2019 5K NYC - Shatter Stigma

Shatterproof is coordinating a nationwide effort to find partners and combine resources to end stigma. Get involved 3 ways.

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Addiction is complicated. But solutions aren’t. Join the movement for effective, compassionate, evidence-based policies in state and federal government.

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Shatterproof is dedicated to elevating and implementing proven solutions to the addiction crisis. Will you join us?

Joicy Salgado on a hike

We spoke with psychotherapist Joicy Salgado about how to keep tough conversations loving and productive.

Chad smiling and lounging on an outdoor patio with a mountain view

Their stories are hopeful, heartbreaking, passionate, insightful — and above all, honest.

The author's holiday card, featuring photos of friends, family, and travel on a red background
Holly Jespersen

This season can be stressful. Here are a few of my top tips for getting festive without jeopardizing your health.

A table set for a holiday celebration, with lit candles and cloth napkins
Anne Lopez

It’s important to protect yourself and your wellness throughout the holiday season. Here are a few tips that may help you redirect thinking and control urges to use during the holidays.

A table in a doctors office lined with paper. Photo by Charles Deluvio on Unsplash

While women proactively plan for surgeries, they often miss a key question: how can pain management improve their recovery?

Challenge participants smiling while skydiving
Renee Barros

This year, 2,100 participants helped raise over $700,000 to help end the addiction crisis.

A black and white photo of the Tarica brothers on the Great Wall of China

In a few weeks, they’ll each be running a marathon on different sides of the country. And they’re both doing it to raise funds and awareness for Shatterproof.

A 5K participant flexes his bicep in front of the step-and-repeat at a Shatterproof event

It can be hard to push back against opinions, attitudes, and policies that are rooted in stigma rather than fact. But knowledge is power. 

Mark Curtis at the gym

42 treatment programs. Countless emergency doses of naloxone. But Mark survived it all. Now, he's thriving in recovery.

A portrait of Irene Filimonoff-Haney and her young son
Irene Filimonoff-Haney

This is what I live for now: the hope that my grandson’s generation will not be cast away like his father’s generation was, and that the antiquated stigma surrounding addiction will cease to exist.

A childhood photo of the author and her dad hugging
Emilia Wilburn

There is a saying in my family that we are all born with alcoholism. That we have “the gene.”

A childhood photo of the author dressed up like an angel

Recovery is different for everyone. At first, I did everything by the book. But as my journey evolved, so did my needs.

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