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Joseph A Viramontes II

Age 29
Loving son, brother, daddy
Age 29

Joe was a kind, loving man. His daughter is his world. But his demons from war and the pain from injuries from war left him broken. Even in his addiction he loved his family fiercely. My sweet son. I love you.

Our late night mother/son talks. The way he made sure to give me a hug and kiss before I went to work. His laugh. Watching him with his beautiful little girl. Everything.

He would want to be remembered as a loving father, son and brother. A proud American. How he was before drugs.

Matthew Parde

Age 19
Son, huge heart, always smiling
Age 19

Matt was brilliant, so wise. He had the biggest smile and a heart of gold he was always helping those less fortunate than himself. He loved football and his twin Tyler. His sense of humor was the best. He loved with his whole heart.

There are so many, singing at the to of our lungs in the car.The time he crossed to the side of traffic and took my hand. All the baby, childhood and watching him grow and learn.
Watching football with him, him singing in church

His smile, hugs long talks and movie nights. Pretty much everything... His name meant gift from God and he was one

That he loved completely and did it his way. He was always searching for happiness and I pray he finally has that peace

Lena Faith Foote

Age 32
My oldest ,my babygirl
Age 32

Loving, hard working, loving mother??, helpful, caring, she had dreams! She wanted a good life!

Her hugs the smile on her face when I'd go visit her, her cheery phone calls, I miss her so much!!!

The way she'd give me a hug when I'd see her or before she'd leave .

I want people to know besides the addictions she wanted a good life, she wanted to be a mother, daughter, sister but she could not beat the addictions!! She tried!.but they had a hold on her and would not let her go. I want people to know she would give you the shirt off her back ahe would be your friend if you needed she would cheer you up if you were down. She had dreams to have a home with her kids , a job just live a normal life.

Lori Catherine Burns

Age 38
Wife,Mother,Daughter so loved!
Age 38

She was desperate to get and stay clean. She had been through rehab at least 10 times and nothing stuck. She wanted to be the Mom her son needed so badly, but the monster of addiction won.

Lori had a wicked sense of humor And silliness. It was nothing to see her coming through the house wearing an old Halloween clown costume complete with a rainbow striped wig! She loved to laugh and make everyone else laugh also. I remember watching her patiently coloring Easter eggs with her son when he was a toddler and also helping him make Christmas presents with popsicle sticks and Elmers glue. That boy meant everything to her.

Her smile, her love for her son as I raise him and watch him grow.

I think she would like to be remembered as someone who tried everything to beat her addiction. Her bi polar disorder made it impossible for her to maintain sobriety.

Jaime Daniel Coleman

Age 22
Wonderful Son & Brother
Age 22

Beautiful smile and laugh. Had the ability to make friends with everyone not embarrassed to admit he is a Mama's boy

Douglas L Harrington

Age 43
Father,best friend,heart of a lion, ROCKS DAD
Age 43

One of the proudest most loving fathers ever

He knows 💙

What Your son has lost out on With your passing, till the other side of the stars ⭐️

That smirk , his heart and strength

Nathan Jackson

Age 23
Son, Grandson, Father, Brother, Friend
Age 23

Nathan will always be the Love of My Life. My precious son truly taught me what unconditional love is.
Nathan left this world brighter and better that before he came into it.

June 2019 in Chicago...Walking around for hours and going to the Pride Festival. Sometimes I would lag behind and he would keep watching me to make certain I did not get too far out of his reach or sight. At the end of the day we were walking up to the train platform and he held my hand and helped me up the stairs.

I miss his incredible hugs.
I miss hearing him tell me he loves me.
I miss the random good morning texts and hearing his special ringtone.
I just miss everything about him.

A man that was a friend to everyone.
A man that loved so hard till his dying breath.
A man that loved his mama!

Jacob Ryan Ash

Age 30
Brother father and husband
Age 30

A good man that helped others who loved his family

Frank Nevada Smith

Age 26
Son, Grandson,Father
Age 26

Frankie was kind and loving. He had an awesome personality . Everyone loved him. I Miss you everyday and will always 😍 you


There are so many but he still liked to crawl next to me just to cuddle

Everything, his smile, his love for fishing, his cooking ,his love and his kindness.

Never knowing his baby boy.

loving,kind, and affectionate

Anthony Wade Scott

Age 27
Son, Brother, Friend to everyone
Age 27

He always told me “I love you more!” And he really thought that he did.

He was loving and helpful and full of hopes and dreams that he pursued. He loved his family more than he loved himself.

Davey Semenza

Age 20
Loving and loyal son, brother, friend. Too good for this world.
Age 20

Kind, loving, smart handsome, athlete. Davey was kind, loving, a gentleman and the best son one could ever have. He was the best!

He never failed to show his love and loyalty.


A heart of Gold that would help anyone in need and had great faith in our Lord.

Theresa Elizabeth Meade

Age 36
Mother, daughter, friend
Age 36

Theresa had a gentleness about her but she could be strong and stubborn too. She had the softest, voice and prettiest smile. She loved her children immensely and is terribly missed.

How she loved butterflies, my son and her children.

Her soft voice, thoughtfulness and ability to love and keep trying despite a very difficult life with tremendous loss.

As a mother who loved her children so very much.

Devin J. Norring

Age 19
Son, Brother, Grandson, Nephew, Cousin
Age 19

Devin was smart and energetic. He loved playing football and doing tricks on his bike. He loved making music. He was gifted beyond words when it came to his lyrics.

How do you choose just one when there are so many? From falling asleep inside the linen closet in his Batman costume, sparking a massive search for him. Seeing him graduate high school. Listening to him sing/rap in the car with his brother and sister. Baking chocolate chip cookies and having to make him his own batch just so everyone else would get one or two; the smile alone was worth it. Playing Minecraft with him. Him playing Mortal Kombat with his brother, dad, uncle Steve, and his friends.

Devin truly had a heart of gold. His shy boy smile melted many hearts. His laughter could erase the heaviest of sadness within seconds. He truly went out of his way to make sure those around him were happy even when he himself wasn't happy. His sense of humor is sorely missed. He was proud of his Lincoln MKZ that he saved up and bought on his own. We will miss everything!!

Devin was a good young man missed by many. Anything he put his mind to, he perfected. He was a great protector of his family. He put others above himself. He was a hard working young man; he loved his job. His smile and sense of humor couldn't be matched; he was so quick witted and you never knew it until afterward that he just got you good. He truly was a beautiful soul. Everything is good. Everything is golden.

Melissa Dawn Moody

Age 41
Mother, Wife, and friend.
Age 41

We had such Hope's and dreams. Our son is just 2yrs old! We had just moved into our dream home! And she fell in with the wrong people and relapsed. Now she's gone, and I dont know what to tell our son!

Our first Christmas, the first time and last time I ever felt really loved by her.

Age 35

My sister Patty was my best friend

Her smile 😃

Being there for me .

For her beautiful smile 😊

Sean Michael Bannon

Age 40
Son, Brother and Best Friend
Age 40

Beautiful loving soul

Being born

His loving heart

His love for all

Michael “Mikey” A Morris

Age 31
Son, brother, undies and grandson
Age 31

He was a great loving son🤗 he helped people that needed help.

When we would spend time together as a family... and he always called me Momma

His smile, his laugh, his personality and his love

Being a kind hearted persn