Chart depicting CDC data showing spikes in opioid-related overdose deaths
Kirstin Hope Sievers

How do opioids work? Why are they so addictive? 

An illustration from Google's Recovery page, showing people chatting in a park

Browse for support groups and local resources. 

Anne Emerson and her fiance
Anne Emerson

"I knew that with each overdose he suffered, it was one closer to him dying."

Image of the author's son, wearing sunglasses and looking over a balcony
Jessie Dunleavy

He was the happiest he'd been in a long time. He wanted to live.

Dr. Paul Sethi

It's time to turn the tide of overprescribing.

Three women and two men sit in directors' chairs on stage at the premiere of Gateway

We had the opportunity to attend the premiere screening of GATEWAY. 

Photo by Benjamin Faust. The legs and boots of a veteran, standing next to a pair of boots, a camo backpack, and an American flag.
Josephe Hickox

If you are reading this to hear another war story, then please go ahead and stop.

headshot of Dr. Greco

The value of managing pain with the fewest opioids possible.

A childhood photo of the author and her brother
Jaclyn Brown

Addiction was like a roller coaster ride none of us wanted to be on.

Two women watch the sunset on a beach
Rosemary Blackburn

These mothers found hope in recovery. 

Headshot of Jen Wysong, a white woman with shoulder-length blonde hair, wearing a blue stone necklace and a grey t-shirt

Lights, camera, action! 

A girl in a coat looks out at a river
Jess Keefe

There are ways to get through the holidays.

The author in front of her car, which features a Princess Leia tire cover
Sarah Bowen

I called one of my remaining friends and said, “Help me, Helen. You’re my only hope.”

Debbie Williams

Debbie, a Shatterproof Ambassador, shares a letter she wrote to the daughter she lost. 


A beach ball floating in a pool
Anne De Santis Lopez

Protect your wellness while making the most of summer.

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