Jenny Matthews

He was my brother. And he did what brothers do. And I loved him so very much.

By Stephanie J. Patterson

We have lost too many people in Missouri. We are losing more daily to this overdose epidemic.

Together, we definitely proved that summer fun doesn’t have to revolve around alcohol.

Four key policy moves that could make real, fast-paced progress.

surgeon general group shot

On April 13, United States Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy visited Shatterproof's New York City headquarters for an afternoon of learning and communicating about the disease of addiction.

Today Shatterproof released a comprehensive report calling on state legislatures to require doctors to use state-run databases that keep track of a patient's history of opioid and sedative prescriptions.

Why stigma needs to end.

Mother and daughter

This Alcohol Awareness Month, we can bring real change to those who need it.

Give now and a group of generous donors will match your gift – dollar for dollar – up to $100,000.

Double your impact.