Headshot of Vanessa Shimer

Vanessa Shimer is Shatterproof’s Senior Coordinator of Marketing & Engagement. Vanessa provides support to the organization in many capacities, especially the Marketing and Communications team with projects and daily operations. Vanessa is also providing administrative support to the Chief Marketing and Communications Officer, Kirsten Seckler.

Previously, Vanessa has worked in various healthcare roles for the last 10 years. Before joining Shatterproof professionally, she served as a Shatterproof Ambassador and member of the Jr. Board of Directors and continues with those roles. Vanessa has a very strong passion for Shatterproof’s important work as she has been a lifelong advocate for individuals with substance use disorders, especially her beloved brother James, who she lost to a fentanyl overdose in August 2019. Vanessa is extremely dedicated to diminishing the stigma that surrounds substance use disorder and advocating that this is a treatable illness.

Vanessa is currently a student with Southern New Hampshire University and will obtain a BA in Human Services with a concentration in substance use disorder. After hours, you can find Vanessa searching for her next piece of vintage home decor or planning her next DIY project. She also enjoys her time with her girls, Adlee and Snow, and her husband, Brian, and working to create the best Sunday sauce.

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