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Shantella Nicole Robinson

Age 33
Mild spirit, soft spoken
Age 33

Cupcake is what we called her, she was a kind spirit person, soft spoken and would do anything for you. She loved her family and loved her kids. If you knew her and became her friend you had a friend for life.

Her smile and that crazy laugh!

That she was human and the drugs did not define who she was, she came from a good family and a family that stood by her until the end. We could not save her, but we know as a family and she knew no matter what her family would support her and love her. My sweet niece until me meet again, I have your back with your kids, just like I did for you. It's time for you to rest, because you could not find rest here on earth. You are free now from any pain, drugs and demons. Fly high my angel. We loved you but God loved you more.

Mia Gabrielle Childress

Age 31
Beautiful, loving daughter
Age 31

Mia would light up a room with her infectious smile. Her love had no bounds. She put others first and always made sure you knew you were special. She loved her family so much! Mia was a gifted writer, photographer, actress and was working towards her RN degree

When Mia was born I was a teenage Mom. When she entered this world nothing else mattered. I had finally experienced pure love. During her C-section delivery (she was breech) she reached out and grabbed the docs stethoscope. She wanted in this world. Lol. When the nurses came by they said she was the most beautiful baby they had ever seen. Mia was such a light and so loved by so many. And she gave the best hugs. Long hugs, like she didn’t want to let you go. Now we wish we didn’t need to. And we could have one more.

There is so much we will miss about our beautiful girl. Her gorgeous smile, her long hugs,hearing her voice, waiting for her visits, her pep talks with her siblings, watching her play with her nephews/young cousins, our long talks and endless love. Mia was too fragile for this world. She left us much too soon and her future was so bright. A piece of our heart went with her and we look forward to seeing her again. May Mia finally have peace resting in Gods loving arms. We love you so much, our beautiful angel.

Mia was a beautiful, smart, loving, old soul. Her love had no bounds. She was a light in this world and truly loved by so many. She gave her heart to love her family & friends so much. She tried to be strong for a long time but was overpowered. Mia’s mission was to help other girls like her & her cousin fight addiction that took both of our precious girls. Too many beautiful souls gone. Let us continue to fight this battle in Mia’s name. Until we meet again our beautiful girl. Mama loves you! ❤️

John Waverly Golden II

Age 66
Father, Brother, Loved by many
Age 66

My father was always there when we needed help. He loved my sister and I over everything. He taught me to think rationally, to love science, to love the ocean, and just how to love. He will always be the example of how to raise my child.

Joshua Meissner

Age 32
Son, brother and loyal friend to many.
Age 32

Joshua was such a sensitive kind soul. He was 10 days from completing a 90 day rehab program.

Spinning his pacifier.

Big sincere hugs and calling me mama.

Samuel Morales

Age 23
Pure, Gentle, Companion, Son, Brother
Age 23

I met Sam in Florida through my personal journey in recovery. We instantly clicked the moment we met. We became inseparable instantly. Everyone who met Sam loved him, it was impossible not to. He is one of the most gentle loving people I have known.

One of my favorite memories is going to the West Coast of FL to escape hurricane Matthew. Or singing in the shower to Odesza. We loved skipping work to order Hawaiian pizza from dominos. I can’t pick one favorite. Every moment with Sam is a favorite memory of mine with him. We would laugh until we couldn’t breathe whenever we were together, over the silliest things too like v8 juice. We would talk about anything and everything.

I have missed for 4 years being able to pick up the phone and talk to him. I miss his smile, his kind brown eyes, his gentle energy, and his contagious laugh. I miss listening to music with him. I just miss him so much. But I know he is one of my guardian angels and protects me. I know he protected me throughout my pregnancy and the health of my daughter. I feel his spirit often. I talk to him and pray to him still. Losing him completely changed me.

Sam would want to be remembered as a kind person who helped others, and that’s exactly what he left as his legacy. Even when he was facing his own demons, he more often put helping others first. Sam was strong, kind, open minded, loving, adventurous, passionate, intelligent, spiritual, and so gentle. I feel so grateful to have the time I did with Sam and all of the beautiful memories we shared. They will be with me forever and I know I will cross paths with him again some day. I know he is free.

