Safe Addiction Resources for Black People

Natasha Magino
Black people in a support group

Finding addiction help as a Black person can be tough. 38% of people with addiction don’t think they can afford treatment. So, instead of scouring the internet for safe, affordable resources - we’ll take the load off your shoulders. 

We’ve done the legwork and gathered a list of addiction and mental health resources that are specifically tailored to Black people. Below are some straight-forward resources that will allow you to find addiction treatment, speak to trained crisis counselors, locate culturally sensitive therapists, and much more: 

General Resources 

  • ATLAS: helps people search for and compare addiction treatment facilities to find high-quality care for themselves or their loved ones.   
  • The Loveland Foundation: A non-profit organization offering financial assistance to Black women and girls seeking therapy. 
  • The Fireweed Collective: offers mental health education and mutual aid for all people while centering on the needs of those most marginalized by our society. 
  • SAMHSA’s National Helpline: free, confidential, 24/7, 365-day-a-year treatment referral and information service for individuals and families facing mental and/or substance use disorders. 
  • Boris Lawrence Henson Foundation Resource Directory: Virtual directory of mental health providers, programs, and resource materials for the black community 
  • NAATP Addiction Industry Directory: A comprehensive source of addiction service providers and supporters 
  • Therapy for Black Men: This rapidly growing directory of 135 therapists and 27 coaches throughout the fifty states provides judgment-free, multiculturally competent care to Black men with the purpose of breaking the stigma that asking for help is a sign of weakness. 
  • Therapy for Black Girls: This space was developed to present mental health topics in a way that feels more accessible and relevant. They offer resources, guides, and a directory of mental health practices that are run by Black women for Black women. 

Children & College Students 

  • Concerned Black Men of America: This organization connects children of color to mental health resources and role models. They offer parent-focused programs on career development and adult literacy. 
  • Young People of Color: An online support community for young people of color that includes daily check-ins, celebrations, icebreakers, and Q&As. 


  • YMSM + LGBT Center of Excellence: This organization delivers culturally responsive and evidence-based prevention and treatment services for minority lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender populations dealing with co-occurring substance use and mental health disorders. 
  • National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network: This organization is committed to transforming the mental health of queer and trans people of color. 
  • The Trevor Project: National organization that provides crisis intervention and suicide prevention services to all LGBTQ+ youth, with an emphasis on protecting the Black community. 

The Black community is often under scrutiny for how  it is affected by addiction. There is always a blog, a book, or a story condemning this issue. When researching how addiction affects the Black community, you’ll often see  a list of barriers that led to this issue.  However, you’ll rarely find resources to help treat this disease nor ways to combat stigmas that come with it. As organization dedicated to reversing the addiction crisis in the United States, we want to make sure you don’t hit a wall when searching for help, and to be the resource you look to when in need. 

Women in a support group

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