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Mathew Anthony Talacko

Age 0
Son grandson brother uncle nephew
Age 0

My grandson Mathew was only 25 years old when this horrific disease called addiction took him from us. He was smart, kind, a wonderful friend, and a gentle soul.

There are so many, choosing one specific memory would be impossible.

His big bear hugs! And his cooking, he loved to cook and wanted to become a chef.

He would like to be remembered for his love of cooking and his love of animals.

Jeremy Michael Maxwell

Age 32
Loving son
Age 32

Jeremy had a million dollar smile. He could light up a room just by walking in. He was doing, compassionate and hard working

The day he was born

Hearing his voice, his hugs and his laugh

Jeremy would want to be remembered for the way he loved his family

Kirstie Lee Elise Rutledge

Age 26
Mother, daughter, sister, best friend,lovely
Age 26

Kirstie was my big sister and best friend. She loved to sing and dance and love and be loved. She was a beloved mother to her beautiful girls Sophia Marie and Lyanna Jo Lenea who passed a few months before her mommy. She was a person who loved with her whole self.

When we were kids we had a rough childhood but she would always try to make it better anyway she could for myself and out younger sister. And as we got older she was the one who cooked our dinner and got us up for school. I remember when were 11 and 10 we would play cheetah girls and things like that and she was always the leader. She loved to sing so much. She loved Barbra Streisand, Glee, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Fleetwood Mac and all things musical

I'll miss her laugh. And singing at the top of our lungs to all our duets. We had so many great times together from going to the midnight premierels of every Twilight movie to taking our babies to play together. I'll miss over yearly Halloween rituals. It was our favorite holiday. Funnily enough her funeral fell on Halloween. I had everyone wear witch hats because I knew she would love it. I'll miss her beautiful blue eyes that I'll never see again. And her

As a loving mother. A great big sista, a cherished and loved daughter, granddaughter, cousin, best friend, girlfriend, an all around great woman who despite all the shit thrown her way in life she still had a smile.

Sammy Pica

Age 38
Age 38

My son Sammy was a pizza maker by trade and he was a professional poker 3

His contagious laugh

His smile his wit

As a man that had a heart of gold

Edward Richard Perkovic

Age 35
Son best friend kind good son
Age 35

Eddie was a wonderful musical soul. He was so much more than his addiction. He was a warrior fighting against this disease. So musically talented as a musician and songwriter with the voice of an angel.

When he was little one Christmas Eve after dark he ran out of the back door pointing to the sky yelling “I see him. I see him”

His smile, his sense of humor, his wit, his intellect, watching him perform on stage, my best friend, his love of animals

As a good guy, avoid friend, as an amazing musical talent, as someone who would do anything for anyone, some one good with the elderly

Angie R Clemons

Age 27
Beautiful loving daughter
Age 27

Angie loved playing sports. She had the voice of a angel. She would always root for the underdog and would always try to befriend anyone being bullied. She to go on cruises!! She would love Christmas time and would spend days shaking packages .

Our last dinner hours before she died. Our last hug, our last I love you …. Her last words were I love you too mom see you tomorrow…. For her tomorrow never came

Her smile

As a woman who went thru hell but never gave up!!!

Cody Dalton Quimby

Age 17
Nephew smart sweet awesome loved
Age 17

He was a very smart young man with hole life a head of him with a big heart was not selfish loved his family .

When I went to see them he was in diapers he was so damn cute


Eric Allen Denton

Age 55
Son, Husband, Guitarist
Age 55

Eric was my husband we had been together for a total of 31 years he was an absolutely beautiful soul and was a wonderful talented musician

I miss his smile and the way he would always give me cute little nicknames my favorite one was dumpling Puff

The one thing that Eric always stood for was keeping music alive if you're in a band go out there and get you a gig just keep music alive

Travis James Gustavson

Age 21
good looking, smart, funny and well loved❤️
Age 21

He had hopes and dreams, and he would have accomplished them all, if his life was not stolen from him by fentanyl and greed.💔

Every holiday he was there with the family, and he never left without a hug and an ‘I love you’

Travis would always greet me, his Grandma, with a hug and an ‘ I love you….and when he left, he did the same thing. I will miss his hugs and love.

