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Transforming addiction treatment

Shatterproof is changing the healthcare system so the 46 million people struggling with addiction in America have access to quality treatment that's based on science — just like treatment for any other disease.

Establishing a National Standard of Care for Addiction Treatment

Establishing a national standard of care for addiction treatment

The National Principles of Care promote the use of clinical best practices that improve outcomes for those with substance use disorder. They have been adopted by 23 insurers representing 200 million people.



We created ATLAS to help people find and compare treatment facilities and make an informed choice. ATLAS is available to 41 million people and we're expanding it throughout the U.S.

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Bringing together experts from across the addiction field

Shatterproof doesn't work in a vacuum. We've gathered a group of industry experts, representing federal and state agencies, addiction treatment providers, health systems, consumer advocacy groups, academic institutions, and healthcare payers and purchasers. This National Addiction Treatment Quality Committee is essential to advising on where we as a field go from here.

Advocating for early detection and effective treatment coverage

Advocating for early detection and effective treatment coverage

80% of patients who need behavioral health care seek it in a primary care doctor's office. We advocate for bringing care to where the patients are, identifying needs early, and making sure treatment is covered. That's how patients recover.

Featured CTA - Educating Medical Professionals

Educating medical professionals and ensuring access to lifesaving medication

Only 6% of the 1.3 million medical professionals in the U.S. prescribe buprenorphine, a lifesaving medication. We're making sure providers are trained in addiction care and expanding the availability of medications for addiction treatment.

Generous people like you can help end the addiction crisis.
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