About ATLAS™

Decades of research prove addiction can be treated with the same effectiveness as other chronic diseases. But addiction is heavily stigmatized, and the use of evidence-based best practices in addiction treatment programs across the United States varies widely. Currently, there are no clear standards of quality across the addiction treatment space, nor standard assessment of program quality.

As a result, patients and family members seeking care often struggle to understand available treatment options and to easily identify high quality addiction treatment programs.  There is also a lot of misinformation about treatment that can be confusing for people to navigate. That’s why Shatterproof brought together the nation’s leading experts to build ATLAS.

Those using this free web-based platform will be able to compare facilities side-by-side, or filter by criteria important to them personally, such as facility location, program needs, or insurance carrier. Patients and their loved ones will also be able to leave feedback on treatment facilities by responding to validated survey questions similar to those used in other areas of healthcare.

ATLAS is based on the Shatterproof National Principles of Care, and will standardize measurement of addiction treatment facilities across all levels of care and types of treatment.

It will examine specialty addiction treatment facilities including residential, inpatient, outpatient, and opioid treatment programs. It does not include individual physicians or providers treating SUD.


  • IS a resource for patients and their loved ones, providers, and payers 
  • IS the first step in building an infrastructure for quality improvement in addiction treatment 
  • IS funded by a coalition of payers and foundations, and independently coordinated by Shatterproof and RTI International (RTI) 
  • IS based on reliable quality information triangulated from multiple sources 
  • IS NOT funded by addiction treatment programs or pharmaceutical companies 
  • IS NOT intended to reduce the pool of treatment providers available to consumers 
  • IS NOT a purely consumer-review site like Yelp 
  • IS NOT finalized—it is in its first phase, and currently being implemented and tested in a select group of pilot states, with the intention to expand nationwide 


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Information for Providers

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