Travis would want to be remembered as someone who loved life. He loved his family, and his friends. He liked to spend time with each one of them. He loved his girlfriend, Erin. He like working outside, landscaping, he wanted his own food truck. He had plans and goals. He liked being outdoors, fishing, walking in the woods by the waterfalls, anything that got him outside. Though he had his own struggles, he was always there for whoever needed him. His life was stolen from him, and from everyone who loved him. His heart stopped beating on 2/24/21 at 8:55pm. Fentanyl Poisoning and greed did that. We will always love him and miss him, and we will fight for the changes needed to stop the fentanyl epidemic, and the loss of life due to that. We will never stop fighting.

Edward Richard Perkovic

Age 35
My best friend
Age 35

He was the kindest, sweetest person with an immense musical talent and the voice of an angel

Shortly before he left us, he put his arms around me, hugged me and said I love you mom. We need to do this more often, we don’t do it enough

His laughter, his wit, his talent, his intellect and his love of animals.

As a good person who was so much more than his addiction. A sweet son who loved his mom, and as a rescuer of cats

Andrew Cutler

Age 24
Son, father, friend, talented tattoo artist
Age 24

Andrew was a mommas boy. We were so close.
He was a high school graduate,
a great dad to his 5 year old son Josiah. had a smile that would light up a room. He was a ladies man!!
He was a very talented tattoo artist
He was so caring and loving

My favorite memory….
There are just to many to pick one
The excitement in his eyes when he found out he was having a boy I will never forget.
Remembering how silly he was, his smirk/smile I will always remember

I miss everything about him.
His love
How Close we were
The bond we had
His smile
His face
His jokes
His personality
His goofyness
Seeing the new tattoos that he would still be doing.
Him yelling # NOPULLOUT @Ajs tatts
or him and his friends walking through the door and yelling “WEPA”
Are a few of them but I will miss watching him being a great daddy to his son J (5)
J misses him sooooo much it’s heartbreaking.

Andrew would want to be remembered for his accomplishments in life
Also as a great father, a great son, a great friend, a smart and slick ladies man/player :) and a very talented tattoo artist.

Graham Michael Ethridge

Age 24
Son who was loved by all.
Age 24

Graham loved life but struggled with Trauma and Addiction issues. He care more for others who suffered than himself. He literally gave the shoes off his feet to homeless people.

The warm bear hugs and kisses he shared with everyone.

Just seeing him and hearing his voice.

Happy and drug free.

Dylan Lucas Malagold

Age 27
Father, Son, Brother, Gentle, Sensitive
Age 27

Dylan Lucas Malagold, age 27, of Madison, passed away on Saturday, July 18, 2020. In February 2020, Dylan became the father of a beautiful, big-eyed little girl. He adored his daughter, Arielle more than anything in the world.

Dylan loved being with his family more than anything. He had a passion for children and animals. Every child who met him loved him. He had a special bond with his niece, Gianna. Dylan helped children as a lifeguard at waterparks in Wisconsin Dells and with the Madison Police Department as a Madison City crossing guard, and he enjoyed spending time with animals in the Madison community as a dog walker.

Dylan was an incredibly loving, gentle, sensitive, funny, and caring person. Everyone admired his big brown eyes, long eyelashes, curls, natural sense of style, and strong physique. He was passionate about working out and feeling strong and healthy. He loved stopping in on his grandmother to care for her. Dylan will be dearly missed by his family and friends.

Jerry A Lentz

Age 33
My first born Son
Age 33

He was my first born, so full of life and light, an old soul, my mini me. He let depression take over his life through his slight autism and found herion. Got clean for 6 years,one relapse found herion wasn't herion and fentanyl murdered my son.

He and his siblings was playing were video games in the living room, I told them it's a nice day go outside to play. He took them out on the deck and were playing video games through the window and door, I said that's not I mean, go in the yard. I happen to look outside and he had his tv on a chair, Xbox on another with an extention cord from his bedroom and he and his siblings were playing video games in the middle of the yard. LoL I gave up.

