An actor has his face painted by a makeup artist on the set of Hide Your Crazy
Alex Kaplan

A new horror film explores how the hardest person to learn to love is sometimes yourself.

An old family photo of a young Emilia and her dad cuddling happily
Emilia Wilburn

My father has severe mental illness and a substance use disorder. People assume I resent him for it. They couldn't be more wrong.

A selfie of the author with two loved ones out to eat at a restaurant

The steps work. They really do. How we apply them might be different. 

The author shows off a small, round, pink-purple chip she earned in AA
Kristin Gourlay

At first glance, I doubted I’d have much in common with anyone at the AA meeting in a two-room clubhouse. But I pulled up a chair at one of the long folding tables and tried

The author smiles with her son
Karen Anginoli

You think you are the only one with these thoughts and problems, but others have the same thoughts. Going to meetings, and listening, will help.

Smiling Woman

Meetings can be an invaluable resource for people in recovery. Find out what they're like from people who've been there.

Dr Roy outside a New York vaccination clinic, wearing scrubs and white coat

Dr. Roy took the time to talk to us about harm reduction, the effectiveness of addiction medications, and the inspiring resilience she sees in her patients.

A pile of candy conversation hearts in yellow, purple, blue and green
Lisa Smith

At the end of my using, I couldn’t even take my dry cleaning across the street without a drink. How was I supposed to go on a date?

The author, Kari, with her husband at the beach
Kari Rummel

For me, Valentine’s Day is about so much more than candy hearts and silly cards. This day gives me the opportunity to celebrate someone who is always celebrating me: My loving husband, Mike. 

Bart Preston on a hike, wearing his daughter in a carrier
Maritza Hiciano

Remembering a lost loved one is a unique experience that varies from family to family. For far too many families across the nation, the cause of that loss is addiction.

The author's holiday card, featuring photos of friends, family, and travel on a red background
Holly Jespersen

This season can be stressful. Here are a few of my top tips for getting festive without jeopardizing your health.

A table set for a holiday celebration, with lit candles and cloth napkins
Anne Lopez

It’s important to protect yourself and your wellness throughout the holiday season. Here are a few tips that may help you redirect thinking and control urges to use during the holidays.

A black and white photo of the Tarica brothers on the Great Wall of China

In a few weeks, they’ll each be running a marathon on different sides of the country. And they’re both doing it to raise funds and awareness for Shatterproof.

Mark Curtis at the gym

42 treatment programs. Countless emergency doses of naloxone. But Mark survived it all. Now, he's thriving in recovery.

A portrait of Irene Filimonoff-Haney and her young son
Irene Filimonoff-Haney

This is what I live for now: the hope that my grandson’s generation will not be cast away like his father’s generation was, and that the antiquated stigma surrounding addiction will cease to exist.

window man

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month

Join our efforts to end the stigma surrounding mental health and substance use disorders. Your gift will give hope to millions of people.