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Natalie Jordan Miller

Age 31
A very loving daughter
Age 31

She was beautiful, and loving, but she had a stubborn streak in her; her way or no way! Tough exterior but sweet as can be on the inside.

No matter how old she was, she would hold my hand while we were in the car. And sometimes in stores!

Just knowing she was here.

She actually put this quote on FB—
If you remember anything of me when I leave this world, remember that I loved even when it was foolish and cared when it was unwanted. When my body is gone, remember my heart.

Brandon David Green

Age 27
Cherished son and brother
Age 27

We loved him dearly. He fought so hard. All he wanted was to make us proud and overcome his struggles, but it was too much.

He loved his family deeply and he had a kind loving heart. His sweet blue eyes melted my heart every day. He was so loved and as his mom he was my heart and soul. We miss him so much.

Timothy Donnelly

Age 36
Kind, adventurous father, husband, son, brother
Age 36

Tim had the biggest heart. He was so smart, funny, curious, and always up for an adventure. He was a loving & active dad & husband. He was very passionate about gardening and cooking. He loved to travel & meet people from different backgrounds.

I think Tim would want to be remembered as the kind, gentle soul he was. He would want people to remember his love for his family, friends, gardening, travel, and constant learning.

Brendan Michael Connor

Age 29
Beloved Son, Brother, Friend to All
Age 29

Brendan is my brother and kindred spirit. We were born 3 years and 3 days apart in Scorpio season. It felt like we were twins and had this innate understanding of each other. He was my favorite person and forever best friend.

Our parents' house has a mulberry tree in our backyard that covers half the yard in mulberries every summer. Growing up, we spent a lot time running around that yard with the neighborhood kids. Whenever someone would fall on the berries (and get them all over their shorts), Brendan would yell out in a British accent, "WOULD YOU LIKE TO SIT IN A CHERRY PIE?!" and we'd all burst out laughing.

I miss his BEING. His strong hugs and laugh. Being able to reminisce together and share music.

One thing we could always connect on was music. As kids/teens, we shared CDs and band tees of all the pop-punk bands we bonded over. Our tastes evolved together. We went to so many concerts, my favorite being DeadMau5 in Chicago in July of 2010. The sunset that night was unreal; we had the most magical time.

Brendan would want to be remembered as an intelligent, hard worker who loved even harder. He would always go out of his way to help others and didn’t judge anyone.

Kirsten Elise

Age 34
Beloved daughter, sister and Gigi
Age 34

She was charming, her beauty exquisite, her lovely green eyes undeniable. She was loyal and sincere. Her dreams were insurmountable, her spirit unbroken and her faith well-founded.

The memory of my daughter is indelible. She was graceful, poised and confident. Controlled yet explosive. Strong-willed yet sensitive. Soft on the inside, tough on the outside and incredibly fragile all the way around.

The sound of her voice when she said "Momma", the smell of her hair, the noise stilettos make on a hardwood floor. Her love for pretty clothes, her gorgeous green eyes donned with a triple coat of mascara. Her love of fabulous wine and the lipstick stain left on her glass. Her requests for five star dinners, decadent desserts and her love for scented candles and Pink Floyd.

DIVA! Looking fabulous, turning heads and leaving impressions that last forever.

Jarred Lyle Neely

Age 34
A fighter a loving daddy
Age 34

Jarred was a strong caring loving brother son daddy and friend . He stood out when he walked in a room with his smile and his tall stature and beautiful green eyes . Always pushing through his battles and wanting to make a better life with his family

Jarred was always helping someone without asking for anything in return , he was good with his hands and very particular in his work as a flooring installer and painter. When he was little he would always stand up for the underprivileged and those who couldn’t help themselves . As he became a teen that didn’t change. He gave heart and soul to his hunting and truly was a passionate guy. The memory that stands out is his love for his kids and how he radiated selflessness toward anyone he met. .

I will miss Jarred’s unending compassion he has for his momma and keeping me pushing forward in everything I was doing , weather it be working in my home with his many talents or pushing me to ride my bike ,his advise to always take care of myself first . He selflessly went out his way to put family first and he was always there for us . He was an avid hunter and fisherman so I truly miss those stories and watching how he played with his kids and nieces and nephews .

Jarred would love to be remembered as a giver and a huge hearted person who stepped out of his way for others , his love of family and friends . Never backing down in a fight or anything he believed in . He’d want to be remembered for the deep love he had for anyone he met and his will to make sure they knew it. He was a fighter and he loved life , a warrior and a sweet kind soul. He’d want to be remembered for his talents and his amazing green eyes .

Celia Leigh Helm

Age 49
Beautiful, funny, generous, loving... partner
Age 49

Celia and I were best friends, lovers,enemies, soul sisters, and we were family. We so dreamed of and planned for a future together. She however, was addicted to crack cocaine and later heroine. She died, 1 month and 10 days after her 49th birthday.

