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Nicholas Hunter Loberg

Age 20
Son, brother, grandson, uncle, friend
Age 20

Nicholas had such a caring heart and warm smile. He was a great cook and loved to cook for us and his girlfriend. He struggled with anxiety and addiction and we supported him thru his ups and downs...we miss him so so much.

My favorite memories of him are when he was little and carefree. His love of his sisters and friends. More recently I would love when I would send him positive quotes and memes and he would reply “thanks ma”.

I will miss his presence, his hugs, his smile, his cooking, his blue eyes and his kind kind spirit that took on everyone else’s problems.

Sarah Anne Williams

Age 31
Age 31

She was the sweetest most loving woman. She loved her family. If anyone said or did anything to her family they were in for a rude awakening. She spoke her mind and didn't care who it hurt.

How she loved her nieces and nephews


That she loved her family

Jamie Edward Trent

Age 40
Loving son, brother and father
Age 40

Great to be around, he could make me laugh and cry at the same time.

His humor and compassion

His company and his laugh and his great ideas

The beautiful boy, as he was

Nathaniel Williams

Age 28
Son, Father, Brother, Cousin,Uncle.
Age 28

My youngest child who loved everyone except his self. He struggled to stay clean, especially for his children. However, in the long run he just didn't love himself enough to overcome the power addiction had on him.

All my memories are favorites. I remember the good ones and bad ones,that is what made him the son I love to this day.

Hearing him say Mommy, even at 28 yrs old he called me Mommy, usually when he wanted something but didn't care who was around when he said it. I miss hearing his children say Daddy.

As someone who really tried to beat addiction,he just wasn't strong enough. All his familys love wasn't enough. He would like to be remembered as someone who loves his family and would do anything for them, just couldn't seem to do what was right for him.

Jesse Matthew Reynolds

Age 29
Son, beautiful heart and soul, compassionate
Age 29

My son would take the shirt off his back for anyone. His loyalty to all was strong. He would say,
Blood makes you related,
Loyalty makes you family.
He was my son, my business partner and my best friend. Blessed I got to be your mom.
Love you son.

My favorite memory was when he was 7 years old, we just bought a new home with an inbound pool. As we were swimming, he looked up to heaven and said, thank you God, it doesn't get any better than this! Such a cute moment. Teaching him to drive was a great memory too. I remember the first time he drove in a huge parking lot. He was so proud to be behind that wheel. As an adult I cherish the day we obtained a huge client in our marketing company. So blessed to have 29 years of memories.

I miss everything about my son. His hugs and beautiful smile I miss the most. His strength and perseverance with every obstacle he faced was truly incredible. I miss our long drives to thd beach. Something about the smell and sound of the ocean always was so calming. Watching him create the most amazing drawings was so special to me. My son was so brilliant and talented in so many ways. If only I could get just 1 more bear hug from him. That would be just so amazing.

He was a very humble man. Honesty was so important. He wore his heart on his sleeve and loyalty was his greatest attribute. He was a networked. Whatever anyone needed, if he couldn't floor it, he would find someone who could to get whatever was needed. My son was one of the most creative people I ever knew. His artwork, poetry, writing will be cherished for many years to come. I want his spirit to live within all the people in our lives. He may be gone, but will never ever be forgotten.

Eddie George Blew

Age 38
Father,Son,brother uncle best friend with a heart of gold
Age 38

Loved life loved family and cherished his son Kyle

Being so funny and goofy but mostly the bear hugs Ed gave

The sweetest smile ever and my good morning phone calls

Brandi Lynn Morris

Age 39
Love animals and children
Age 39

Her laugh!!


As a woman that loved children

Paul P Trujillo

Age 35
Son, father, brother forever loved
Age 35

He was an amazing son, he loved his children and tried his best to be there for them. We had struggled for yours with his addiction but no matter what I loved him unconditional ♥

When I got cancer he shaved everything of including his eye brows I didn't lose my eyebrows months later he thought I would lose them right away. Lol

He was always there helping me with the yard, with the house I could always depend on him. He is not only my son but he was my best friend.

Some who would give the shirt off his back, no matter his struggles he loved his family he loved his kids. He fought so hard against the drug and lost but I know he loved me (his mom). He was a mommas boy and everyone knew it and he was proud of it.

Richard Barlow

Age 38
Son sensitive caring loving
Age 38

Richard loved his family fashion Thanksgiving Christmas Easter he loved to make you laugh

Driving and singing

Going to gym talking and everyday phone calls

His smile and hugs

Brandon Michael Simeone

Age 28
Age 28

Karasmatic...loved animals..sense of humor...loved holidays



A kind soul

Tommy Guidry

Age 57
Heart of Gold
Age 57

Tommy was a caring person. Loved his family and fishing

Tommy was an avid fisherman. He could tell some fishing stories.

I miss talking to him. We always talked. I miss him talking about his grandkids. How happy they made him.

A great grandfather a caring man and a good friend

Christopher Gomez

Age 37
He was very much loved
Age 37

Chris was very loved he had a big heart. His kids meant the world to him. Had a very big smile and he was well through the United States he was a well known Graffiti Artist.

Me and him driving down the street and a good song would come on and busting a move in the passenger seat.
Chris was a very good dancer. And times we would go eat and just laugh and just talk and chill.

Him calling me and he would say whats up "MaH"
And his laughter and his dimple.

For his witty jokes and laughter.
And his old school advise

Brian Jamison

Age 52
Brother, Father, Son, Grandfather
Age 52

Brian was my youngest brother by 6 years. We had a bit of a rough childhood with our dad but us kids and Mom were a team. Brian started drinking at a young age, hell we all did, but it took hold of him and never let up. He loved to party and have fun

He was a little pain in the ass. We traded blows often. I had six years on him and I would have to pick him up and throw him away from me. He was relentless! We loved each other right up till the end

His laugh mostly. Saying "hey sis" and his smile

Loving and being loved by family and friends. Always being the life of the party

Zander Thompson

Age 19
smile that lit up a room
Age 19

His smile and wit and curiosity for the world

As a jokester