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Newly released information on Purdue Pharma's marketing tactics, a standoff over safe injection in Philadelphia, and more.


Some provisions are more detailed than others. Here are the highlights of what’s inside.


We asked two supporters who’ve recently launched successful fundraising campaigns for Shatterproof to share their advice. Read on to get inspired! 

Caroline Davidson

This report shows where we’re seeing success—and where there is room for improvement—in terms of harm reduction, addiction treatment, and prevention.

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New documents directly connect the Sackler family to the marketing of OxyContin, meth use is on the rise, and more.

Former First Lady Nancy Reagan, at a "Just Say No" assembly
Jess Keefe

When it comes to preventing teens from using alcohol and other drugs, the evidence is clear: Scare tactics don’t work.

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The challenge is free to join—all you need to do is dedicate 14 minutes a day to practice. 

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MAT in ERs, a guilty plea in a pharma lawsuit, and more.

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Jess Keefe

Without a well-coordinated plan for ongoing treatment, too many addiction patients don’t survive the next overdose. Luckily, change is happening.

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MAT in rehab, opioid law suits, and more.

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A visual journey through addiction, the 'Church of Safe Injection,' and more.

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Support for addiction in emergency rooms, an increase in cocaine overdose deaths, and more.


We discussed the role opioids have played in orthopedic procedures, and how effective non-opioid options can be utilized during surgery to reduce overprescribing and addiction risk. 

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Prescription heroin, Chinese fentanyl, and more.

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Edie Magnus

Before long, she was drinking bottles of cough syrup a day. She gained more than 50 pounds. She began to lose her hair. And it spiraled down from there.