Shatterproof Partners with U.S. Surgeon General to Address Opioid Epidemic

It’s easy to see why the opioid epidemic is crucially important to the nation’s doctor. Drug overdose is now the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, and the CDC has called the current epidemic “the worst in [U.S.] history.” Prescription opioids are causing overdoses at unprecedented rates, and with four out of five heroin addictions beginning with a prescription pill, the ripple effect that opioid overprescribing can have is alarming. Shatterproof is thrilled to partner with Dr. Murthy in our commitment to ending addiction through evidence-based, common-sense science and regulations.

While visiting Shatterproof, Dr. Murthy met with a group of New York physicians to discuss opioid usage guidelines and the dangers of over-prescribing. The doctors discussed recommendations that could improve our nation’s treatment and prevention of addiction. Their main ideas focused on the importance of multi-disciplinary care models (similar to those used to treat HIV and HCV), better training of residents, mandatory screenings by pediatricians as part of teenage well-visits, and emphasizing community-based recovery programs. The doctors agreed that the stigma of addiction is hugely responsible for the lack of resources and recovery, and that this stigma must be overcome in order to prevent, treat, and end addiction.

Dr. Murthy also met with a group of families who have been touched by the disease, including individuals in recovery. Inspirational stories of recovery were shared, and the group discussed the negative impact that “Just Say No”-type messaging can have on people who are struggling with addiction. The group agreed: more education, more support, and more hope are what’s needed to end the stigma.

Shatterproof is honored to be collaborating with Dr. Murthy, and is inspired by his compassionate, scientific approach to stopping the current opioid epidemic and ending addiction in America.

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