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"The National Champion and $100,000 winner is Shatterproof!"

We want to hear those words on March 31, the day the Brackets for Good 2017 tournament ends.

But we can’t do it without you.

Brackets for Good is like March Madness—the 64-team NCAA basketball tournament, but replace the college teams with nonprofit organizations. Points are scored by donating online ($1 = 1 point). Nonprofits go head to head in each round with the winning nonprofit moving on to the next round. Each round is up to a week long. The nonprofit that wins the championship will receive a $100,000 grand prize from national sponsor, AT&T, in addition to the money they raised each round.

Are you ready to put your game face on and help Shatterproof win? 

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  • Get the most points in each round and you’ll become a Shatterproof MVP and win even more great Shatterproof prizes!

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Team Shatterproof All-Stars

Congratulations to our Round 3 MVP, Andrew Price! 

Past All-Stars: Round 1 MVP, Martha Irvin & Round 2 MVP, Faye Roscoe

Special Thanks to Our March Madness Donors

Ada Haines

Alice Jena

Amy Zabetakis

Andrew Price

Anthony Rutledge

Breanna Wheeler

Cheri Verbeck

Cheryl Cosgrove

Chester F Irvin

Cindy Machado-Flippen

Corey Beasley

Cory D Boss

Daniel Kearney

David Bernstein

David Dober

Deepa Karani

Elaine H. Pawlowski

Elizabeth Freeman

Elizabeth Gilleland

Elizabeth Sullivan

Eric Wold

Faye Roscoe

frances viesti

Fred L. Boom

Gary henson

Gary Mendell

Gaynelle Gosselin

Gerri Walker

Irve Goldman

Jacquie Foos Batchelder

Jane Kmatz

Jenny Dittmore

Jori Taylor

Julia Laffond

Kate Seale

Kathryn Grochan

Kathy Irvine

Kelly Smith

Kristina K Veirs

Larissa Tater

Lee Sibbald

Linda S Opitz

Lisa Kay

Lisa Yaconiello

Lynne Nouvel

Madeline Fones

Margaret Hanson

Mary Maida

Melanie Lovern


Nancy Palo

Nancy Beth Moore

Russ Mitchell

Sally Amato

Sean P Nouvel

Shannon Hartley

Sheila Dzierzek

Sita Construction

Susan Vitek

Suzanne Morss

Thomas Reilly

Tom Favor

Trudy Duffy

Every dollar will go a long way to helping families affected by the disease of addiction. Shatterproof’s founder and CEO will match every dollar donated during the competition. United, together, let’s make it to the championship!