Blog news photo 2/15

Advice from the Surgeon General, a naloxone explainer, and more.

Taylor and her boyfriend
Taylor McCaughey

My boyfriend has been in recovery for five months. Here's what I've learned from his experience with addiction.

Blog News 2/9/18

Kratom, the federal opioid epidemic response, and more.


The hotel industry has long been a generous supporter of Shatterproof and our mission to end the devastation addiction causes families.


A new non-opioid painkiller, a DEA crackdown on pharmacies, and more.

Stephanie Maitner
Stephanie Maitner

High school was coming to an end, and I was beginning to walk down a path that would lead to full-blown drug addiction.


Supervised injection sites come to Philadelphia, artist Nan Goldin goes after the Sacklers, and more.

Stephanie Maitner

Growing up, I never imagined that I would ever experience the things I experienced—and I certainly never thought I’d deal with alcohol and drug misuse.


Medication-assisted treatment, a new study on opioid prescribing, and more.


Safe injection sites in Philadelphia, a federal funding proposal, and more.

Gary speaking at CARA family day

Thanks to your support, passion, and consistent action, 2017 was another big year for Shatterproof’s advocacy work. Here’s an overview of what we achieved together this year.

Progressive drug courts, new pain measurement systems, and more.

Woman drinking coffee
Dean Dauphinais

If you don’t take care of yourself first, everyone will end up suffering.

News about substance use disorders, every week. These are the headlines that you need to know about.

drug paraphernalia

There are no easy weeks in the fight against substance use disorders, but this week was particularly tough. 

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