Sister Hazel main

With their new song, “You Won’t See Me Again,” iconic band Sister Hazel is on a mission to shatter the stigma surrounding alcohol addiction.

SUD news 3/30/18

An interview with Scott Gottlieb, treating pain without opioids, and more.

Shannon and Connor
Shannon Hartley

My son Connor had his wisdom teeth out this past summer. The oral surgeon refused to let us leave without a 30 day prescription for Percocet.

SUD news 3/23

Congress' new opioid bills, Trump's speech, and more.

capitol hill

Here’s an update on where we stand with federal addiction initiatives in 2018.

Rick Werner and James
Rick Werner

We lost James to an overdose a little over a year ago. Now, we're focused on helping others.

Weekly news 3/16

An opioid plan from the White House, damage control from Purdue, and more.

Dr. Tom McLellan

A recent paper draws flawed conclusions about naloxone.

Blog news 3/9/18

The crushing cost of rehab, a comeback by cocaine, and more.

glass of wine

Is moderation evidence-based, and does it really work? Yes and yes.

Weekly substance use news 3/2/18

A new federal addiction bill, support for opioid lawsuits from the Justice Department, and more.

Capitol Hill

There's a new bipartisan addiction bill on Capitol Hill. Here's what you need to know. 


The next time you hear one of these addiction myths, respond with the facts.

SUD news 2/23

A reduction in overdose deaths in New York City, an investigation of a West Virginia pharmacy, and more.

James Cardamone

Reflections on one year in recovery.

Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Shatterproof is transforming addiction treatment in America. Stay tuned for updates and information

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