Google and Recovery Advocates Partner on New Resources Hub

An illustration from Google's Recovery page, showing people chatting in a park

Millions of Americans have recovered from a substance use disorder. But you wouldn’t necessarily know it—many of them go about their daily lives feeling like they have to keep their experiences a secret. They know that society is hostile to people who’ve struggled with drug and alcohol addiction. They don’t want to alienate family, lose friends, or jeopardize their careers.

Normalizing recovery experiences is long overdue. If we want to reverse our country’s addiction crisis, we need to celebrate recovery, showing people who are struggling with this treatable illness that there is hope.

Google’s new webpage, called "Recover Together," is a great step toward bringing recovery into the mainstream. It showcases diverse stories of recovery, features education on fostering recovery-friendly communities, and includes a language tool to help people talk about addiction in more respectful words.

There’s also a tool, powered by Google Maps, that allows people in recovery to browse for support groups and other local resources.

The project is a partnership between Google, Young People in Recovery, and Ryan Hampton’s Voice’s Project

Check out the Recover Together page here.