Sarah Jane Roach

Age 24
Our precious girl
Age 24

Sarah battled demons for much of her life, though she grew up in a loving home, addiction stole her from her family and friends for many years. Sarah had the voice of an angel, and spent her last several months helping others get sober

Sarah playing the piano and singing Adelle, with her beautiful voice. She truly did have the talent to big a big star! This makes her death all the more tragic, addiction stole so much from this beautiful human… I will never forget the sound of her voice

I will miss her phone calls, her feisty personality, her sense of humor, her fragility and strength, her positive impact on those around her… her singing, I will miss all of the opportunities we would have had to see her grow up. Such a bright light

Sarah would like to be remembered as an amazing dog mommy, a loving girlfriend, friend, mentor, god-daughter, daughter, sister, granddaughter, cousin, child of God. Sarah worked very hard to stay sober, and I am so very proud of her!

Rebecca Lynn Mueller

Age 37
My sister, my best friend
Age 37

She was the life of the party when we were in our teens, she was number 2 of the 4 Mueller sisters, she was so much more than my sister though, she was truly my best friend and my daughter absolutely loved her!

She came over to my house one night and we were dancing, she jumped up on the fireplace and started her attempt at dancing and she just falls flat on her back, to this day I can’t hear Push it by salt N pepa without thinking about her! Then we were at a party on a lake and it was time to leave and she was nowhere to be found, all of a sudden we look and she has taken the rowboat to the middle of the lake and is yelling “Come on in guys the waters nice”!! She knew how to have fun!

We used to remake songs and they were always about food, it was our thing! We stayed laughing no matter what was going on, I miss her more today than the day she left and I’ll miss her even more tomorrow I know! She was always giving, whether it was gifts for my daughter or making things to hang on the walls, drawing pages for coloring books!

As the kindest person with the sweetest soul!! Absolutely beautiful inside and out!

Christopher Mark Mullins

Age 53
Brother Father
Age 53

He was caring thoughtful, passionate

He loved too BBQ year round. He loved his boys Cody and Ryan. bass fishing in kenduskeag stream

His concern about everyone's wellbeing. Checking in with me on his big plans to travel. His love for my mom.

Gregory Terry Dorsett

Age 27
Son, Brother, heart of Gold
Age 27

Loving, funny, handsome, charming, good friend, good son, emotional, musical

There isn’t one special memory but he was someone you would never forget once you met him.

I miss his laugh, his hugs, his sweet comments, him singing quietly while he played guitar, his love of clothes, and just listening to him talk.

As a kind, loving, good looking guy who loved life, girls and his family.

Andrew Doyle

Age 38
Big Brother, Father, and Son.
Age 38

My Brother loved his family so much and always wanted to be near all of his family members.
He was always down for any adventure as he hated sitting still.
You would always know when he entered into a room as he was larger than life.

My brother and I were eating lunch together and I shot a spit ball at him. The spit ball landed directly into the middle of his teeth. We looked at each other in shock and started cracking up with laughter.

Seeing him with his children. He loved his kids so much.

As a fun outgoing, full of energy, dare devil. Hurricane Andrew was his nickname, and he was like a hurricane his whole life. Typically hurricanes have a rainbow at the end of each storm.

Tyler Gwozdz

Age 29
Kind , funny, beautiful son & brother
Age 29

Tyler lit the world on fire and made those around him feel seen , feel loved & appreciated. He was the best listener I knew and always made time for his family. He was so proud of his 4 younger siblings and was truly the heart of our family. ❤️❤️

There are so many incredible memories of my amazing boy. He was a gifted joke teller, remembered every funny line from the best movies and made us laugh out loud always. Tyler had the most beautiful soul and a gift of making others feel special. He was so gorgeous on the outside but remained kind and approachable always. The impact he had on this world is carrying on through the 100’s of messages , letters and calls we receive daily. The Tyler G foundation will continue his work to help others.

There are so many things we will
Miss everyday but especially his love & presence in our lives. It’s a huge void that simply cannot be filled. I will honor Tyler every day of my life by helping others struggling with addiction and their families. It’s my life’s goal. Tyler inspires us and keeps me
Going everyday with his signs of love. We will continue the work he started and honor him through the Tyler G foundation.

