An illustration from Google's Recovery page, showing people chatting in a park

Normalizing recovery experiences is long overdue. This is a step in the right direction.


Shatterproof’s Rise Up Against Addiction event brought families, friends, and neighbors together in Chicago to shed light on recovery, loss and the stigma of addiction.

Two women, talking and laughing while sitting on a swingset
Anne De Santis Lopez

A Certified Peer Recovery Specialist offers advice.

Shatterproof's CEO, Gary Mendell, with his son Brian as a young child

Our founder and CEO spoke to NPR's Rachel Martin about the impact of the trial's verdict, and what it means for families affected by addiction.

A childhood photo of the author and her brother
Jaclyn Brown

Since November 16, 2018, there are two questions that instantly make my heart stop.

Jenny Hallet and Brittany photo_v2
Jenny Souviner Hallett

Saving his life is my sweet Brittany Rose’s legacy. Because she died, I was able to help him live.

Helen Morrison - Shatterproof Ambassador
Helen Morrison

Volunteering with Shatterproof offers me a sense of giving back to all the people who have helped me and my sons with recovery.


Recent research raises alarms about opioid use among a particularly vulnerable population: older adults.

taton moise
Jessie Dunleavy

Loving a person who suffers from addiction is its own kind of teacher.

Rick Werner
Rick Werner

Together, we are stronger than addiction.

Taylor and Bryanna, in white dresses, posing for a photo

Beginning at age 15, Bryanna Thomas struggled with alcohol and other drugs. But today, she’s thriving in recovery.

Capitol Hill with flag

Thanks to thousands of passionate advocates, we’ve made a lot of progress so far in 2019. Here’s what we’ve achieved together.

A hand lifting a Pride flag toward the sky. Image courtesy of Yannis Papanastasopoulos
Jess Keefe

LGBTQ+ Americans are more at risk for substance use disorders. 

A beach ball floating in a pool
Anne De Santis Lopez

Here's how to protect your wellness while still making the most of your summer social events.

Image of newspaper boxes on a street curbside

The downsides of federal grants for opioids, a national survey on LGBTQ+ youth and mental health, and more.

Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Shatterproof is transforming addiction treatment in America. Stay tuned for updates and information

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