two people who are grieving hold hands
Maritza Hiciano

Do you have something you've been meaning to do for yourself but haven't yet done because of grief? 

Friends hugging on a mountaintop

In 2014, two boys got sick. One received the help he needed to get better. The other didn’t.

A calendar announcing the arrival of Dry January
Amy Bridges

While Dry January does have the power to do some good, it also simplifies a complex, nuanced issue.

A group of friends dancing inside a club with blue and purple lights

With more Americans cutting back or quitting drinking, major cities are serving up mocktails and alcohol-free hotspots.

grandparents walking in a park facing away from the camera

Older Americans are at greater risk than ever for drug overdose and substance misuse. Here’s what’s happening — and why.

Capitol Hill
Editorial Team

The MATE Act just passed Congress and is expected to be signed into law! The MATE Act will expand addiction education to federal healthcare providers.

Drug use concept image
Shatteproof Editorial Team

Here's everything you need to know about the newest street drug. 

Difficult holiday
Editorial Team

From recovery to lost loved ones - Shatterproof Ambassadors share their advice on getting through the holidays. 

doctor inside office talking to patient

Methadone is one of the most effective treatments available for opioid use disorder. But, Dr. Volkow says there are too many barriers to receiving it. 

government building

A wide range of programming is being considered, and ideas vary from state to state. New reporting sheds light on the process.

CVS Pharmacy

Another big opioid settlement payout is coming to the states. Where will that money go? 

Joicy Salgado on a hike

Advice from a Psychotherapist

Leslie Jordan headshot

The actor and comedian, who passed away last month, talked openly about his experiences with addiction and his life in recovery.

Navy Officer
Jay Wylie

I hope my story can help other vets who may be struggling because I found a way… and I know you can too.

An empty hallway in a hospital
Jess Keefe

Too few hospitals are prepared to identify and treat drug and alcohol misuse. To save lives, that's got to change.