Christine Mack

Christine Mack acts as Program Coordinator for Shatterproof’s ATLAS team. She is primarily focused on the ATLAS platform redesign as she assists in improving user navigation through project management of data validation, website analytics, quality assurance testing, and content updates. She also coordinates quality measurement tasks regarding claims-related planning and public commenting. 

Prior to Shatterproof, Christine held various roles relating to healthcare and behavioral healthcare improvement. She has experience working in the public, private, and research sectors of healthcare. Her enthusiasm for professional growth and making a positive difference often led her to take on flexed roles. Her most memorable experience is holding a key role in building a grant-funded crisis intervention program through Health Homes of Upstate New York. Core efforts included enhancing corporate responsibility in improving access to quality care for the Medicaid population, addressing inequalities in behavioral healthcare related to social determinants of health and assessing gaps in care through Value-Based Payment education and incentives. Her drive for change pushed her to take on responsibilities in proposal writing, program coordination, data management, internal systems change, and partner relationships to successfully expand this program across New York State. 

Christine is thrilled to join the Shatterpoof family given its essential efforts in stigma-reduction and improving accessibility to quality-driven information when navigating care. She is grateful not only execute her passion in health systems change but also work alongside individuals so fiercely dedicated to person-centered care and patient empowerment.  

Christine has a BS in Public Policy and certificate in Health Systems Administration from the Rochester Institute of Technology. She resides in Rochester, New York.