Spine Surgeon’s New Book Shares Insights on Treating Back Pain Without Opioids

Dr. Thomas J. Kleeman knows a thing or two about back pain—he’s been treating it as a spine surgeon for 30 years.

Now, Dr. Kleeman is sharing his knowledge and expertise in a new book, Release Yourself from Back Pain Without Opioids: The Truth behind the Cause and the Cure for Low Back Pain. The book offers practical guidance on preventing and treating back pain, helping patients live happy, healthy lives.

The cover of Dr. Kleeman's book, showing a person standing on a high rock, watching the sky at sunrise

During the month of November, Dr. Kleeman has generously pledged to donate proceeds from his book to Shatterproof, supporting out mission to reverse the course of the addiction crisis in America.

Purchase Dr. Kleeman’s book—and support Shatterproof—today!

Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction

192 Americans die from drug overdoses each day.

This must stop. Help reverse the addiction crisis in America.

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