Laura Whitaker

Laura is the Outreach and Communications Coordinator for Shatterproof Treatment Atlas. She provides support to the Treatment Atlas team in sustainability of Treatment Atlas within participating states as well as development and implementation in expansion states.

Prior to joining Shatterproof, Laura spent more than thirteen years providing direct services to clients in the substance use field. Working first in outpatient treatment, Laura served as the treatment liaison for family courts in Snohomish County. Within this role, she worked closely with her clinical team to bridge the gap between treatment providers and the legal system. Following this role, Laura served as the coordinator for the Snohomish County Adult Treatment Court for eight years. She supported programs by ensuring expedited access to treatment, quality services and support from community stakeholders.

Laura has a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Western Washington University. She lives in the Pacific Northwest with her husband, Richard, and their two children.

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