Leadership is About Giving Back

Marni Rosenzweig
Comerica Bank Women’s Business Award - Philanthropy

I was recently awarded The Comerica Bank Women’s Business Award in the category of Philanthropy, which recognizes women in leadership in Southern California. The award pays tribute to women’s contributions that change the local community for the better.

The truth is, there’s no award, prize or anything of the sort more meaningful than volunteering in support of an organization’s mission or giving time to people who can benefit from our experience or connections.

We all know that time is a very precious commodity, especially when work can be so consuming and home life is equally demanding. But when we volunteer, we develop a greater connection to an industry and a cause — and it doesn’t have to be by taking on an officer position or committee assignment for an organization. It can be done, one person at a time.

I’ve been volunteering with Shatterproof for 8 years. My first volunteer experience with the organization was rappelling down a very tall building in downtown Los Angeles to bring awareness to the organization’s cause as well as donations to support its mission. I was terrified, but just like with addiction, it was all about surrendering and taking that first small step. My husband and son cheered me on, which was the highlight of the experience. They still can’t believe I did it!


I was drawn to Shatterproof because, as a woman in recovery for 23 years, I feel a responsibility to share my experience with others and help end the stigma of addiction. It’s a disease, pure and simple, and Shatterproof’s mission aligns perfectly with helping people recover.

In 2017, I formed the Shatterproof Talent Advisory Board to support our rappelling events, which raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for Shatterproof’s lifesaving work. At that event, and in every southern California event we’ve held since, I used my connections to recruit influential participants, my compassion to promote work in the local sober community, and my compelling story to personally raise nearly $30,000 for Shatterproof in recent years.

I continue to be touched by those who donate to Shatterproof, which is a worthy organization. Friends and family have been incredible in showing their support, and I’m eternally grateful.

Woman of Philanthropy is a title I was so proud to accept. Unlike other business awards, this one speaks to the work that I feel honored to do. When I help others, in turn, I help myself, and I get to know wonderful people who I may not otherwise meet. Philanthropy is an opportunity to broaden our horizons and look outside ourselves to contribute to the well-being of others. 

So, you might ask, what’s in it for me? The answer is everything. As a volunteer, find what you can do and do what you can. Lead by example and have fun, make contacts and life-long friends, and leave a legacy by helping others. For me, doing the work has been the real reward.

Marni Rosenzweig is a Shatterproof Ambassador. In the fall of 2022, she was the mission speaker for the Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction Walk in Los Angeles. She is the owner of The Rosenzweig Group, a talent management and production company offering a holistic approach to its development of a diverse roster of entertainment clientele. 

Learn about volunteer opportunities with Shatterproof.

Marni Rosenzweig, her husband and son

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