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Davonne Lamont Williams

Age 33
Brother, Father, Child of God, Gifted, Comedian
Age 33

My jack of all trades is my oldest son not a day would go by that he would text or call me and say mother it’s your son. These were his favorite words to ask for something. Davonne and his Sister were very close their bond was unimaginable.

My son loved his daughters he made sure they had what ever they needed. He was such a go getter survival at its fullest. He would literally make a dime turn into a dollar. Davonne taught me his mother how to drive and park my car properly as crazy as it sounds he did. Davonne loved to pray New Years Thanksgiving and Christmas He would bless the food. He knew the Bible well and would help anyone who didn’t know the words of god.

I’m miss his handsome smile, being silly, putting on my wigs and just seeing him provide for his family.

Samantha Charity Morrison

Age 31
Thoughtful, beautiful, heart of Gold
Age 31

My perfect angel face

Her laughter


As a person who wanted to change the world

Cody Levi Mcclelland

Age 33
Chocolate, God’s Gift
Age 33

Cody was quick witted and hard working, some thought him a jack of all trades. His heart was huge, and he bled empathy in every direction he turned. His smile was contagious, much like the warmth of his charm.

Every memory I have with him is one that I cherish deeply, there was never a “bad” time in his presence. He was my “hype” man, my go to, my very best friend.

I miss his smart remarks, and his deep belly laughter. You never think about the last time being the last… What I wouldn’t give for one more day, one more phone call or silly text message.

He wouldn’t want anyone to shed a tear. He simply wanted everyone to know their worth. He wanted everyone to know happiness, even on his worst days all he wanted was the people he loved to genuinely smile.

Samuel Jason LaZare

Age 38
Brother, son, friend
Age 38

Sam had a way that put people at ease. He made friends effortlessly wherever he went. He was a magnetic, charming, and bright star. When Sam was SAM, EVERYONE wanted to be around him. He had an infectious smile and was known as “smiley”.

It brings me to tears to think of the first time I lifted you off the ground, put you on my skateboard, and showed you how to stand on it. I held your tiny hands and walked alongside you as you glided down the driveway. I remember the first time I put drumsticks in your hands, sat behind you, took your hands in mine, and showed you how to play a basic 4/4 beat. Not only could you skateboard better than me, but you became a professional jazz drummer. You could do everything I could do but better.

You are my home Sam and now my home is gone. All our silly inside jokes, mannerisms, and shared experiences growing up that only we could relate to. We could be sitting next to each other and read each other’s minds. I have nobody in my life now who knows me like you. I could be my true self around you. All the moments we spent together, the music we listened to, the concerts we went to, the times you would visit me, exercising at the park, going on runs, the trip to Italy, and your presence.

Sam would like to be remembered for who he was before the drugs took over his mind, body, and soul. He would want to be remembered for being a fun, gregarious, charming, caring, and loving person that brought joy to everyone that came in contact with him. He would want to be remembered as a wonderful son, brother, and friend as well as an incredible jazz musician, skateboarder, and all around talented person with a warm soul. I love you Sam and can’t wait to be reunited with you and Brooke.

Tracy Michelle Driscoll

Age 57
Mother, Grandmother, Animal lover
Age 57

During her adventurous life, Tracy could be described as a free-spirited soul with a beautiful smile that would light up the room. Her big heart was evident in her passion for and commitment to saving any animal in need of her help.

One of my cherished memories is spending summers at the lake, where we would explore and spend hours on the water. My mother and father owned Beach Street Auto, and despite their own struggles, they never turned anyone in need away. My mother, Tracy, was a businesswoman for over 20 years, using her sharp mind and infectious sense of humor to build lasting relationships with friends and customers in the community.

I miss her smile, laughter, and her ability to bring joy and positivity into my life. Not being able to share these moments with her, especially seeing her become a grandmother, feels like a significant loss.

Amiee Marie Glinkowski-Cook

Age 43
Daughter, sister, grand daughter, Aunt wife
Age 43

The day she was born with so much promise for a beautiful life ahead

Her living and breathing right here along with us still

Tyler Matthew Jimenez

Age 33
Beloved son, brother, and Father who lit up a room with his smile
Age 33

My son was handsome, charismatic, friendly, kind, compassionate, and a bright light who was loved by many and will never be forgotten by his family. He was blessed with many gifts, but empathy for others was his true gift.

There are so many treasured memories of him however I think my favorite memory was seeing him be a father and how he was a natural at caring for a newborn with no hesitation, no fear just pure love.

His sense of humor mostly and his laugh - miss it every day. Also, his ability to listen without judgment made you feel heard - he was able to see your perspective without forcing his own.

A beautiful soul and a kind person.

Dylan Dainack

Age 35
Brother, son, uncle, friend, life partner
Age 35

Dylan was the life of the party. He had the ability to make you laugh even on your worst day. He was a kid magnet and at family events he was always surrounded by children. Not only was he kid magnet, but all the dogs loved him too.

Dylan would light up when he got a chance to tell a story. No one could tell a story like he could.

I miss his crooked smile, infectious laugh, and his hugs.

Mark Chafin

Age 55
I will forever remember him.
Age 55

I knew his mother Sue I met him he was hard to get in his circle but we bonded and I forever will remember him

Me hitting his car on withers lol

His crazy moments

He was his own person he wouldn't back down. He loved his kids he had a good heart and he loved Nikki

Josi Clair Salvatori

Age 21
Beautiful heart and soul.
Age 21

Jo Jo lit up a room with her beautiful smile and could make you laugh. She was an an amazing friend to my kid and like a daughter to me.

