Stay Dry in July Kicks Off a New Way to Fundraise

Together, we definitely proved that summer fun doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol.

No drinking for a few days, a week, or even the whole month of July. That’s what we asked you to do as part of our Stay Dry in July fundraiser, to show support for our community in recovery while also raising crucial funds for our mission to end addiction.

The campaign was a big hit: We raised over $49,000! And we’ve heard lots of incredible stories from our Stay Dry participants. Our fundraiser Allan R. shared what his experience was like during his fundraiser:

“We all know people who have made the difficult life choice to give up drugs and/or alcohol, usually by necessity. I now have a greater understanding of what people who are sober go through every day… and trust me, it is not easy. But my friends and family have been so supportive, and the response to my campaign has been amazing.”

Best of all? It doesn’t stop here. There are countless ways to get involved — from community fundraisers to bake sales to 5Ks (or even marathons) — and our all-new website makes it incredibly easy. Check out our Create Your Own Fundraiser page to learn more about how you can kick off your own unique campaign.

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