A man with a white beard wearing blue scrubs stands next to empty seats in a clinic hallway. Photo by Foto Garage AG on Unsplash
Lisa Blanchard, VP, Spectrum Health Systems

More than 1/3 of Americans say the pandemic has had a significant impact on their mental health, with 8% sharing that it has caused them to drink and misuse drugs more than before.

Taylor Running
Taylor McCaughey

Lately, I've learned a lot about healing.

Shatterproof Ambassador Amy Small
Amy Small

Twenty-five years ago, I was eight months pregnant with my first baby girl. Not quite a mother, but my protruding belly was proof that in just a few weeks I would qualify for that title

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Courtney Gallo Hunter & Edward Carlson

For states looking to help their constituents with addiction, consider following Louisiana’s example and taking similar state-wide actions to respond.

Shatterproof Ambassador Patti Vargas and her sons
Pattie Vargas

Here's to all the moms out there … those who have had the storybook Motherhood experience and those of us who have not, and the millions of us who fall anywhere on the continuum.

Buprenorphine Prescription Chart
Courtney Gallo Hunter, VP, State Policy

In order to increase access to treatment for those struggling, our report emphasizes the need to remove the buprenorphine waiver requirement.

GATWAY movie poster

The film follows three families inadvertently impacted by opioid addiction that began with a prescription to manage pain after surgery.

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Dr. Thomas McLellan

Patient privacy is critical. But in order to effectively treat addiction, health care systems need to be able to safely share information.

An iPhone displaying the meeting app Zoom, with headphones and a laptop. Photo by Allie Smith for Unsplash
Channah VanRegenmorter

Pandemics are not kind to recovery, and I didn’t want the people we care about to be alone and abandoned during this stressful time.

Shatterproof's ATLAS Team

The addiction treatment system is rapidly adapting to a changing world and Shatterproof is here to help.

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Matthew Stefanko

Distance is the new normal. That’s dangerous for people with addiction. But there are ways we can all help.

NBC's Kate Snow and Shatterproof's Sam Arsenault doing a Skype interview

Our Vice President of National Treatment Quality Initiatives, Samantha Arsenault, talked to NBC’s Kate Snow about the increased risks people with addiction face during this pandemic.

An iPhone displaying the meeting app Zoom, with headphones and a laptop. Photo by Allie Smith for Unsplash
Dr. Elizabeth Salisbury-Afshar

Virtual treatment and recovery programs work well for many patients, but there are obstacles that must be addressed.

Headshot of Dr. Chudacoff: A white man with a grey beard and glasses, in a pink button down shirt, standing outside
Dr. Richard Chudacoff

My personal experience navigating addiction with a loved one has certainly affected the way I treat my patients.

Two teen girls laying down and laughing on the hood of a truck

Growing up is hard. But staying healthy shouldn’t be.