When you signed up to fundraise, you became a part of a community dedicated to reducing the devastation addiction causes to families.

To reach and inspire your own community, use your fundraising page tools to quickly recruit teammates, connect with potential donors, share your story, view your progress, and so much more. Here's how:

Step #1. Set Up Your Personal Web Page (and share your story)

It only takes a few minutes to transform your fundraising page into the homebase for all of your fundraising and event outreach.

After you login to your event page:

1. Select upper right circle to access your Profile (so you can update your profile photo).

Update Profile

2. Hover over photo area > select photo from your mobile device or computer, position and save.

Profile Pic

3. Select “Personalize Your Page.”

Personalize My Page

4. Upload banner image and adjust placement (we recommend a photo of the person you’re honoring).

Update Banner Image

5. Edit Welcome Message: This is the place to include a short story about the person you’re honoring or celebrating through your fundraiser. 

Welcome Message

Example: “I'm walking in the Shatterproof [event name] in memory of Lisa’s amazing smile.”

5. Customize your URL (if it’s available, use your name or the name of the person you’re honoring).


After you save your page, preview it to see how it looks and make any further updates. 

Final Page

Pro Tip: Learn how to Inspire the World with Your Story and see how other Shatterproof fundraisers tell their own. 

Step #2. Invite Friends to Join Your Team

Recruiting others to join your team takes just a few simple steps. Remember: The bigger your team (or support system), the bigger your impact. 

From your fundraising page:

Recruit Teammates
  1. Select "Email"
  2. Select Template: "Recruit Team Members"
  3. Email away! 

Power Tip: Though our system offers pre-populated content, make your invitation more meaningful by including a short, personal intro. 

Example: “Hi Everyone! I know you all knew Lisa in high school. Well, I'm honoring her beautiful smile during this wonderful fundraising event. Will you join me?”

Step #3. Amplify Your Story with a Photo

If you’re honoring the memory of a loved one or celebrating someone in recovery, adding a photo brings their story to life. 

From your fundraising page:

Power Fundraising - Bring it Together on Your Fundraising Page - Amplify Photo
  1. Place mouse over banner area then select “Upload Image”
  2. Choose an image from your computer/mobile device
  3. Position the photo and click the check mark to finish

Step #4. Ask Friends to Donate

Reach prospective donors quickly through pre-written email and social media posts. For email, send emails one at a time or import contacts from your favorite email app for even faster and greater reach.

From your fundraising page:

  1. Select “Send Messages"
  2. Follow the steps for your chosen outreach method

Pro tip: Those who customize their messages raise 4x more than those who don’t, so include a couple of sentences about your personal connection to the cause. Example: “As one of my closest friends, you’re familiar with Lisa’s story. She may have left the world behind, but I will never forget—just as I know you never will—the many wonderful moments we all shared. Join me in remembering her by making a donation today.”  

Amplify Your Outreach!

Visit Power Fundraising to learn how. #weareshatterproof

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