Juliana Burns (she/her) is the Program Coordinator on the Education team at Shatterproof. She helps to create content for Shatterproof’s Workplace and Family Support Programs, as well as assist with outreach for education initiatives. 

Juliana first got her start in the nonprofit world when she interned for LatinoU College Access, an organization dedicated to increasing college enrollment and success among first generation college students. 

Prior to joining Shatterproof, Juliana worked at The Threshold Foundation, a progressive membership organization devoted to creating social and environmental change. 

Juliana graduated from Pace University with a B.A. in English and Communications and a minor in Psychology. With creative writing being one of her favorite pastimes, she regularly contributed to the university’s original arts and literary magazine.

Juliana enjoys reading and practicing yoga, and she has a strong love for animals (especially cats). She is extremely passionate about Shatterproof’s mission to end the stigma around addiction and to help those in need get access to treatment. Juliana currently lives in New York.

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