ATLAS is a groundbreaking addiction treatment locator and quality measurement platform.
We appreciate all those who were able to join us for the VIRTUAL LAUNCH on Tuesday, July 21st, 2020! See a replay of the event below.


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ATLAS is an addiction treatment locator, assessment, and standards platform that helps people find appropriate, high-quality addiction treatment. ATLAS was piloted by Shatterproof in 6 states: DE, LA, MA, NC, NY, and WV, with support from numerous partners. Together, we proudly launched ATLAS on July 21st, 2020 to help change the treatment landscape in these states.  

ATLAS provides standardized information about the types of services and use of best practices  at all types of addiction treatment facilities in the Phase 1 states.  The platform also collects patient feedback in an ongoing manner. 

To further advance Shatterproof’s mission of reversing the addiction crisis in America, ATLAS aims to improve the overall quality of addiction treatment by democratizing data to inform policy and payment changes and to be used by providers to inform and measure their own quality improvement efforts. 

During the ATLAS launch event we heard from key federal and state partners as well as Shatterproof staff and ambassadors on the importance of this resource, its development, and how it will be used moving forward. 

Launch Event Speakers
Sam Arsenault in black turtleneck
Samantha Arsenault
Vice President of National Treatment Quality Initiatives, Shatterproof
ONDCP Director James "Jim" Carroll sits in front of the American flag
The Honorable James W. Carroll, JD
Director of National Drug Control Policy, Executive Office of the President
Jim Cremer in plaid shirt stands in front of grey wall
James Cremer
Deputy Director, Bureau of Substance Addiction Services, Massachusetts Department of Public Health
Bob Hansen in blazer and collared shirt
Bob Hansen
Executive Director, Office of Drug Control Policy, West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources
Pat Lincourt in grey sweater in front of a beige wall
Pat Lincourt
Associate Commissioner, Office of Addiction Services and Supports, New York State Department of Health
Gary Mendell
Founder and CEO, Shatterproof
Elizabeth Romero stands with glasses on
Elizabeth Romero
Director, Division of Substance Abuse and Mental Health, Delaware Health and Social Services
Lipi Roy
Lipi Roy, MD, MPH, FASAM
Internal Medicine Physician, MSNBC and NBC News Medical Contributor
Karen Stubbs wearing a black blazer
Karen Stubbs
Assistant Secretary, Office of Behavioral Health, Louisiana Department of Health


“When my family was looking for addiction treatment for my son Brian, the system was impossible to navigate. If ATLAS was available, I believe we could have found evidence-based treatment and my son might be alive today,” said Gary Mendell, Founder and CEO of Shatterproof. “As I reflect on how ATLAS will help so many people in need and their loved ones and as I learn more about how the COVID-19 pandemic is aggravating the already existing addiction public health crisis, it is so important that we make ATLAS available to everyone in these six states and across the country.”

Addiction can be treated similarly to other chronic diseases, but the use of evidence-based best practices shown to improve patient outcomes varies widely across the addiction treatment industry. While quality measurement systems currently exist in many other health care settings – creating accountability and transparency around the use of best practices – no standardized measurement system exists for addiction treatment. 

In response, Shatterproof created the ATLAS quality measurement system for addiction treatment facilities. ATLAS is built on existing quality measurement best practices, and uses feedback from patients, family members, treatment providers, insurers, and more to provide a comprehensive view of treatment quality. Based upon Shatterproof’s National Principles of Care©, ATLAS uses valid and reliable data on treatment facilities and displays this information online in conjunction with education materials, so individuals searching for treatment can locate the most appropriate care for themselves or a loved one. 


Helping individuals find the most appropriate level of care

For those unsure of what level of care may be most appropriate for them, includes the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment – a free online assessment of just 13 questions, open to anyone across the country. This consumer-friendly, expert-developed assessment evaluates the risk and severity of a person’s addiction and provides guidance on the most appropriate treatment type. This resource was created in partnership with American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) and Open Beds, an addiction health tech company, and is based on the ASAM Criteria.

Together, ATLAS and the Addiction Treatment Needs Assessment empower those impacted by addiction to cut through confusion, deception, and misinformation and allows them to navigate to high-quality care while accelerating the adoption of clinical best practices across the field.

The time has come...

After more than 2 years of development and collaboration with hundreds of stakeholders across the first cohort of states implementing ATLAS (Delaware, Massachusetts, Louisiana, North Carolina, New York, West Virginia), Shatterproof and RTI International are proud to announce the launch of 

We are thankful for your interest in this momentous event.

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