Her smile, laughter and how she always had away of making you laugh.

Words cannot even express what I and Max will miss about you. I will mostly miss your smile as it had a way of erasing any bad day. I’ll miss your mis matched socks that drove me crazy. lol But mostly miss the words “ piddle pocket.”

That you’re safe and sound. That even though your not physically with us, your with us in spirit and in are hearts.
That when you think of JoJo you don’t focus on her loss but what her life brought to yours. A life of love, laughter and memories that will be in our hearts for a life time. 🩷💚

Nicolette Juliana Arecco

Age 24
Beloved Daughter, Sister, Sissy Mama
Age 24

Amazingly beautiful young free spirit. That would do anything for a friend or family.

Her smile and laugh.

Taylor Miller

Age 27
Compassionate, Advocate, Loving, Daughter, Sister
Age 27

Taylor was a beacon of hope, and an advocate and voice for those struggling with SUD and mental illness. She loved her family and cats fiercely and wanted to become a nurse to help those struggling.

Taylor loved cats, especially her own cat she adopted from a shelter. It was a joy to watch her interact with Moo Cow(her daughter).

Every single thing, every single day.

I would like her to be remembered as the loving, compassionate person she was, who was not afraid to share her own struggles to help others.

Jesse Ray Stephens

Age 52
Father, Friend, humble
Age 52

Best dad I could ever have asked for. Best friend, most humble genuine soul in the world.

He told me when we moved to Hawaii that you don’t call 911 there you call 411 I believed that for 10 years. Watching him father my daughter that wasn’t even his.

He was my rock we spoke at least 3 times a week and his silly dad jokes🤩

As a great father and a solid support person for his family friends and even people he didn’t know. He was very humble and always kind.

Robert Yepes

Age 57
Father, Loving Uncle, Son
Age 57

Simple but smart man wanted to change the world.

Christmas laughs with the family

The honest but sincere advice

Life of party

Sarah Elizabeth-Ann Russell

Age 32
Contagious laugh, daughter, amazing friend
Age 32

Sarah was a very kind hearted person always caring about others Sarah wasn't dealt a good hand in life yet was always there when she could be. Sarah suffered from mental health issues. Sarahs sons name is Jayden.

My favorite memory of Sarah is when we got back from going out and we laughed like crazy she was an amazing friend and will be forever thought of and missed

I will miss her friendship and I will miss her hugs and I will miss her voice and I will miss her smile and her laugh

She would like to be remembered as a free spirit She would like to be remembered as a gentle soul

Samuel Orlando Recinos Leiva

Age 22
Brother, Heart of gold
Age 22

He was self made, smart to understand the world around us. We all need someone who can show us love and support

I love u you brother

When We would work together and anything would be fine.

I loved that feeling

Your strong heart

Strong bold heart

Chelsea Rachelle Pegorsch

Age 26
Daughter, Sister, Mother, Friend
Age 26

Chelsea’s was my youngest child and she was wild, wonderful, loving, hard headed, and a true “Hippie”. She had a smile and a laugh that would light up the room. she was the life of the party. She loved everyone and everyone loved her, but she couldn’t keep the demons at bay. Not even as much as she loved her children.

I see her smile in her cute children every day. They also look and act like her.

my favorite memory of Chelsea is when on her 11th birthday, I was taking her out to dinner with her brother and sister and we were going to a fancy restaurant. Fancy for us. I had us all get dressed up so that we looked really nice. Chelsea wanted to dress herself because she was at that independent age. She came out of the bedroom, wearing a pair of gold, brown and white checkered, corduroy, bellbottoms pants and a shirt that had orange and purple and yellow tulips. She told me the orange went with the brown she matched and she had to wear her favorite purple shoes.

I will miss her middle of the night phone calls to let me know that she was OK and she would be home one day soon. Sometimes when my phone rings in the middle of the night, just for a fleeting second, I think it might be her, and my heart lifts. Only to break in a few minutes when I realize that she’s never gonna call me again.

As a person with an illness called addiction And not a derelict or criminal. She wanted to be the best mom she could be, but her addiction and depression wouldn’t allow it. She did the next best thing and went for help, leaving her 2 children with me (maternal grandmother). She died two days before her date in a treatment facility. Her friends were afraid that she might tell on them so they made sure that she never could.

Adam Arvy Hucks

Age 31
Father, Son, Brother, Loving
Age 31

My little brother was my shadow growing up. Being 10 years older than Adam, he was my baby to. We are the only two children my parents had. The bond my brother and I shared was undescribable in words. It was as the two of us made one complete soul.

There are so many. The one that always comes to mind first is Adam, his bicycle, and a holly bush. Adam could not remember how to use the brakes on his bicycle every time he rode it. One day he was riding his bike going down our drive. The two of us and our Mom heard a truck coming down the road. Mom and I started running as fast as we could to make sure Adam didn't run out in front of the truck. Well, Adam decided to run straight into a holly bush at the end of the drive to stop.

His laugh, his smile, the big bear hugs he would give. I miss everything about him.

I want Adam to be remembered as the wonderful gentle giant that would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. That was who Adam was.

Carey Lynn Dover

Age 43
Sister mother and daughter
Age 43

She struggled with issues her whole life

Her being goofy

Them being funny

Loving mother

Shane Patrick Hart

Age 46
Son, father, friend
Age 46

Was a hard worker who loved his family. Father of a daughter 27 and a son 11. Was very friendly out going person..faced addiction through 27 years of his life. Lost his battle with the demon way to soon

Being a loving son and father.

His crazy dumbness

As a loving person