SUD news 7/27/18

Demi Lovato's openness about addiction, a delay in the Senate's opioid package, and more.

The Hijacker video still

A new video from the Addiction Policy Forum explains how substances rewire the brain.

LA pic 16

The third Shatterproof Rise Up Against Addiction event of the season took place at Grand Park in Los Angeles on June 24.

SUD news 7/13/18

HBO's PSA, deaths of despair in West Virginia, and more.

Operation Understanding, 1976
William White, Gary Mendell, and Samantha Arsenault

Countless people have had their lives positively transformed by addiction treatment. But tragically, this is not the norm.


Sam Arsenault joins the podcast Listening In (With Permission) to discuss Shatterproof's newest project: a consumer-friendly provider rating system.

SUD news 7/6/18

Fraudulent drug treatment centers, the opioid epidemic's impact on American children as well as parents, and more.

Nancy Vericker

The journey was long and painful. But finally, my son JP made his homecoming—after years of addiction that tested our family.

SUD news 6/29/18

An Iowa family doctor takes on opioid addiction, tech companies deflect blame for the opioid crisis, and more.

KC 5K main

Thank you Kansas City for making the Rise Up Against Addiction event even better this year!


CLE 5K main

The first Rise Up Against Addiction event of the season was amazing!

Leslie & Family
Leslie Litsky

I broke my ankle a few weeks ago, and now I know firsthand: no matter how informed you are about addiction, it can still be nearly impossible to get health professionals to listen.

SUD news 6/14/18

NIH targets $500 million at the opioid crisis, addiction legislation moves through Congress, and more.

Women by park bench
Shannon Hartley

Even though overdose deaths have increased sharply for women, only 20% of women say they were screened for a substance use disorder before being prescribed opioids after surgery.

Shatterproof: Stronger Than Addiction

Fixing the broken treatment system starts now

Shatterproof is transforming addiction treatment in America. Stay tuned for updates and information

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