I know Tyler will be remembered as one of the kindest, smartest most engaging men most people will ever have the privilege of meeting. His love & light keep us going and being the best we can be everyday. The healing is in the helping. ❤️❤️

Nicole ( Colee ) Quinn

Age 24
Mommy’s blue eyed princess
Age 24

Colee was strong, artistic, bright, amazing with cars, she loved music & Eminem. She was a a phenomenal swimmer.. Colee’s favorite flower was the stargazer lily & that’s how I’d describe her personality.. she lived & loved with great passion..

I have 24yrs of beautiful wonderful memories with my daughter that I don’t think I could choose just one.

The way she listened with her whole heart.. Her infectious smile, her beautiful blue eyes & long dark curls but most of all I’ll forever miss her calling me mommy. She called me mommy her whole life.

These are the lyrics I had written on her prayer card They are lyrics from Eminem’s space bound “ 🌟“just promise me you’ll think of me every time you look up in the sky & see a star”🌟

Kristofer Capobianco

Age 23
My Baby Boy
Age 23

Kris had a heart of Gold and was an amazing son,brother and uncle

His amazing sense of humor and his laugh


He would do anything for anyone

Jared L Weicht

Age 31
Son, Brother, Uncle, Grandson, Friend
Age 31

Jared had an infectious laugh and a beautiful smile. He loved family and friends deeply and was devoted to both. Jared treated everyone equally and was quick to help someone in need. He was positive and always quick to offer encouraging words.

My favorite memories of Jared involved travel. We both loved meeting people and eating exotic food. We particularly loved Alaska and the Baltic States and did both as a family. In his last rehab situation, I asked Jared if he’d like to visit Russia and we did. His sister, Lindsey, was born 4 years before Jared and since they both shared March birthdays, our tradition was to celebrate their birthdays together. But, no matter what the memory or occasion, everyone loved to hear Jared laugh.

There are no words. I miss everything and always will.

Jared was courageous, kept his word, was loyal to those he loved, and was quick to challenge and question the status quo. Jared would like to be remembered as someone who loved hard and loved life — because he did both. Jared would often comment that he “didn’t want to be defined by his disease” and I don’t believe he will be. Jared was kind to animals and people and didn’t have time or interest to live his life under false pretenses. Jared was a beautiful human being.

Dean Roehrig

Age 29
Genuine & kind soul
Age 29

He was an amazing brother and a friend. He always had something funny or clever to say.

I can picture him walking in my back door. He always had his one of a kind smirk…. & a story. That’s my favorite way to remember him.

I miss his smirk so much!! It was enough to brighten anyone’s day!!

Brett Tjaden

Age 23
Son. Brother. Goofball. Loved beyond measure.
Age 23

The biggest heart who knew how to take care of and watch out for everyone but himself. Could make everyone laugh without trying and was never afraid to make a fool of himself if brought someone else a smile.

Getting our matching “be still” tattoos as a reminder to each other that even on the hardest days, we weren’t alone because we had each other. Everyone in our family has the tattoo now.

He was half my heart, I felt at home the second I was around him. I miss that feeling.

He would want to be remembered as someone who loved deeply and lived as full as he could. We started a nonprofit in his memory called “The Be Still Project” (named after our tattoos) that helps people struggling with mental health and substance use. He always felt like he didn’t have a purpose on earth, but I truly believe he was meant to come here, even if just for a short time, and teach these lessons so that other people wouldn’t have to suffer the way he did. He had a purpose all along.

Alec Deon Torres

Age 19
Little brother full of life
Age 19

Heart of gold a smile that would light up any room

Our laughs, jokes, and riding in my passenger seat of my car

Looking at his smile and hearing his laugh

An amazing boy who would help anyone in need

Joseph Anthony Lanza

Age 23
Brother, father, son, caring, funny
Age 23

Jojo was a funny guy, who loved hard and always took care of the people he loved. He would light up a room and always bring a smile to our faces.

So many but mostly the nights we would just stay up listening to music together and crack up over nothing.

His laugh, our jokes, the understanding we had of each other and our struggles and the fact that he’s missing seeing his little girl grow up.

As the funny, kind guy he was who would do whatever he could to make you laugh and help a friend.