Chapin Leatherwood

Chapin Leatherwood is the Social Media Influencer Program Coordinator for Shatterproof. He is responsible for executing influencer marketing strategies to increase awareness and engagement for the National Stigma Initiative’s statewide stigma campaigns, in current and forthcoming states. After getting sober at age 22, Chapin brings lived experience to the National Stigma Initiative.

Before joining Shatterproof, Chapin sold real estate in the top markets of Southwest Florida, moved to Tennessee where he created one of Nashville’s fastest-growing brands and served as an artist manager before working in the residential treatment industry. As a member of the recovery community himself, Chapin is passionate about transforming the way the world views substance use disorder, prompting him to create a community outreach program to help young adults find solidarity in recovery.

An avid concertgoer and dog-lover, the small town Norwich, Vermont native enjoys spending time with his dogs Ford and Chief and exploring the live music scene that his home of Nashville, TN has to offer. You can find Chapin in front of the TV every Saturday cheering on the Auburn Tigers.

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