Frequently Asked Questions

Who can serve as an Ambassador?

Anyone who believes in the Shatterproof mission and is passionate about educating others about the addiction epidemic can apply to be an Ambassador. Candidates may include those in recovery, family members who have been affected by addiction, and passionate individuals who want to make an impact in their communities. Ambassadors are expected to have a fluid understanding of the organization’s mission, vision, and strategy these through regular interaction in Ambassador meetings and the private Facebook group. They should be able to persuasively articulate these elements in order to encourage more people to join the Shatterproof movement. Many Ambassadors share their personal connection to the cause as well. 

Why serve as an Ambassador?

Serving as an Ambassador is a rewarding experience for anyone inspired by our mission to reverse the addiction crisis in the US. 

What are the benefits of being an Ambassador?

Benefits to joining the Shatterproof Ambassador community include:

  • Becoming a part of a supportive, united, hopeful and mission-driven community
  • Access to helpful resources and Shatterproof staff support
  • Influencing live-saving legislation by advocating for state and federal policies
  • Sharing your experience and influence to inform and promote Shatterproof programing
  • Engagement with like-minded individuals within your state or region
  • Learning opportunities and professional development
  • The ability to suggest your own ideas – how you might like to reach your community through speaking engagements, media opportunities, events
  • Invitations to present at local speaking engagements including panels, keynotes and events
  • Networking with other Ambassadors, Shatterproof staff members, experts in the addiction/recovery community, and everyday people who have been impacted by substance use disorder

What kind of assignments are Ambassadors asked to complete?

Ambassadors may be asked to:

  • Speak or give presentations in person or virtually 
  • Provide testimony to help with state and national advocacy efforts 
  • Share your story on video or with the press 
  • Complement Shatterproof messaging by sharing stories for content on our website, blog or in emails 
  • Volunteer at Shatterproof events 
  • Assist in Shatterproof fundraising efforts 
  • Identify opportunities for Shatterproof to be recognized within your community
  • Engage in social media to advance and promote our mission
  • Participate in a focus group, or on a committee
  • Join forces with other Ambassadors to raise awareness of Shatterproof programs and invite others to join the movement

Shatterproof provides the resources and tools needed to ensure success such as Ambassador toolkits, connections to one another and staff support during monthly meetings and beyond. It is our hope that Ambassadors stay well informed of Shatterproof’s progress by being involved in calls and on the private Facebook page. 

What kind of commitment does the Ambassadors Program require?

Ambassadors are able to dedicate as much or as little time as they are able. Ambassadors may find there are several requests to get involved over a short period, while at other times there may be lulls without many requests. Ambassadors are asked to consider the organizational needs and how their personal interests and networks may align to those needs. Being able to identify opportunities within your community or social media network is an asset.