The author's holiday card, featuring photos of friends, family, and travel on a red background
Holly Jespersen

This season can be stressful. Here are a few of my top tips for getting festive without jeopardizing your health.

A table set for a holiday celebration, with lit candles and cloth napkins
Anne Lopez

It’s important to protect yourself and your wellness throughout the holiday season. Here are a few tips that may help you redirect thinking and control urges to use during the holidays.

A black and white photo of the Tarica brothers on the Great Wall of China

In a few weeks, they’ll each be running a marathon on different sides of the country. And they’re both doing it to raise funds and awareness for Shatterproof.

Mark Curtis at the gym

42 treatment programs. Countless emergency doses of naloxone. But Mark survived it all. Now, he's thriving in recovery.

A portrait of Irene Filimonoff-Haney and her young son
Irene Filimonoff-Haney

This is what I live for now: the hope that my grandson’s generation will not be cast away like his father’s generation was, and that the antiquated stigma surrounding addiction will cease to exist.

A childhood photo of the author and her dad hugging
Emilia Wilburn

There is a saying in my family that we are all born with alcoholism. That we have “the gene.”

A childhood photo of the author and her brother holding hands on a leafy walk
Sophie Gabrion

What does it mean to honor someone you’ve lost to an overdose? How do you remember someone who died from a disease most of the world would rather forget?

Nicole and her brother, Matthew, as children
Nicole Maloney

Overdose Awareness Day is August 31. In honor of this painful but important day, we're sharing stories from Shatterproof community members who've experienced overdose firsthand.

Jenny Hallet and Brittany photo_v2
Jenny Souviner Hallett

Saving his life is my sweet Brittany Rose’s legacy. Because she died, I was able to help him live.

A woman with dark hair looking out at sea

I’d love to tell my mom that I understand how much shame she’s feeling. I want to tell her how her drinking affects me. But it's hard.

A selfie of the author and her father, smiling
Kristin Gourlay

I celebrated 10 years sober in November 2020. My dad has more than 35 years under his belt.

Chad smiling and lounging on an outdoor patio with a mountain view
Chad Fahlberg

Within a week I had a prescription for Suboxone and access to support meetings. The doctor’s office called often to check in. I realized that maybe I could hang on.

Karen and Jason dancing
Karen Anginoli

This will be my fourth Mother’s Day without my son, Jason. I often reflect on the past at this time of year.

An old family photo of the author, in sunglasses, holding her baby son Tommy
Colleen Michaelis

Realizing this is heartbreaking, and no one knows that reality more than a mom who has lost a child to substance use disorder.

A childhood photo of the author's daughter, smiling in a red and white go cart
Connie Koch

Lyndsey felt ashamed, judged, and trapped by the stigma surrounding addiction for 9 long years—and so did we.

There is no substitute for a loved one.

There is no substitute for a loved one.

You can help families impacted by addiction remain whole. This holiday season, all donations will be matched 100% — doubling your impact!

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