Adriana headshot

Adriana Rodriguez recently joined Shatterproof as a Development Coordinator, bringing a wealth of experience in fundraising and grant writing. Her background is marked by a strong commitment to supporting high-value fundraising efforts and fostering meaningful donor relationships, all in alignment with Shatterproof's mission.

Outside of her professional expertise, Adriana is deeply passionate about advocating for climate and food justice, as evidenced by her certifications in these areas. Moreover, she is dedicated to advocating for disability justice and health equity, reflecting her commitment to the core values of Shatterproof. 

Residing in Orlando, Florida, she finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. An avid thrifter, dedicated plant enthusiast, and regular visitor to local markets, she exemplifies a passion for sustainability and community engagement. In her cherished downtime, Adriana enjoys spending quality moments with her two senior dogs and family.