I came ahead from Pensacola, Fl (where we met,) to start work in Nashville, her hometown. We rented the most beautiful cottage on the cliff above the Cumberland River in East Nashville. The home had this long beautiful driveway and I will never forget watching her come up that drive in her Papa's truck, loaded with my stuff to start the rest of our life together. I had candlelight thru the house and her favorite flowers. So in love. She was the happiest she would ever be that day.

Her Wilma Flintstone laugh. Her voice, smell, touch, calls in the middle of the night...Her love.

She would want to inspire and help people and wanted to be a drug counselor. Her potato salad was perfection. She loved being a CeCe to our grandchildren. She loved our dogs and was the best Mama EVER! She loved her family and close friends with her whole heart and soul....Without addiction, Celia could have been the mayor of any coastal town in the US. She was a stranger to no one.

Philip Deckert

Age 34
Son, Brother, Nephew, Cousin, Friend
Age 34

Idk what to say Philip. So I’m going to write this like I’m talking to you. I love you. I miss you so SO MUCH. I want you here. On this plane. I want to smell you. I want to hold you. I want to laugh with you. I want to create more memories with you.

I want to play basketball with you. I want to play 007 with you on your newest game system with your newest tv. I want to workout with you and run circles around you in calisthenics while you school me in weights. I want to drive around aimlessly in your car with you and just be.

You and I are so opposite yet share the same passions. Idk how you do it. How do you manage to connect with so many different types of people and find ways to make everyone always laugh???? You have a gift. You ARE a gift.

I wish there was more time. I wish we knew just what to do and say for and to one another all the time. I wish you could trust me enough to truly open up to me and allow me to be there for you. I wish it didn’t hurt so bad knowing I failed to protect you. I wish I had all the answers to fix it all for you. I wish I knew how to fix it all for you so you can laugh with me again and compete with me again and just be with me again. I love you more than words Philip.

Christopher Allen Arnold

Age 37
Son,brother, father, husband
Age 37

He was a kind loving soul with a huge heart and a zest for life.

All of my memories have my son are my favorite.

His heart I'm gold inability to make everyone laugh and smile.

For the kind hearted person he was.

Andrew Joseph Gilbert

Age 25
Beloved son, Proud big brother, loving cousin with a heart as big as his smile
Age 25

Behind those gorgeous long eye lashes and long lanky arms that were always stretched wide to give love & kindness to everyone he met, was a 25 yo who taught everyone around him how to have more kindness, compassion for all.

Andrew, my cousin, we share so many great memories especially the last few years of his life we got to share recovery together. I got to see him recover and help others. He supported me, always and even showed up for every year chip I got.

No matter what personal struggles Andrew was going through he always had a big beautiful smile on his face, always willing to help and always my shoulder to cry on.

Andrew’s tag line was …
“Pray and meditate, every f***ing day”.

Adam Whiddon

Age 30
Brother, soulmate, Full of Life
Age 30

Adam was the kindest and most loyal friend you'd ever have. The world is darker just bc of his absence. He lives his life like everyday was the last. Honorable, loyal, made sure everyone had fun always and felt loved. Missed beyond words.

'it was an honest mistake" and watching him with my kids. He never got to have children but he would've been the best dad. He adored my kids. They adored him. Best brother in the world. He protected me even when I didn't know he was around doing it. His eyes always lit up whenever he'd see his mom, or me or family. He never judged anyone. Always made everyone feel important and cared for.

I miss everything without Adam. Not a day goes by that I don't think about what we would be doing if he were still here. I miss that he's missing watching my kids grow, I miss his smile. His voice, his laugh. I miss hearing him sing, I miss his music he'd play. I miss watching him eat sushi. I miss our phone calls, our visits, our texts. I miss the future we had planned. I miss raising our kids together.

I know Adam would want to be remembered as being a boy who loved his Mama, as the coolest Uncle ever lived, the craziest friend, the best brother and devoted son.

Kate Rexwinkle

Age 38
Mother, Sister, Daughter, and Friend.
Age 38

My mother was one of the strongest, kindest, most loving people I've ever met. Most notably, she never believed in loving people because they "earned" or "deserved" love, rather, she believed in loving people because she knew they needed to be loved.

Valerie Rose Lucas

Age 29
Granddaughter, Daughter, Sister, Best Friend
Age 29

Valerie was loved by every person that met her. She had a personality that brightened every room she entered. Valerie was beautiful inside and out. Her friends were her family that she loved and would do anything to help.

Hearing her voice, her laughter and her saying, "I love you Mom."

The life of the party and very loved.

Judith Marie Kendra

Age 63
Age 63

She had a fiery spirit that was full of energy.

My favorite memory was dancing and jamming to our favorite ‘90’s songs either in the car or at home in the living room. She had a huge radio system she would blast music through.

I will miss seeing her smile and laugh.

I would like others to remember Judy through the laughter and smiles she brought them.