Slashing billions of Medicaid dollars from state budgets would cost hundreds of thousands of lives. We can't let that happen. Use our tools to take action against the AHCA now.

91 people die from an opioid overdose every day. Right now, the Senate is rushing the American Health Care Act to a vote—without review from the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office, without public hearings, and without disclosing many of the bill’s details.

Here’s what we know for sure about this bill: It would make deep cuts to Medicaid, stripping away essential funding to treat people with substance use disorders. It would also limit federal oversight of Medicaid that guarantees the most vulnerable Americans—including people with substance use disorders—can get the care they need. We can’t let that happen.

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  • Addiction doesn’t kill people. Lack of treatment does. Vote NO on AHCA, @SenatorCollins.
  • April 2017: Nevada received a $5mil grant to fight our opioid epidemic. @SenDeanHeller help protect those suffering from addiction. #AHCA
  • 91 opioid overdose deaths occur each day. Treatment works, but only for those that can get it. @SenToomey protect PA. Vote NO on AHCA. 
  • Alaska’s rate of opioid-related deaths is 2x the national average. Protect Alaskans suffering from addiction @LisaMurkowski #AHCA
  • Gov. Ducey declared 2017 rise in opioid death rates a health crisis. Ensure Arizonians can access addiction services @JeffFlake #AHCA
  • Heroin deaths rose 23% in CO last year. Addiction is a disease. @SenCoryGardner vote NO on AHCA to treat it as such & protect Coloradans.
  • WV has the highest overdose death rate in the US. @SenCapito ensure addiction services are available to your citizens & vote NO on AHCA.
  • LA is one of 8 states with more opioid prescriptions than residents. @BillCassidy vote NO on AHCA to fight the addiction epidemic.

Tweets to rally support

  • Addiction doesn’t kill people. Lack of treatment does. Join me and tell your senators to vote NO on AHCA:
  • Over 50k Americans died from overdose last year. Tell your Senator to fight for addiction services:

Sample letter or email

Dear Senator [NAME],

More Americans died from drug overdose in 2016 than from car accidents. The opioid epidemic is a public health crisis and Ohio is at the center of this epidemic. The AHCA will just make it worse, and as your constituent, I urge you to vote no on this bill.

Treatment works, but only for those individuals able to access it. Any bill that would eliminate billions of Medicaid dollars from state budgets will cost hundreds of thousands of lives. If passed, the AHCA all but guarantees we'll see a spike in overdoses all over the country, shattering so many families beyond repair.

Addiction doesn’t kill people. Lack of treatment does. Each day that an individual does not receive treatment is another day that their addiction prolongs. I urge you to do everything in your power to protect access to essential addiction and mental health treatment, and vote NO on the AHCA.

Your constituent,



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