BK McDonough

BK brings a history of working in policy and advocacy, and deep knowledge of substance use disorders and treatment. Prior to joining Shatterproof, she worked in addiction prevention and education, post-treatment recovery support, advocacy and funding. BK joins the ATLAS team with a wealth of experience working to elevate the field and increase equitable access to substance use disorder treatment on both the state and national levels. 

BK is a tireless advocate for people in need of addiction treatment and the providers that offer quality, evidence-based behavioral healthcare. She served as key contributor of the Patient Protection and Treatment Ethics Act model state drug law. BK is a resource and partner for treatment providers, advocacy groups, legislators and agencies wanting to find solutions to the ongoing addiction crisis in America. 

She is passionate about transforming standards of care, measurable outcomes, and helping families make informed decisions to find the most appropriate treatment available. She is committed to Shatterproof’s mission to change the healthcare system so people suffering from substance use disorder have access to quality treatment that's based on science — just like treatment for any other disease. 

BK thrives as an agent of change and believes in “walking the walk.” In 2017, BK completed the Gobi March Ultramarathon (250 km) to help raise awareness and funding for treatment. She holds an MBA with a focus on entrepreneurship. BK is a person in long-term recovery, based in Pennsylvania and living contentedly with her family.

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