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A showdown over safe injection facilities, reflections on the federal parity law, and more.

The author and her brother
Ashley Fennig

To those who knew my brother, to those who have lost a loved one, and to those in recovery themselves, I hope you can empathize with my key learnings.

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The opioid package passes in the Senate, new scrutiny on treatment centers, and more.

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Many key provisions that Shatterproof supported made the bill's final cut. Here are the highlights.

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After undergoing plastic surgery, many patients request opioids because they want to get back to their daily routines as quickly as possible. But new non-opioid medications can be just as effective, without the side effects

The author, pitching in a baseball game
Alan Charles

Even the great Lawrence Taylor once said, "coke was the only bright spot in my future."

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The Senate passes their opioid package, some hopeful new data on the opioid epidemic, and more.

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Purdue Pharmaceuticals receives a new addiction treatment patent, a look at Congress' new opioid package (and its shortcomings), and more.

Holly Jespersen paddleboarding
Holly Jespersen

I’ve always felt like “normal” people were born with a manual, like they innately know things that I did not learn until I got sober and started doing the work. 

Mark Curtis 4
Mark Curtis

If I didn’t turn to fitness after entering recovery, I don’t know if I’d be the person I am today.

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Supervised injection sites in cities, stalled federal opioid legislation, and the opioid epidemic's impact on Native American tribes.

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New numbers show that more Americans died of drug overdoses in 2017 than in any other year on record.

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Brynne Kelsey

I was 17 when I had my first drink. And it was love at first sip.

The progression of a burpee movement
Dmitry Foox

To me, the burpee is perfectly analogous to life: You fall down, you get back up, you repeat. It was the perfect exercise to sum up my recovery.

Dr. Paul Sethi

Dr. Sethi discusses his comprehensive, multimodal approach to post-operative pain management, including the use of non-opioids. 

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Shatterproof is transforming addiction treatment in America. Stay tuned for updates and information

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