “Hippie”. She had a smile and a laugh that would light up the room. she was the life of the party. She loved everyone and everyone loved her, but she couldn’t keep the demons at bay. Not even as much as she loved her children.

I see her smile in her cute children every day. They also look and act like her.

my favorite memory of Chelsea is when on her 11th birthday, I was taking her out to dinner with her brother and sister and we were going to a fancy restaurant. Fancy for us. I had us all get dressed up so that we looked really nice. Chelsea wanted to dress herself because she was at that independent age. She came out of the bedroom, wearing a pair of gold, brown and white checkered, corduroy, bellbottoms pants and a shirt that had orange and purple and yellow tulips. She told me the orange went with the brown she matched and she had to wear her favorite purple shoes.

I will miss her middle of the night phone calls to let me know that she was OK and she would be home one day soon. Sometimes when my phone rings in the middle of the night, just for a fleeting second, I think it might be her, and my heart lifts. Only to break in a few minutes when I realize that she’s never gonna call me again.

As a person with an illness called addiction And not a derelict or criminal. She wanted to be the best mom she could be, but her addiction and depression wouldn’t allow it. She did the next best thing and went for help, leaving her 2 children with me (maternal grandmother). She died two days before her date in a treatment facility. Her friends were afraid that she might tell on them so they made sure that she never could.

Adam Arvy Hucks

Age 31
Father, Son, Brother, Loving
Age 31

My little brother was my shadow growing up. Being 10 years older than Adam, he was my baby to. We are the only two children my parents had. The bond my brother and I shared was undescribable in words. It was as the two of us made one complete soul.

There are so many. The one that always comes to mind first is Adam, his bicycle, and a holly bush. Adam could not remember how to use the brakes on his bicycle every time he rode it. One day he was riding his bike going down our drive. The two of us and our Mom heard a truck coming down the road. Mom and I started running as fast as we could to make sure Adam didn't run out in front of the truck. Well, Adam decided to run straight into a holly bush at the end of the drive to stop.

His laugh, his smile, the big bear hugs he would give. I miss everything about him.

I want Adam to be remembered as the wonderful gentle giant that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. That was who Adam was.

Carey Lynn Dover

Age 43
Sister mother and daughter
Age 43

She struggled with issues her whole life

Her being goofy

Them being funny

Loving mother

Shane Patrick Hart

Age 46
Son, father, friend
Age 46

Was a hard worker who loved his family. Father of a daughter 27 and a son 11. Was very friendly out going person..faced addiction through 27 years of his life. Lost his battle with the demon way to soon

Being a loving son and father.

His crazy dumbness

As a loving person

Jacob Gray

Age 35
Son, Grandson, Brother and a caring young man
Age 35

Maria Vida Guardado

Age 65
Madre, Hermana, Amiga,
Age 65

La hermosa mujer que siempre dio lo último ahora está en paz. Tus amigos y familiares te amarán, señorita. Deja atrás a Aarón, Raquel y Rebeca Guardado. por favor mantenlos en tus oraciones durante este momento difícil.

Extrañaré tu sonrisa y tu risa. el mundo te extrañará

William "Brad" Bradley Spiegel

Age 33
Son, Brother, Partner, Friend
Age 33

Brad had presence. Aside from being very handsome, he was confident, strong, kind, and charismatic. He had so many friends and welcomed everyone into his circle. Brad was a gifted athlete, especially squash and hockey. He was a special person.

This past year, Brad found happiness with his girlfriend/partner Vee, and her daughter Paisley. They brought him so much joy and made his heart full. A little family unit had formed and they had hoped for it to grow. Brad had found a partner and he had purpose. Although their future was tragically cut short, that he was able to experience a deep love in his final year is comforting.

I will always mourn the brother I grew up with, before addiction controlled his life. I will miss his music recommendations, his texts showing me the new shoes or watch he bought. I will miss his gifts, because they were always so thoughtful. For my parents and I, Vee and Paisley, there will forever be a hole in our world.

Brad would want to be remembered for his open heart. He loved hosting and bringing people together, often for an afternoon bbq, evening of games, or attending a sporting event. Addiction was a dark shadow that engulfed him at times, but underneath he was kind, funny and lit up every room he walked into. Let's remember him with that warm glow that was felt by everyone around him.

Christina Marie Kirsch

Age 28
Daughter, fiercely loyal, bold, courageous and fearless
Age 28

Christina loved her family and she had a love for all humans and a love for nature. She never hesitated to give a helping hand and was never judgmental. Her kindness was to always help others and to bring life through her words and actions.

Christina had an incredible spirit, an infectious smile to share with the world that was unforgettable and an amazing personality. She was a beautiful soul inside and out and treated everyone she met with respect, compassion and kindness. She would always find a positive side to a negative situation. In 2005, Christina attended Pace University in New York City and graduate in 2009 Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Art degree in Psychology and made the Dean's list every semester.

I miss the most her spirit, spunk, wittiness, her smile and laughter, drives through the park at 1:00 a.m., going to the supermarket at 1:00 to buy ice cream, her kindness, her stand for justice--to speak for those who could not speak and defend those who could not defend themselves, a humble and loving heart, singing in the shower at the top of her lungs, journal writing, going to museums, going to Provincetown, Massachusetts (PTown) which she called her "Happy Place" and so many, many things.

