Lifeguard Stand on a Beach with People
Editorial Team

Protect your wellness while making the most of summer.

Man playing Bocce
Maritza Hiciano

Everything about the day was a testament to the profound love and impact Nick left behind.

Lee V
Lee Varon

When we love someone with a SUD, it can preoccupy every moment — Where are they? Are they ok?

Dave Becker and Friends
Dave Becker

Building community in Boston – one weekend at a time!

Gely de la Cruz

I'm the daughter of someone with an addictive personality. When I was a child, my father's favorite pastimes were drinking and gambling. When he was drinking, he was the nastiest person ever and I watched

Father and son
Patrick Gabrion

Another Father’s Day is fast approaching. For me, it is not so much an occasion for celebrating, but more a time for reflection.

Pride flag with diverse friend group
Maritza Hiciano

To celebrate Pride Month, we're celebrating these 3 stories of strength and recovery. 

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Shatterproof Editorial Team

As part of our celebration of Mental Health Action Day, we reached out to our supporters to learn about the habits and routines they use to take care of their mental well-being.

Mother and Daughter
Alexis Cavo

My mother had me at age 20, unexpectedly and not ready to take care of child. She was still in her party phase which actually, never really went away.

Mother & Daughter on a Beach
Maritza Hiciano

Kelli and her daughter Amelia openly share their experience as family members affected by substance use disorder, a story that resonates with far too many of us.

Women having conversation

Research shows the words we use influence our perceptions.

A selfie of the author and her father, smiling
Kristin Gourlay

I remember the first AA meeting my dad took me to. 

A young woman with short dark hair leans her fist on her chin and looks out a high-rise window

This Alcohol Awareness Month, find out if it's time to seek help.

Women holding arms

Five Things to Know

Black women in recovery

In honor of Women’s History Month, explore a few triumphs in America's history with addiction, achieved by historic heroines.

Women in a support group

Help Revolutionize Addiction Treatment

Your support drives real change for individuals and families affected by addiction.