The author's holiday card, featuring photos of friends, family, and travel on a red background
Holly Jespersen

This season can be stressful. Here are a few of my top tips for getting festive without jeopardizing your health.

2019 DFW 5K - Jen Sugermeyer + Family

Greater DFW supporters joined the Shatterproof community at Roland Kirk Bridge to honor loved ones, to change the conversation about addiction, and to shatter stigma.

A white woman's feet, wearing orange and grey sneakers, walking up concrete stairs
Jacqueline Filis

Whether you’re checking into a residential rehab, beginning an outpatient program, or starting a medication routine, I recommend keeping these simple tips in mind.

LA 5K 2019 - Team Jeremy

Greater Los Angeles area supporters united at Grand Park to honor those lost to addiction and to celebrate recovery.

Sam Arsenault in black turtleneck

Key stakeholders were invited to testify this morning. Here is Sam Arsenault's complete oral statement.

A girl in a coat looks out at a river
Jess Keefe

No matter how long it’s been since your loss, there’s no doubt that the holiday season is especially hard. But there are ways to get through it—and even enjoy parts of it. 

A woman, two men, and another woman sit on a stage

What’s the biggest driver of our country’s addiction crisis? The unjust stigma associated with substance use disorders.

Photo by Israel Palacio. Image of camo-printed army helmets.
Cassie Hellyer

Addiction is real. But so is your ability to overcome it.

Photo by Benjamin Faust. The legs and boots of a veteran, standing next to a pair of boots, a camo backpack, and an American flag.
Josephe Hickox

If you are reading this to hear another war story, then please go ahead and stop.

The author's baseball hat, which reads "Gulf War Veteran"
William Bradley

After 11 years of active military service, I left the Army for civilian life back in my home state of West Virginia. Things changed drastically.

Shatterproof 5K Atlanta - Volunteers - 01

Greater Atlanta area supporters united at Piedmont Park to honor those lost to addiction and to celebrate recovery.

The cover of Dr. Kleeman's book, showing a person standing on a high rock, watching the sky at sunrise

Dr. Thomas J. Kleeman knows a thing or two about back pain—he’s been treating it as a spine surgeon for 30 years.

Three women and two men sit in directors' chairs on stage at the premiere of Gateway

When Jennifer delivered her baby by C-section, she did not know that the painkillers her doctor prescribed would help ignite a years-long struggle with addiction.

Gary Mendell at Senate Finance Committee Hearing

This morning's hearing addressed an urgent crisis affecting far too many American families: The lack of access to trustworthy addiction care.

Lena Camilletti

Four pharmaceutical companies have reached a settlement with two Ohio counties just hours before the trial was set to begin—but, they aren’t willing to admit wrongdoing of any kind when it comes to the opioid epidemic.