"She will always be my "Shining Star" I speak of Christina everyday, I celebrate her birthday with balloons and her favorite dinner and cake. The memories I have will be for eternity.

Joe Hill

Age 59
Dad loved family traditions
Age 59

Always singing loved music. Loved his grandkids and making memories with them. Enjoyed bike rides.

Bran Henson

Age 36
Funny, witty, kind, big heart
Age 36

Bran was an amazing artist. He loved the Steelers, cooking and fishing. He was a great uncle to his friends children and his sisters dogs. Bran loved listening to music and watching funny movies. He was always making someone laugh.

My favorite memories with Bran are riding bikes and playing outside when we were kids. We loved to go swimming together and play tag in the dark to “thriller”

I’ll miss his booming voice and big laugh. His silly memes and videos he used to send me. His texts would always end with “love you always”

I want everyone to remember Bran as someone who was kind and always checking in on people. He had the best manners and wittiest sense of humor. He loved plants and animals, especially his cats and was always trying to taking in strays. The world is a little dimmer without him.

Andrew Ridley

Age 34
Son, music, art, missed, heartbroken
Age 34

Andrew was a great young man, he loved music,art, animals.
He has 5 beautiful children.

His funny faces

For his love of his children, his art, music

Kyle A. B. Wilson

Age 33
Age 33

Kyle, my sweet sweet son! Loved unconditionally, never judged. Struggled in his adult life. He is horribly missed! Always had a positive outlook. He gave even if it left him without. Completely unselfish!!! Even struggling he loved life! ♥♥♥

All of them, good and difficult ones! He is my 1st born! The one who made me a mom!!! Taking him home when he was newborn!

Hearing him call me mom! Seeing his beautiful smile! His hugs! All of him!

That he was a non judgemental person, who gave everybody a chance. He loved with every part of himself!

Christopher J Tripodi

Age 24
Sweet Soul Forever 25
Age 24

Christopher had a sweet heart and always up for an adventure. He always loved being with family.

There are so many memories. Favorite memory that made me laugh so much was running into the cold ocean on Thanksgiving because we dared him

I miss his deep conversations about anything.

Chris was a kind soul.

Tyler Dunn

Age 28
Kind, loving, Brother, Father, Friend
Age 28

Tyler was so friendly and SMART! He loved music, cooking, his daughter, writing, but most of all just laughing and hanging out with family and friends.

I’ll miss his laugh and him calling me Momma more than anything.

Jason Fleck

Age 39
Father, Brother, Cousin, Friend
Age 39

He was a strong person that would bend over backwards to help the ones he loved. He was funny. He loved deeply. He worked hard and played harder.

One time a our grandparents house I came running when I heard him screaming. He was standing on a recliner yelling about a scorpion. I looked and saw the crayfish escaped the tank. I scooped it back in and he climbed down.

I miss his laugh, his hugs, the dumb things he would say, how much he cared.

"I was the guy everybody said wouldn't amount to nothing. Now, I'm the guy that's proving them wrong."

Brenda Lynn Card

Age 42
Mother, lover friend God's Angel
Age 42

A woman who loved chubby things, tortoises and life;Sent to me to show me that I'd be truly loved no matter how many times I made those mistakes. Her friend asked why she was with me because I was ugly and fat? She replied; cause I feel safe with him

Our walls at Turtle Bay where I worked and ever time she walked the dock a painted turtle, she named "Picasso" would always come out and see her. One day the guys I worked with caught Picasso after B left and said theu we're gonna eat him. They placed him in a bucket outside on the dock. So when I took my break from dishes to take out the trash; I released him. I told her that night whatp happened and she was happy I let him go but was sad when she said " I don't want him to come see me anymore.

Hearing her snore as my mind raced with torment and I knew she wasn't being tortured like I was.

A mother who'd do anything to show her children they would forever be loved.

Justin Reams

Age 26
Brother, uncle, loved, outgoing, missed
Age 26

He was stubborn and fierce but you always knew he cared and he would always be there to protect you or make you laugh when needed. He was an awesome brother

Him calling me to make him dinners and choosing to hangout with his boring older sister made me feel special

He’s determined assertive personality and his sense of humor and kind heart

For his crazy fun outgoing personality and his love for his friends and family

Michael A Anderson

Age 25
Loving, Son, Brother, Father, missed
Age 25

Michael was my youngest. His father has multiple addictions and passed from Alcoholism. Michael had a green thumb and could grow anything, loved to play guitar and adored Metallica. He was a young father of one boy who misses he daddy more than he can put into words. Michael was always a very busy, outdoors kid and sitting still was not in his make up. We struggled for many years with his addictions and sadly the last few years of his short life were more than difficult for him. This breaks my heart and I just can't replace my child no matter how hard I wish it.

His smile and Laughter were contagious. I miss his big carefree smile

Having him period, I will always miss his presence

Remember him by hearing music and letting it fill you with joy and wonder