Sophie D. Gabrion

Sophie Gabrion is Shatterproof’s Senior Manager of Social Media and Digital Content. With more than a decade of experience in nonprofit communications, she is most comfortable when surrounded by data and delights in launching new ideas into uncharted territories.

Following her Master’s degree at UMass Boston, Sophie moved home to Maine, where she focused her energy and excitement on digital marketing, specifically in the areas of impact analysis and content development. Perpetually thinking outside the box, Sophie has also developed a variety of training programs to advance brand management and promote organic engagement for mission-driven membership organizations.

Before his fatal heroin overdose in 2018, Sophie witnessed her brother, Gavin, endure two decades of unrelenting shame and sadness during his addiction. Motivated as much by his life as by his loss, Sophie is dedicated to building strong online communities that promote lived experience as the catalyst for change.

As a Virgo and lifelong ENTJ, Sophie is a righteous extrovert and is always happy to hear people’s stories, dilemmas, and ideas. After hours, she loves to whittle and spend time by the fire pit with friends, her mister, and their tiny terrier.

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