I will miss everything. His laugh, his smile, his jokes, his art he used to make the way he decorated the house with displays that I swore could be seen from space. He was so kind and loved kids. I will miss everything about him.

He would like to be remembered as a good friend and person who would do anything for anyone and a jokester who loved life and everyone he knew.

Larry Neil Hackett

Age 23
Son, Father, Husband, Brother, Uncle, Nephew, Cousin & Friend!
Age 23

Larry was a fun loving soul. He was the type that even if he hadn't seen you in months he would spark up a conversation. He enjoyed being active preforming bike tricks and playing basketball. Larry above all absolutely loved being with his family.

There are so many memories that all of us will hold dear and close to our hearts. I will always remember the camping trip when the whole family went together and all of the family get togethers. I will remember stopping over at my aunt & uncles house and Larry would be riding his bike and doing different tricks. One of the most special memories I will forever hold close is watching Larry and his mom dancing together at his wedding.

Even though our family is will never be complete without Larry. He held a special place. I will miss him just being there whenever there is a family function.

Larry will be remembered as a happy loving compassionate good person. He left a beautiful little girl and a handsome little boy who will know he loved them so very much. Larry will be remembered as a teen who fell deeply in love and ended up marrying his wife. He will forever be remembered as his mother and father's precious perfect baby of the family. The memories made with his sisters and brother will be cherished forever. Larry will always be remembered for loving & caring for all.

Age 31

I loved his sense of humor and how he made people feel good about themselves, no matter their age, even people he did not know. He brought laughter into everyday situations.

I loved how he would give a very thorough description and explain in detail his observations and thoughts about everything he was interested in sharing with you. As a child he would talk constantly, he never lacked for words. His first "word" was "wait for me!" as he went running after his sister.

I will miss his how he found something funny in everyday situations and made us laugh.

I think he would like to be remembered as a loving dad to his son. Being a dad was his pride and joy; it was heartwarming to see how selfless and committed he was to being the best dad he could be.

Michael Lee Stacy

Age 39
Father, son, brother, friend,
Age 39

He was the smartest person I knew. He could take one look at something and figure out how to fix it. He was a father of 3 young children who loved him no matter what his faults were, and I know the old him would’ve loved them with all of his heart.

Our wedding day, the way he looked at me when he first saw me, his jaw dropped in awe. He was so nervous to stand in front of the crowd of people, we both were. Smashing cake in his face when feeding each other the first piece, but the only thing he could get me with was ranch dressing on his plate, even though I tried to run. And of course the birth of our 3 amazing, beautiful children. Those memories will forever be etched in my memory.

The way he’d laugh when playing with our kids. Watching them and hearing them play was music to my ears. In those moments you could see how much he loved them. Without the drugs, he would’ve been an amazing dad and an amazing husband. He had so much love in his heart, and would sacrifice to help a perfect stranger anytime he could.

For the man he was before the drugs. He was a hard worker who took pride in his work. He was a proud father who loved his children and family with all of his heart. Sadly, sometimes all the love in the world for your children isn’t enough to break the cycle of drug addiction. It’s making a choice to love yourself, and to forgive yourself, but when we carry so much shame and guilt we just prolong the cycle. Change starts with mental health!

Katie Seay

Age 24
Age 24

Katie was a very beautiful talented young girl. She never met a stranger. She would them talking in minutes.Katie would walk it a room and it would light up with her presents. When she loved you she love with all she had.

Her coming home happy and telling me all about her day.


As a kind loving person that stood up for others.

Joni Ellen Byczynski

Age 21
Hilarious, caring, sarcastic, real, beautiful
Age 21

Joni was larger than life as a child. Kind, empathetic, and full of energy. Anxiety kicked in at a young age and drugs made her feel better, until they didn't. Sobering up was a battle, but she went 14 mos before a relapse. The 2nd one killed her..

There are so many... We still laugh about the time Joni hid a mannequin head in the dark. When her father walked in and turned the light on, his reaction was priceless.

The many ways she makes you laugh.

Strong and kind. Always rooting for the underdog. About treating people with dignity and respect. Joni's heart was huge.