A woman with dark hair looking out at sea

I’d love to tell my mom that I understand how much shame she’s feeling. I want to tell her how her drinking affects me. But it's hard.

A selfie of the author and her father, smiling
Kristin Gourlay

I celebrated 10 years sober in November 2020. My dad has more than 35 years under his belt.

Chad smiling and lounging on an outdoor patio with a mountain view
Chad Fahlberg

Within a week I had a prescription for Suboxone and access to support meetings. The doctor’s office called often to check in. I realized that maybe I could hang on.

Karen and Jason dancing
Karen Anginoli

This will be my fourth Mother’s Day without my son, Jason. I often reflect on the past at this time of year.

An old family photo of the author, in sunglasses, holding her baby son Tommy
Colleen Michaelis

Realizing this is heartbreaking, and no one knows that reality more than a mom who has lost a child to substance use disorder.

A childhood photo of the author's daughter, smiling in a red and white go cart
Connie Koch

Lyndsey felt ashamed, judged, and trapped by the stigma surrounding addiction for 9 long years—and so did we.

The author with her mother and son, at a birthday party
Anne Emerson

Without my recovery, I wouldn’t have been able to be there for my mom when she was sick and needed me. 

A selfie of the author, Lorri, with her family
Lorri Detrick

Awareness is important. But compassionately sounding the alarm when someone needs help is a critical next step.

President Joe Biden giving a speech at a podium, with a large monitor and American flag in the background. Photo by Adam Schultz.
Gary Mendell, founder and CEO

President Biden and I have something big in common: We’re both fathers who’ve coped with a son’s addiction.

The author, Kari, with her husband at the beach
Kari Rummel

For me, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than candy hearts and silly cards. This day gives me the opportunity to celebrate someone who is always celebrating me: My loving husband, Mike. 

The author and her brother

Tony always searched for his purpose. Now I know that purpose lives on in me.

A family photo of the author and her siblings: A teenaged girl holding a baby, and a young man next to her, all seated on a couch
Rabiah Coon

I once read that forgiveness is “giving up the hope that the past could be different.”

A selfie of the author and her best friend, both smiling
Andrea Miller

Stigma is a powerful enemy. But we have something much more powerful. That's love.

A family photo of the author and her brother, mugging for the cameria
Margaret Hanson

ATLAS is a free, web-based platform that helps exhausted, distraught and confused people find the help they need.

Shatterproof Ambassador Eitan Solomon, with short brown hair, glasses, and a black blazer
Eitan Solomon

Finding evidence-based, high quality medical care to treat the foremost health crisis in our country should not be a matter of chance. 


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